Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sailor Pick | Keep It Breezy

Say goodbye to summer, girl. The cool breeze is moving in and so is the strict desire to punch everyone in the face. YOU'RE WELCOME, BOO

Like always there's tons of shit going and I hope you are reading up on it, because I'm not posting that shit. It's not shit, but after the 3rd or 4th blog posts redundancy waves it's red flag and then the fists start swinging. 

So here I am posting about tunes that I think are worth checking out. 

First off, I am a huge fan of 8tracks mainly because it goes off of soundcloud and that's where all the good shit is at. So I made a mix, JUST FOR ALL OF YOU!! 

Big up Abjekt for shining the light on some of my new favorites from the UK.

Next up, an AMAZING track for J.Timberlake PROVING he needs to make another fucking album. Girls need orgasms too!

Big up Kyle for the linkage.
[ok, i promise i won't "big up" for the rest of this blog. I just became annoyed with myself from it. ]

XLR8R just threw out their top downloads for September. Definitely worth a gander/dl
That dashing frenchman, Onra, is topping that list. So check it out here

Look out on Oct 11th for Boiler Room tv. They are welcoming the Radiohead Takeover for #69

THOM YORKE, JAMIE XX, CARIBOU, LONE & ILLUM SPHERE will be dropping beats and those radiohead remixed tracks LIVE ON AIR
Details here and remember the time zone difference. 8pm London = 2pm Central time.
In the mean time you can check out the remixes via Hype Machine

Last but definitely most important. Dessa, ruling female of the Doomtree crew, released her lastest album today. Castor The Twin. Taking previously recorded tracks and rearranging them with a live band. Plus a new track added. She's amazing and we should all venture to buy the album TODAY [to get her up the charts and shit. Well deserved.] SO GO DO THAT NOW, PLSKTHX!

If you had any doubts then you must not know me, boo. If that is the case, check out her Beekeeper track below.
Dessa "The Beekeeper" by doomtree. Uploaded with Scup


Now go and drink some vodka for National vodka Day [titos preferred] and eat a GODDAMN TACO for national taco day. It's heaven up in this bitch.


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