Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Love You A Mexican Day!!

Orale' Guey!!!

Happy Mexico beat the French day [sorry baby]

So go off, drink your margs, tecate, and eat those fucking enchiladas with PRIDE!!
Then come out tonight because you know how this city gets down on this day.

FREE SHOW: Knuckle Rumblers running that shit at Venue 222

Then you have La Condesa's annual block party, teaming up with Univision and Gowalla!

and if that's not enough for you, Sailor Jerry girls will be ON THE STREETS!!

Red River and Rainey for a Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Bar Crawl!!
Catch us  from 9-2 at the following locations:
Mohawk, Deville, and Side Bar OR Clive, Lustre Pearle, and Bar 96
THEN WE COMBINE POWERS for a total rager at Jackalope!!
TRUST that we will be armed with libations for our participators!!

I'll update my twitter with location arrivals for Rainey Street and Jackalope.
Red River, look for a couple of cute girls and ASK NICELY for thirst quencher libations. ;)

Member, love you a mexican and TAKE A CAB. No drunkey drivers, mmmkay!!!


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