Friday, May 20, 2011

Sailor Pick | Abjekt Holiday

Happy Friday Friends.
The weekend is here and well, shits about to go OFF. Rapture or no rapture!

International visitor is about to be here and it's time to get funky.
I will be MIA for a bit because I'll be running around town, then up in Minneapolis for Soundset.
Hit up my twitter for my updates.

Tonight, I'm showing him how we do it in Texas with some Peligrosa action at The Scoot Inn

Toy Selectah...BIG. Don't skip this shit.

Then Saturday Pachanga Festival!! [he's dating a mexican, it's gotta go down like this. ;)]

Tickets still available. More info here

My birthday is next week, so I'll be out celebrating. So if you see me, BUY ME A DRINK!!
Or just give me a hug. I'd settle for hugs.

Speaking of Soundset, Rhymesayers are up to some great things with Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz).
The album, Are You Gonna Eat That?, drops June 7th. Keep an eye out!
Check out the first couple releases.





Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video Vomit | Sailor Singles

This is accurately how I'm feeling.
Completely excited and stir crazy.

Tonight: The Dig at Emos

We plan on hitting up key elements to Austin's heart and soul.
Ideas are also welcomed [leave in comments]

Needless to say, my mind is elsewhere, so I'm hitting you with video vomit of tracks you need. :D

Can we get some Kito for the next Tuesgayz??

Frank Ocean, where the FUCK were you during SXSW. My feelings have tears pouring down!

I want to be a busted ass chick trying to sex dance with you!!!
Not really, but I want a live performance!

Really excited Amanda Diva is finally out with this. She knows her shit.

You can cop her EP Madame Monochrome here

King because this is some beautiful music and everyone needs to cop their EP The Story.

The Texas collective is back with a more rough sound. Maybe cynicism has hit their angelic sound. I like.

Last but my FAVORITE, right now.
Creep ft Nina Sky

CREEP: You [ft. Nina Sky] from Thalia Mavros on Vimeo.


No? insatiable creatures, the lot of you!!
Luckily, I still love you.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sailor Pick | The Dig at Emos

It's only Tuesday and this is what I feel like doing.
BUT, there's an event going on tomorrow night that I'm excited about.

If you know Knuckle Rumbler, then you know their brightest star Bianca. WE all LOVE HER!!
Well if you know her, then you HAVE to know about The Dig.
She's all bieber on this band and they are playing at Emo's Wednesday night!

Doors 9:00pm - Show Starts at 10:00pm

Teaming up with some great local talent,
The Boxing Lesson, Love at 20, and BitterBirds.

Come out, down a couple lonestars and enjoy getting over the mid-week hump.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Future Funk | Onra

I've become quite a fan of the french lately. It could very well be because of a cute frenchman that's making his way to see me soon. Regardless, I have a little french connection for you.

I made the mistake of just now finding out about Onra and I'm filled with guilt. Blame that catholic part of my brain.

What if you took Chillwave added some DâM-FunK [minus the bad vocal tone and nonsense], and some 80s break beats??
You'd get Onra and what people are calling future funk. But let's just call it great music, yeah?

French producer/beatmaker Onra sampled from stacks of 80's funk vinyl to produce Long Distance [2010].

Onra - Sitting Back

Matt Ferran
created this lovely video by compiling 80s video/internet clips to create what looks to be a valid form of expression of the track.

Below are some stalking materials to get yourself educated.




Friday, May 13, 2011

That Night | Donald was so Childish

Austin, TX

So I must admit. I roll with some major fangirls of Childish Gambino.
I may or may not be almost equal parts with them. :P

But I had my reservations on seeing this kid live.

I must say, he put on a great show.
A third of it his stand up then two thirds his music.

The crowd was totally into it [sold out show] and all the girls loved his shit!!
Singing along to every word.
Homeboy can sing too.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sailor Picks | Week Spotlight

It's Wednesday. So to get you through this hump day, here's a picture of the lovely and HILARIOUS Adam Scott taking off his shirt.

