Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sailor Rage On

Bitches be wanting to go postal.
It might be the fact that the tattoo is now in the itching stage.
Or that the heat wants to steal every ounce of hydration I've collected
Or the fact that Whole foods is just sensory overload that I couldn't decide on what I wanted to eat.
OR that some people just suck and deserve a punch in the face.

I'm at the point where I'd punch that heavenly voice/body of Michael McDonald. #itsseriousyall

So I'm going in for the distraction of blogging.

So I left my phone at a friends house last night and she proceeded to tweet for me.

Ain't even playing. That's pretty much the sum of my tweets. And life.

So here you go, tattoo down, snark will always live here, and now HIP HOP!!!

Phil Ade hails down to us from Maryland and it probably one of the smaller MCs that I can pay full attention to.
Picked up his The Letterman mixtape and I loved it [sampled portishead] and now with his #PhilAdeFriday just released, I'm loving it more.

Cop it here

Music that matters- LIKE THIS ON FACEBOOK!!
Gil Scott-Heron Should be in the Hall of Fame

Win Butler Interviews Erik from True Blood aka Alexander Skarsgard [#HOTTTT]

James Franco is an artist, so he's putting out an EP with Kalup Linzy #ohvey

internets, internets, the internets are coming!!!!

Ok, that's all for now. Let's see if my blood pressure can lower in a sec.

Beruit is tonight at ACL Live, and I won tickets from Titos. I SHOULD BE HAPPY.
I am, really, about the tickets. I can't wait. But I HAVE 6 MORE HOUSE TILL THEN!!!
Do you know how many mosquito bites I can get in that span of time???!!!!!!

Someone bring me a goddamn net!

Seacrest OUT


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