Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sailor Picks | Life is Hectic

Holler to Chris for that gif. It's amazing.

In that same sense, I'm sending you some MOTHERFUCKING JAMS, Homie.

So sip on that alizé and relax as I introduce you to music made to make you freak the fuck out.

ah, big up Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy. WUGAZI makes me VERY happy.
It's currently being played ON REPEAT. Oh shit 11x.

Sleep Rules Everything Around Me by WUGAZI
via Wugazi

Then a mix that was playing for me ALL DAY yesterday.

Yamaneko - Matsurimix
Yamaneko - Matsurimix by yamaneko
Tracklisting here!! [amazing tracklisting, btw]

I know I've been pretty quiet on the blog front. Life happens. Shit happens. Love happens. FREEDOM happens.
Then you realize that even coming back, nothing has changed.
Same events, same bands, same faces. Which comforts me for a while. Until I grow tired and long for something else.

LIKE GOING TO FABRIC AGAIN!!!  [line up for this Friday: Ben UFO b2b Oneman, Jackmaster b2b Cinnaman, Joy Orbison, Loefah, Pinch, Mosca, Braiden.....NO BIG DEAL!!]
If you are somewhat unaware of the talent simmering at the brim, check out Jackmasters Fabric appearance from last month.
Fabric 57

FABRICLIVE 57: Jackmaster from Fabric London on Vimeo.


Ok, now that you know I'm alive and didn't drown during the boat party, here we are.
[pfft, you know I took that shit over]

Thanks to Brooke for the pic <3

Anyhoot, I'm back and it's time to celebrate what this country fought for!!!
The right to ignore taxes and keep the rich, rich!!! Fuck yeah, 'merica!

Mommas getting drunk [but NOT DRIVING!!! No refusal wkd alert.]

Secrest out.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sailor Picks | Rando Link

Why it's only Thursday and not Friday is beyond me.
Fuck presales with companies that have a secret handshake with stubhub/stublines/shitty resellers.

But tomorrow, is a new day. Bon Iver and Michael Mcdonald tickets NEED TO BE IN MY POSSESSION.

I've been MIA all week because work as been that exhausting and causing me to get a small case of vertigo. [Not entirely true, not sure what caused the vertigo but if i can get me some workers comp, IM GONNA!]*
*dear insurance company, im kidding, ya dicksquat.

So i'm jumping in for some quick updates/ random links

Complex brings you the 50 Best Hip Hop Diss songs

I'm holding out for that Chris Brown/Frank Ocean OFWGKTA joint. haha.

Spin came out with their Top 25 albums so far for 2011

No Frank Ocean? I stop reading.

NPR's top list is full of whiteys. [no offense to the non pigmentation crew]

Also, head over to Sonic Router who has a link to download Company Flow – N2N Burners Lost Mix who will be playing at ATP in July along side Doom and Portishead. #yeayea

I promise if I don't get tickets tomorrow, IM BOYCOTTING THE INTERNET/TICKETING SERVICE!!!

So give 'em to me!!!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Sailor Pick | Gil Scott Heron Tribute

I forgot to throw this up for the weekend picks, but it's huge.

This Saturday night we celebrate the legacy and spirit of one of the most influential African American artists in history, the mighty Gil Scott-Heron.

"Gil Scott-Heron, the poet and recording artist whose syncopated spoken style and mordant critiques of politics, racism and mass media in pieces like “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” made him a notable voice of black protest culture in the 1970s and an important early influence on hip-hop, died on Friday May 27th at a hospital in Manhattan. He was 62 and had been a longtime resident of Harlem"

- Ben Sisario NY Times

Also at the strike of midnight we acknowledge the 146th anniversary of the abolishment of slavery in the U.S. Senate of Texas ... Juneteenth.

9pm -2am | 21+

Gypsy Lounge
1504 East 6th Street
6th and Comal
Austin, TX 78702

You can also tune in to Gilles Peterson's tribute to the Gil as well.
Gil Scott-Heron Tribute Mix by Gilles Peterson by gillespeterson

And another tribute
Scott Heron's Chuuwee

It's closing time kids.

