Monday, January 23, 2012

Sailor Pick | LAVA BANGERS

Awwwwesome. How many dudes want a beard slap right now?

Ok, so eventually i'll stop talking about artists from the midwest. Maybe. But they are all killing it right now. 
Doomtree is currently on tour, but one of the many beat makers has a new album about to pop the fuck off. 

Lazerbeak is coming out with 

20 unreleased instrumentals from the Doomtree super producer, with transitions, blends, and scratches from DJ Plain Ole Bill. LAVA BANGERS 4 LYFE!

Pre order here

check out a couple tracks
  Lazerbeak "Smash Hit" by doomtree
Lazerbeak "Cement Blocks/Knight Fighter" by doomtree

I'm currently blasting Mike Mictlan and Lazer's  Hand Over Fist album. Never ending dopeness within this Mpls crew.

Don't forget to catch all the magic they are spewing across the county.
Dates here



Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sailor Pick | BANGARANG

Stephanie Tanner had some motherfucking swag. I start with that because this post will be full of that word. 

I'm back in Austin, leaving a small piece of me in Chicago. My great grandmother turned 90 y'all. That means you are all stuck with me for a VERY LONG TIME! #yourewelcome
The snow was beautiful until my face landed in it [thanks justin]. My body is not used to that cold, so needless to say I proceeded to catch a cold. 
Caught a cold, broke my lip ring, lost my pinky ring, and vowed never again to eat at white castle. 

The chaps [goddammit, i've been watching Downton Abbey] I will be talking about are plenty used to the cold, being from Minneapolis. 

Doomtree is headed out on their tour and being legit, they released the newest video from their newest No Kings album. 

 I want to run around just screaming that word. I also want to be Har Mar Superstar.
I might get the chance during the Marijuana Deathsquads weekly at the 'hawk next month

Now for the tour, sadly, it's not hitting Austin [where were you when Cecil, Sims, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger played Beauty Bar in September, huhuhhhhh??] BUT they assured us some attention during the glorious week of sxsw.
See the dates below:

01-19 Lawrence, KS - The Granada Theatre 
01-20 Columbia, MO - Mojo's 
01-21 Omaha, NE - The Waiting Room 
01-22 Denver, CO - The Summit Music Hall 
01-23 Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge 
01-24 Boise, ID - Neurolux 
01-26 Portland, OR - Branx 
01-27 Seattle, WA - The Crocodile 
01-28 Vancouver, British Columbia - Fortune Sound Club 
01-29 Eugene, OR - WOW Hall 
01-31 San Francisco, CA - Slim's 
02-01 Santa Cruz, CA - Catalyst Atrium 
02-02 West Hollywood, CA - The Troubadour
02-03 San Diego, CA - The Casbah 
02-04 Scottsdale, AZ - Chasers 
02-07 Denton, TX - Dan's Silverleaf 
02-08 Houston, TX - Fitzgerald's Downstairs 
02-09 New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks
02-10 Birmingham, AL - Bottletree Cafe 
02-11 Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn 
02-12 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506 
02-13 Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel 
02-15 Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer 
02-16 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom 
02-17 Cambridge, MA - The Middle East (Downstairs) 
02-18 Montreal, Quebec - II Motore 
02-19 Toronto, Ontario - Sneaky Dee's 
02-20 Pittsburgh, PA - Shadow Lounge 
02-21 Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom 
02-22 Ann Arbor, MI - Blind Pig 
02-23 Chicago, IL - The Bottom Lounge 
02-25 Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall 

 Get your tickets quick and someone grab me some tour merch. Mainly this new Mike Mictlan shirt. Thxxxx


Get it gurl, cause RAP WONT SAVE YOU


Friday, January 6, 2012

Sailor Pick | Marijuana Deathsquads + Har Mar Superstar

So this weather is amazing. Plus the news I received yesterday is making me want to whip my hair back and forth. But not Lil Smith style. I mean this action below

Hey boo! Got some good news for you!!

Transmission [love them!] are bringing you a Mohawk residency for February that is worth checking out every week. 

Alright homies, we have a very special residency to announce – on the first three Wednesdays of February, The Mohawk (inside) will be home to bonafide dance party mayhem courtesy of the all-star team that is Marijuana Deathsquads, along with frequent collaborator, the irrepressible Har Mar Superstar. And on the final Friday of the month, they are flying in a special guest headliner Polica for a blockbuster outside show. Sure, Free Week has you covered for the early part of January, and March SX fervor has already begun, but February promises to be truly extraordinary. Get your tickets here. And feel free to take those Thursdays off, you’re going to need some taco time in the morning to recover!

I'm not sure if you have listened to any of those acts, but they are great. I caught MDS at the Ganygs/Doomtree showcase during SXSW, so good. Har Mar is Har Mar [nuff said] and Polica has been making waves since the release of Give You The Ghost and The Doomtree Blowout they performed at.
Also finally giving it a listen myself, and I just cannot stop. If you love Gayngs, you are going to love the shit out of this.

Here are some videos to tip you off

marijuana deathsquad

 polica- wander star on the current

polica- happy be fine

 Get some rest because things are about to pick up quick.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sailor Pick | (A)gain

Popping in to post a video of a song I've been listening to on REPEAT.
Even with my new music wednesday, this has got me. So I'm giving it to you.

Defsound- (a)gain

Pass it on like herpes, dawg.