I do these types of things for my readers because I RESPECT you.
And I want to make you smile.
It is not because I'm attracted to celebrity comedians
[boyfriend disclaimer that may or may not be total bullshit. :D]

BUT it is Wednesday so let's see what we have going on this week!

Isabel J presents DIRTY @ Dirty Bills

Their flyers always scare the jesus out of me, but this weeks is not too bad.
Event page

Also, Grand Opening of Dive Bar

Event page

Free show at Red7 sponsored by Sailor Jerry

Event Page

I believe Orion is DJing at the Eastern every Thursday as well

KR is bringing the metal

Event page

New Monthly: Cousin Claudia at Elysium

Event page

Benefit for Ric Fox
For those who LOVE all our service industry peeps, the Fox family being a LARGE part of that. Come out to show some love and support!!

Event Page

Should be semi tame, summer is about to hit and things are about to get CRAY CRAY!!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

That Night | Atmosphere Was Enough

Stubbs Austin, TX
May 02, 2011

I was lucky enough to be a person in the sold out crowd for Atmosphere's The Family Sign tour.

If you know me, you know what a ridiculous fan girl I am of the Rhymesayers Label, Atmosphere definitely leading that pack for me.

So having the opportunity to see the latest album live in the cooler weather of Austin with a very pregnant friend with the same admiration for the hip hop crew was another one for the books.

This grown ass man has replicated my sense of adult hood on his own journey.
Since the days of angst reaching into the days of pure adulthood honesty, Slug has brought his fans in through his amazing ability to tell a story.

I have so much admiration for Slug, Ant, Eric, Nate, and everyone that showed up that night. [DJ Abilities, Grieves and Budo, Blueprint]
By the way, Blueprints new live set was fucking sick and needs to be seen by EVERYONE. I was too taken a back to take pics/video. But it was really great.

Slug [via their twitter] also just posted a link to this article from Boulder that I happen to really like.
Heads in the clouds via Boulder Weekly

I'm also SUPER FUCKING STOKED to be able to catch them again Memorial weekend in Minnesota for Soundset 2011. I can't wait!!

They are now up in Canada finishing the tour, but if you know the group, you know they won't be away for too long, unless more babies are on their way. :)

Don't forget to pick up their latest, The Family Sign, at your local record shop.


Monday, May 9, 2011

That Night | #LoseCTRL

CSS + Sleigh Bells
La Zona Rosa
Austin TX



Sleigh Bells- HOLLY

After the #HTM rooftop pre party, every ounce of alcohol ran out of my pores as I jumped and moshed like I was 18.

Being completely drenched in sweat with my favorite people, SCREAMING along to Alexis was seriously a favorite of the year night.

So great.


That Night | The Crowd Yelle'd

Yelle @ Mohawk

CUTEST French girl that had the sold out crowd dancing the entire time.

I can tell you that I have NO IDEA what she was saying, but I sang my own words anyway.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Sailor Picks | Friday Freedom

I really feel like I made this week my bitch.
Did more in 5 days than I did the past 2 weeks before that. AND, I'm still alive.

I will say that Cinco De Mayo is not an excuse for you to bro out with your friends and end your night puking on the sidewalk, or leaning against a rail while you drunkenly try to hail a cab. OR pass out in a chair in a bar.
Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people.

Fuck off, i'm judging. :D

Onto other news. While I am so tempted to nap under my desk in the fetal position, I need preparation because it's not over baby.

Tonight, get an early start at Deville with Adi's Friday Friday Frolic! Lamebook steez

$3 cover at the door.

Afterwards run down to the eastside for some TEXAS MF HIP HOP!

I'm really looking forward to ADd+ [ADD. on the flyer]
I cop'd their mixtape last month and enjoyed the fuck out of it.

I believe there is a $7 cover for this one.

