Monday, December 19, 2011

Sailor Pick The List: 2011

Hi friends. I'm peaking in to get my end of year list in. It's been a busy fucking year man, and I know I've been MIA but really though, 

So here I am, coming through with the most tedious post all year. JUST FOR YOUR GUYS!!

Imma be real for a second. This year in music wasn't that great. The number of albums that hypnotized me was barely in double digits. So many bands sound the same, that telling them apart wasn't necessary. White people music, man. You can tell from my list that this year I listened to mostly hiphop/rnb/electronic because that is what moved me. Also, 2011 was HUGE in mixtapes. And what's not to love about great music and it being freeeeeee.  So let's get this shit poppin. 

Again, no order to this madness. 

Top 10 Albums of 2011


Katy B- On a Mission

Jaime XX and Gil Scott Heron [rip]- We're New Here

Doomtree- No Kings

Jaime Woon- Mirrorwriting

Dessa- Castor The Twin

Mayer Hawthorne- How Do You Do

Beyonce- 4

Atmosphere- The Family Sign

Rapping with Paul White

Top ten Mixtapes 

Top Singles

Top mixes

Top Live Shows

So there it is. Judge me, love me, talk shit. But this is all i've got as a reply
FLAME AWAY. Or just take it as a note to listen to some new music.