Tonight: Peligrosa at Scoot/ Cousin Claudia at Elysium
Tomorrow: Gil Tribute at Gypsy Rm / Mochi at Beauty Bar

do itttttttt.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Downcast Dance Moves

OMG, I love dancing Ron. Especially with his "Cass" like fancy hat!! Ah-mazing.

This is my move right now. Thursday's work day is ending out and another step closer to the weekend. I'm currently also in a jammy mood, so let's kick some out, yeah?!

First off, My love for Odd Future is non existent EXCEPT for Frank Ocean.
Homeboy is bad ass and his r&b crooning has brought some music to the very lacking scene.
His video for Novacane was released yesterday and here it is. ON DRUGS

frank ocean [novacane] from christopher francis ocean on Vimeo.

Onra also dropped a new little demo track.
Drop It On The One (demo soundcloud) by Onra

I know you've heard the SBTRKT Wildfire track with Yukimi from Little Dragon.
Check out Little Dragon's Never Never track remixed by SBTRKT
Little Dragon - Never Never (Sbtrkt Remix) by Dewse

Then my fav set from Soundset: Edan and Paten Locke on RedBull Academy Radio

I'm going to end it out with my FAVORITE Submerse track. I could listen to this all day and you know what, I'm a very sensitive being and this shit has brought me to tears! #notthathardafterall
Downcast (Maltine Records) by submerse

Don't cry for me, I'm a cryer. Ask the boyfriend.
But you better believe that I'll still call you the Cword as the tears are RUNNING DOWN MY FACE!!!

ok, happy slursday!!
Now who wants to buy me a cocktail?? Momma needs.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sailor Picks | Weekly Update

Oh shit, son. Wednesday is ending and the weekend is just THAT much closer.
Getting me all kinds of worked up.

It's going to get hot enough this week/end that I will probably refuse to leave my A/C saturated house to do anything except swim during the day.
But the night time, well, there's my chance to get down.
And there's stuff doing down, starting tonight.

Hook up with ulovei and get your photo taken at Side Bar
with DJ Fndomntl and DJ Mike Swing

Or there's the Rumble at Beerland

Not sure of what's going on. DJ Orion at The Eastern [standard]


Explosions in the Sky @ ACL Live

It's that time of the month for Cousin Claudia

Then you got some Peligrosa action at The Scoot Inn [NSFW Flyer]

BEACH PARTYYYY!! Does anyone remember the Red River beach party from years ago?? when Mohawk didn't have that cement wall??? That was great. Let's do it again, yeah??

Kiddie Pools, Snow Cones, Grub, Summer Drinks, Beach Balls, Speedos, Yacht Rock, Men's Daisy Duke competition, Wet Beards and MORE!
Mohawk 3-8pm FB event

Night time brings the party to keep the beach party theme. aka BOOOTY

Text MOCHI to 77948 for cheaper entry. #yeaboy

Or you can hit up the Eastern for DJ I Wanna Be Her [cause I totally do]

I plan on sleeping in, eating some bbq, and relaxing. But you know there's more.

Bootsy Collins at ACL Live

And if you have the time, hit up church.

Events are not stopping for this stupid heat.
You gotta keep up, kid.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Video Vlog | Boner Jams Edition

It's Monday. While it started rough, it has transitioned into "get the fuck over it and enjoy the ride" type of vibe.

In order to do that, I need some jams up in my ears, so I'm bringing it with some r&b smoothness.

R&B VIDEO VLOGGGGGGGG aka boner jams edition.

So lay back and enjoy the ride, player.

112- Anywhere

Dru Hill- How Deep Is Your Love

Usher- You Make Me Wanna

R.Kelly- Bump N' Grind

Jodeci freak'n you

And this one goes out to Abjekt for being my tenderoni #kaaaysooooooo
Bobby Brown- Roni


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sailor Rage On

Bitches be wanting to go postal.
It might be the fact that the tattoo is now in the itching stage.
Or that the heat wants to steal every ounce of hydration I've collected
Or the fact that Whole foods is just sensory overload that I couldn't decide on what I wanted to eat.
OR that some people just suck and deserve a punch in the face.

I'm at the point where I'd punch that heavenly voice/body of Michael McDonald. #itsseriousyall

So I'm going in for the distraction of blogging.