Then don't forget about the Do-Over Saturday at The Ghost Room. It's an early starter so get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather!!! You can still RSVP here


Thursday, May 5, 2011

That Night | Breakage was Mad Classy

Mad Classy presents: Breakage [digital soundboy] at Barcelona

It had been a while since I was at a Mad Classy Sunday at Barcelona. Bitch got jobs and shit.
But since the teachings of my favorite South Londoner, I picked up Breakage's latest album, Foundation months ago and loved it.
So I knew my ass had to MAN THE FUCK UP and be there.
Well worth the loss of sleep of my zombied ass at work that following Monday.


Happy Love You A Mexican Day!!

Orale' Guey!!!

Happy Mexico beat the French day [sorry baby]

So go off, drink your margs, tecate, and eat those fucking enchiladas with PRIDE!!
Then come out tonight because you know how this city gets down on this day.

FREE SHOW: Knuckle Rumblers running that shit at Venue 222

Then you have La Condesa's annual block party, teaming up with Univision and Gowalla!

and if that's not enough for you, Sailor Jerry girls will be ON THE STREETS!!

Red River and Rainey for a Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Bar Crawl!!
Catch us  from 9-2 at the following locations:
Mohawk, Deville, and Side Bar OR Clive, Lustre Pearle, and Bar 96
THEN WE COMBINE POWERS for a total rager at Jackalope!!
TRUST that we will be armed with libations for our participators!!

I'll update my twitter with location arrivals for Rainey Street and Jackalope.
Red River, look for a couple of cute girls and ASK NICELY for thirst quencher libations. ;)

Member, love you a mexican and TAKE A CAB. No drunkey drivers, mmmkay!!!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

That Night | I Weezed on that RAWSE

Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Rawse, Travis Barker
Houston TX | Toyota Center

BIG UPs to Lauren and her Mom for the hook up and hospitality while in Houston!! <3

Suite life up in this bitch and it was awesome.
There were definitely one too many overpriced budweisers, but thank god for memory keepers, aka cameras!!

Travis Barker set up

Yela's surprise visit!

Yelawolf/Bun B with Travis Barker and Mix Master Mike


Rick Rose'


Look who else showed up!! Birdman


Queen BeeeeHIVE

Nicki Minaj


Sailor Pick | Sailor Jerry Presents: The Bronx

In the unfortunate case that you didn't cop a Childish Gambino #IAMDONALD ticket at Emo's tonight, REST EASY.

I gotchu gurl!!!


The Bronx are doing a free show at the parish.
All you have to do is rsvp then proceed to get down on some live music and sailor jerry spiced rum!! #yeayea

rsvp that shit NOW


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That Night | ATrak in Austin

Gaslamp Killer | Kid Sister | Atrak
Venue 222

*I was an idiot and had the videos on a private setting. I've changed that, so they should be good to go. Please say you still love me*

Gaslamp Killer seriously killed it.
Knocking over the tables, smashing his iPad and still playing on it, saying to charge it to the game.
Plus, his hair dances with him.

I love this bitch. I really do. I just wish this was booked at a better venue. Meh.
But she did do Gucci Rag Top!!

Atrak is good. Spot on in skills, but more ravey than my personal taste.

This kid was awesome and kept me entertained instead of annoyed at the light dancing ravers. Good job kid.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Video Vlog | Random Edition

Oh hey Monday. Way to show up and bring the cooler weather with you.

I'm actually glad it's Monday, and for only 1 reason only.

Atmosphere has their Austin tour stop at Stubbs tonight!!
I've heard great things on the tours performances and a special note to definitely catch Blueprint's set tonight!

It's at Stubbs, doors at 6. EARLY SHOW PEOPLE, DO NOT BE LATE. :)

Complex Meg: Slug's top 25 RSE releases
Slug Interview with The Daily Texan

Since we should all be getting ready for that, it's video vlog time!


First, big up to Isabel for posting this on FB. This chick is really amazing.

Karmin Music covering Look at me now- lil wayne/chris brown

They also do an Adele cover which I LOVE

Now time to hype shit up with some Wiley

Cee Lo Green- Bodies

Fused Forces + DJ Cable Flaka Riddim

and last but not least, some Lonely Island

See you kids out there tonight!!