Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sailor Pick | #BANG

So I know i've been talking about it, but i JUST CANT STOP. #robotdancebreak

It's my favorite crooner/swooner Mayer Hawthorne, throwing down the best tracks EVER and now we have Rye Rye added to the line up.
She's so fucking cute I just want to squeeze her then booty pop with her.
I'm hoping to do both.

Remember VIP tixs available- and you get blue ribbon bbq and dranky dranks.

check out this teaser video via KR

Summer Sweat with Mayer Hawthorne + Special Guest! (watch to find out) from Knuckle Rumbler on Vimeo.

further details here


Video Vlog | Digital Get Down

It's Wednesday and I'm DYING for it to not be. I need Friday here. Like NOW.
Mainly because this is what I'm doing until Friday.

And this is what I need to be doing. #yaheard

So i'm trying to get there in spirit.
And it's totally not by listening to N*Sync's discography. #lies
But because I love you and don't want you to face the humiliation that I am putting myself through, here are some other tracks to get you in that dance party mode.

New ish on 502 [Oneman's label]: Desto, Clouds, & Jimi Tenor ft Cha Cha- Time bird

maluca x partysquad- lola (ging danga)

crystal fighters- i love london (brackles remix)

deadboy- down on my mind [bon iver loop]

katy b easy please me

See you kids at Summer Sweat this weekend, right?
Mayer Hawthorne and effn Rye Rye. #aintlyinyall


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Her and Mr. Jones

Today they are having the funeral services for Amy Winehouse.
This past weekend I went through the emotions of asking myself why I cared so much.
Tragic as it is, talented as she was, this was an issue she had the means to control.
Addiction is something I have been around and have yet to see someone lose that battle. But it's a very fine line, and my heart goes out to those who end up in the same light as Amy.

On talent alone, her music effected tons of people. Regardless what anyone thinks, she co wrote majority of her music. She started playing guitar and writing songs at age 13. At 13, I'm pretty sure I was pretending to be an ice skater [in my roller blades] and making up routines to Mariah Carey's Hero in the middle of my neighborhood. I can see the musical connection but I also know majority of people felt like they knew her from her media attention alone. Sadly people drew into that and payed more attention to it then to her music these past couple years.

I really would rather not spend a lot of time on this subject as her life was still a mystery to me, even with the headlines. I don't know about what demons haunted her. Nor the intricacies of her family/love life. All I know is that her voice was inspiring and her passing on this early is a sad.
Same as anyone who loses their life at age 27, regardless of musical status/ability.

I found another great outlook most hold with Amy via Thought Catalog, if you care to read on. Check it out here.

Either way, at least she's at peace now.


On a selfish note, I want to say that her 3rd album was finished, but due to her health issues, they pushed back the release. I'm 98% positive they will try to bank on this tragedy as majors see the $$, but at least we'll get to hear her voice one last time.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sailor Pick | Rapping with Paul White

Oh hey. Shit, Where does the time go??!!!

So i'm taking you guys heard about the new FFF Fest leaks?
If not, Richard had you covered via Ultra8201.

It's VIDEO time. I'm of course bringing you another UK producer who's newest album is highly anticipated. Paul White is coming out with Rapping with Paul White and here's the video for the albums first single.

Paul White ft Guilty Simpson- Trust

Per One Handed Music
Paul White’s first vocal hip-hop album has been a long time in the making. We are very proud to announce Rapping With Paul White, featuring the incredible beats of the UK producer and a cast of his favourite MCs: Guilty Simpson, Danny Brown, Marv Won, Homeboy Sandman, Jehst, Tranqill and Moe Pope. There’s a folk singer too, Nancy Elizabeth, reading a peculiar poem. Look out for the first single, Trust ft. Guilty Simpson, dropping here next week. Read more here

The 18-track album drops on double-vinyl and digital on 22 August.
Preorder- check out his bandcamp

