Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That Night | ATrak in Austin

Gaslamp Killer | Kid Sister | Atrak
Venue 222

*I was an idiot and had the videos on a private setting. I've changed that, so they should be good to go. Please say you still love me*

Gaslamp Killer seriously killed it.
Knocking over the tables, smashing his iPad and still playing on it, saying to charge it to the game.
Plus, his hair dances with him.

I love this bitch. I really do. I just wish this was booked at a better venue. Meh.
But she did do Gucci Rag Top!!

Atrak is good. Spot on in skills, but more ravey than my personal taste.

This kid was awesome and kept me entertained instead of annoyed at the light dancing ravers. Good job kid.



Anonymous said...

All your videos are set to private.

Sailor Legs said...


Sorry, they will be fixed shortly.

Thank you for the alert!