Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sailor Picks | Weekly Update

Oh shit, son. Wednesday is ending and the weekend is just THAT much closer.
Getting me all kinds of worked up.

It's going to get hot enough this week/end that I will probably refuse to leave my A/C saturated house to do anything except swim during the day.
But the night time, well, there's my chance to get down.
And there's stuff doing down, starting tonight.

Hook up with ulovei and get your photo taken at Side Bar
with DJ Fndomntl and DJ Mike Swing

Or there's the Rumble at Beerland

Not sure of what's going on. DJ Orion at The Eastern [standard]


Explosions in the Sky @ ACL Live

It's that time of the month for Cousin Claudia

Then you got some Peligrosa action at The Scoot Inn [NSFW Flyer]

BEACH PARTYYYY!! Does anyone remember the Red River beach party from years ago?? when Mohawk didn't have that cement wall??? That was great. Let's do it again, yeah??

Kiddie Pools, Snow Cones, Grub, Summer Drinks, Beach Balls, Speedos, Yacht Rock, Men's Daisy Duke competition, Wet Beards and MORE!
Mohawk 3-8pm FB event

Night time brings the party to keep the beach party theme. aka BOOOTY

Text MOCHI to 77948 for cheaper entry. #yeaboy

Or you can hit up the Eastern for DJ I Wanna Be Her [cause I totally do]

I plan on sleeping in, eating some bbq, and relaxing. But you know there's more.

Bootsy Collins at ACL Live

And if you have the time, hit up church.

Events are not stopping for this stupid heat.
You gotta keep up, kid.


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