So I left my phone at a friends house last night and she proceeded to tweet for me.

Ain't even playing. That's pretty much the sum of my tweets. And life.

So here you go, tattoo down, snark will always live here, and now HIP HOP!!!

Phil Ade hails down to us from Maryland and it probably one of the smaller MCs that I can pay full attention to.
Picked up his The Letterman mixtape and I loved it [sampled portishead] and now with his #PhilAdeFriday just released, I'm loving it more.

Cop it here

Music that matters- LIKE THIS ON FACEBOOK!!
Gil Scott-Heron Should be in the Hall of Fame

Win Butler Interviews Erik from True Blood aka Alexander Skarsgard [#HOTTTT]

James Franco is an artist, so he's putting out an EP with Kalup Linzy #ohvey

internets, internets, the internets are coming!!!!

Ok, that's all for now. Let's see if my blood pressure can lower in a sec.

Beruit is tonight at ACL Live, and I won tickets from Titos. I SHOULD BE HAPPY.
I am, really, about the tickets. I can't wait. But I HAVE 6 MORE HOUSE TILL THEN!!!
Do you know how many mosquito bites I can get in that span of time???!!!!!!

Someone bring me a goddamn net!

Seacrest OUT


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That Night | Soundset 2011

It's hot outside, hot enough to flex out like this bitch.

Ain't even playin, gurl.

Needless to say, I'm longing for the weather I had the week I was in Minneapolis for Soundset 2011.
Homegirl was sporting a HOODIE!!!

[on the stone arch bridge...i think that's what it's called.]

Plus, I was greeted by Bill Murray on the daily.

Thanks again to Alice and Brian for putting us up for a week. You guys are amazing. :)

Now, onto Soundset. A bit wet and once again out of reach for tmobile service.
My battery thanks you, and jesus. Because lord only knows what I would have tweeted.

The festival was amazing and I enjoyed the experience, especially with London by my side.

We made it on site to catch Dialated Peoples

Kanye needs to go back to producing only and keep the rapping to the PROFESSIONALS. kthx.

Walked around for a bit until Doomtree came on [THE MAIN STAGE, BTW] and realized MPLS has as much pride as Austin does. I love it.

Wings + Teeth

Then my favorite set of the entire day, Edan ft Paten Locke.
Hailing from Maryland, he's been around since the late 90s and has walked around highly underrated by most. His set was awesome. Seeing him behind the decks, to manning the mic, to using a distortion pedal THEN going acoustic with a bob dylan-esque wig and a kazoo. Hands down, favorite set.

Then it was big boi time. Set was a lot like the one he did in Austin at East Side Drive In.
Still great.

Then Atmosphere...of course

I actually like this verison for god's bathroom floor. SEXYGROWNTYPE

We then hit up the after party for Mike Relm, but after being shut down for food by a closed Jimmy Johns, we book it back to get some rest.

Next day, spent it at the Mall of America [god help me] and then out in some sunshine at a BBQ drinking drinks and playing bags [or cornhole, but i refuse to call it that].
It was great and I enjoyed every second of it.

To all I saw/met/talked to/loved........thank you.

Till next time.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Sailor Picks | Weekend Update

I'm back. Get low, gurl.
Sad part is back to real life and non holidays without my favorite person.
Happy part, it's motherfucking Fridaaaaay.

Soundset 2011 was great, Minneapolis treated me swell.
Vids coming soon.

But this weekend you still have things to do!!

Chaos In Tejas is going on all weekend.
Free Press is this weekend in Houston

But tonight we got some good shit going on.

Adi is back with First Friday Frolic early on. Starts at 5pm.

Then celebrate our lovely rainbros© with Gayos in Tejas


Face to Face at Lazona
The Blue Hit are playing the GrackleFest




I'm thinking this will be along the lines of their first Vs. and we will be dancing like cray cray
and end up looking like this .....such a HAWT MESS. <3

Big ups Knuckle Rumbler. I fucking love you guys, like for real. With my HEART AND SHIT!
I know you do too, so let's finish this off right. #yeayea

Christeeeeene at ND
Queer UP Charlie at Cheer Up Charlies
Deftones at AMH

That's all I have for this weekend. Hopefully I'll see your face out there.