Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sailor Pick | Jhene Aiko

I know, I'm teh suck for being MIA. But you know things GET REAL, even trill. So excuse the absence.
But you also know that it would take a big deal to bring me out of hiding. So here I am.

Jhene Aiko- born and raised in Los Angeles she had her start in the industry as a teen thanks to Epic records but soon realized that she wanted to speak her own words instead of just doing what she was told. After motherhood and life came, she approached her latest mixtape with sensuality and longing for the dreams she still is fighting to achieve. Sailing Souls brings Jhene the attention she's deserved since the beginning.  With help from Gucci Mane, Kanye, Miguel, and other vocalists/mcs, the desires of this woman are front and center for the taking.

She just released her video for Stranger and it makes me even more of a fan girl.

check it out

You can pick up her mixtape here

As well as check out this club mix of Stranger
Jhene Aiko, "Club Stranger" (Nguzunguzu Remix) MP3 by The FADER

She was also a part of The Tens list of non hip hop acts you need to know.
Check it out here and learn yourself!



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xlpharmacy said...

I didn't know Jhene Aiko, but I think she is really beautiful, besides I love this video, she looks adorable...