Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That Night | Soundset 2011

It's hot outside, hot enough to flex out like this bitch.

Ain't even playin, gurl.

Needless to say, I'm longing for the weather I had the week I was in Minneapolis for Soundset 2011.
Homegirl was sporting a HOODIE!!!

[on the stone arch bridge...i think that's what it's called.]

Plus, I was greeted by Bill Murray on the daily.

Thanks again to Alice and Brian for putting us up for a week. You guys are amazing. :)

Now, onto Soundset. A bit wet and once again out of reach for tmobile service.
My battery thanks you, and jesus. Because lord only knows what I would have tweeted.

The festival was amazing and I enjoyed the experience, especially with London by my side.

We made it on site to catch Dialated Peoples

Kanye needs to go back to producing only and keep the rapping to the PROFESSIONALS. kthx.

Walked around for a bit until Doomtree came on [THE MAIN STAGE, BTW] and realized MPLS has as much pride as Austin does. I love it.

Wings + Teeth

Then my favorite set of the entire day, Edan ft Paten Locke.
Hailing from Maryland, he's been around since the late 90s and has walked around highly underrated by most. His set was awesome. Seeing him behind the decks, to manning the mic, to using a distortion pedal THEN going acoustic with a bob dylan-esque wig and a kazoo. Hands down, favorite set.

Then it was big boi time. Set was a lot like the one he did in Austin at East Side Drive In.
Still great.

Then Atmosphere...of course

I actually like this verison for god's bathroom floor. SEXYGROWNTYPE

We then hit up the after party for Mike Relm, but after being shut down for food by a closed Jimmy Johns, we book it back to get some rest.

Next day, spent it at the Mall of America [god help me] and then out in some sunshine at a BBQ drinking drinks and playing bags [or cornhole, but i refuse to call it that].
It was great and I enjoyed every second of it.

To all I saw/met/talked to/loved........thank you.

Till next time.


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