1. Intro: We Make A Lot Of Noise
2. Right On
3. Trust ft. Guilty Simpson
4. Run Shit ft. Marv Won
5. One Of Life’s Pleasures ft. Danny Brown
6. The Doldrums
7. Life Is Flashing Interlude
8. Stampeding Elephants ft. Moe Pope
9. Rotten Apples ft. Tranqill
10. Thirty Days
11. A Weird Day ft. Homeboy Sandman
12. African New Wave
13. Indigo Glow ft. Jehst
14. Dirty Slang ft. Guilty Simpson
15. A New Way
16. Evasive Action
17. Wily Walruses ft. Nancy Elizabeth
18. Outro: We’ll Never End

You can also head over and check out his Boiler Room set ft Mo'Kolours. aquí
*Try not to pay too much attention to Mo. He wasn't my steez at all,  but once he finished, I enjoyed it.

I want to also note that I REALLY hope you have gotten your ticket to Summer Sweat.
Because you will cry like a baby if you don't get to go. #truth


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sailor Picks | Wugazi - 13 Chambers

Good news. The weekend is almost here.

Better news. Ease into your humpday with a mixtape release you have all been wanting.
Without even knowing it, man!!!

The heavens opened up and dropped this in our laps.

From the two beautiful men comes

UP FROM THE 13TH CHAMBERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Also, that handsome frenchie by the way of London, Abjekt got your first exclusive interview with Swiss Andy and Cecil Otter.
Check it out via Crossfire

As well as Washington City Paper's piece on the duo coming together for the sake of great music. Aquí

That just made your hump a little lubby, amiright??!

I do want to add that the gentlemen behind this project are raising funds with iRescue: DIY Fundraising for refugees with the International Rescue Committee
Your donation will help refugees who have been forced to flee war, persecution, or natural disaster. At work in over 40 countries and 22 U.S. cities, to restore safety, dignity and hope, the International Rescue Committee leads refugees in their journey from harm to home.

You can donate here.

Free music, donate to a good cause. Sounds like a good Wednesday to me!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sailor Pick | Jhene Aiko

I know, I'm teh suck for being MIA. But you know things GET REAL, even trill. So excuse the absence.
But you also know that it would take a big deal to bring me out of hiding. So here I am.

Jhene Aiko- born and raised in Los Angeles she had her start in the industry as a teen thanks to Epic records but soon realized that she wanted to speak her own words instead of just doing what she was told. After motherhood and life came, she approached her latest mixtape with sensuality and longing for the dreams she still is fighting to achieve. Sailing Souls brings Jhene the attention she's deserved since the beginning.  With help from Gucci Mane, Kanye, Miguel, and other vocalists/mcs, the desires of this woman are front and center for the taking.

She just released her video for Stranger and it makes me even more of a fan girl.

check it out

You can pick up her mixtape here

As well as check out this club mix of Stranger
Jhene Aiko, "Club Stranger" (Nguzunguzu Remix) MP3 by The FADER

She was also a part of The Tens list of non hip hop acts you need to know.
Check it out here and learn yourself!



Friday, July 1, 2011

Sailor Pick | KR Presents Summer Sweat

It's Friday and this is what I feel like doing.

That will change once the sun sets and the nightlife hits. BET.

But I'm coming to you to post about an event that makes me jump up and down.
One of my FAVORITE performers is doing a DJ set.
And I KNOW, DJ set events have been some of the most misleading events/flyers EVER IN THIS TOWN
But this guy is legit and the flyer does not misrep, at all!
This dude started out as a dj aka Haircut and drops some of the hardest to find motown vinyl. Like, LEGIT MOTOWN DOO WOP GOODNESS!!!

That is why I'm so excited about this. Plus some of Austin's most soul'd white boys around, Soul Track Mind will be teaming up with KP and the Boom Boom. It's going to get sweaty, girl.

Knuckle Rumbler - i want to mouth rape you for bringing this to my life.

Saturday July 30th

This will be an event NOT TO MISS OUT ON!!!!!

Early bird tickets are already sold out, but no worries, this won't break the bank.
Head here for the $12 tickets/ $15 day of show

Get your KR Summer Sweat on and let's mash this shit out!!!!