Monday, January 23, 2012

Sailor Pick | LAVA BANGERS

Awwwwesome. How many dudes want a beard slap right now?

Ok, so eventually i'll stop talking about artists from the midwest. Maybe. But they are all killing it right now. 
Doomtree is currently on tour, but one of the many beat makers has a new album about to pop the fuck off. 

Lazerbeak is coming out with 

20 unreleased instrumentals from the Doomtree super producer, with transitions, blends, and scratches from DJ Plain Ole Bill. LAVA BANGERS 4 LYFE!

Pre order here

check out a couple tracks
  Lazerbeak "Smash Hit" by doomtree
Lazerbeak "Cement Blocks/Knight Fighter" by doomtree

I'm currently blasting Mike Mictlan and Lazer's  Hand Over Fist album. Never ending dopeness within this Mpls crew.

Don't forget to catch all the magic they are spewing across the county.
Dates here



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