Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sailor Picks | Events | NYE

I feel like I've been hiding out from everything.

But uh, on the real.

I'm just kidding. Imma tell your ass EVERYTHING.

Like how tonight is a night for loooooverrrs, with ulovei, at Lanai

Look closely and you'll see a VERY drunk sailorlegs. [3rd row from bottom, 2nd picture in]

Also Hobo D and Fwends will be throwing down some funk, soul, and some of that latin shit at Dirty Bills.

Then, guess what Slurrrssday is......

Hollerrrr. And yes, we all heard ScarJo and DBerrymore were jamming it out at Tuezgayz and The Swan Dive [old Barb] last night.
I don't give a fuck. Momma needs her some motown soul. So yeah, let's get down together.

Then NYE:
Tons of parties for your lovely faces to get down with.

Cheer Up Charlies

Mohawk with The Sword

The ND


And Beauty Bar

Lastly, KR's Crumple Blunder, which the details are still on some secret shit, but it's also SOLD THE FUCK OUT!

Get your freak on, Austin.



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I've Made A Huge Mistake | Video Vlog

Goddammit. I love this.

Hi friends. Long time no blog, yeah?

Hope everyone's holiday was filled with lots of good food, merry moments, and maybe even some of those drunken moments your family will remember FOREVER and hold over your head for that same amount of time.
Like being 17 and drunk off of margaritas, then puking and trying to explain to your dad how it was TOTALLY food poisoning.
Something alone the lines of that.

OR something awesome like having all the men in the family [all over the age of 30, btw] having a huge nerf gun fight in the middle of my aunt's VERY decorative, fragile, house. It was awesome.

Everyone is gearing up for NYE. There's tons of shit to do, but most importantly it's to down a bottle of champagne, howl at the moon at midnight, face plant on kiss the sidewalk, AND DON'T DRIVE HOME!!!
TONS of options from cabs, buses, tipsy taxi, your mother [because you know she'll do it. lets just hope shes more sober than you are, yeah?]

Free week is coming up shortly and I'll be throwing out some awesome options for your ass to run to.
Holidays winding down, and live music is coming back, and LARGE for 2011.

I'm stuck at work [feel sorry for me] while everyone is off shopping and meandering in this retarded weather.
So I'm shoving fucking videos down your face. and you're gonna LIKE it.
Or not.
You know, depending on your personal taste.
WHATEVER, I'm going in.

Cibelle- Green Grass

Cibelle - Green Grass - Official Video from Gustavo GuimarĂ£es on Vimeo.

Kraddy- Into The Labyrinth

Kraddy - Into the Labyrinth (Official) from Kraddy on Vimeo.

LCD Home

LCD Soundsystem "Home" from FUNWUNCE on Vimeo.

UNKLE- The Runaway

Chromeo- Hot Mess

and last but not least, Boyz n the Ring



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sailor Picks | Best of 2010

I can't believe 2010 is almost over.
Where did you go, player????

Actually, good fucking riddance. 2011, I'm ready for your fine ass.
Come get some.

Well, anyway, if you read my list last year, you know how I do shit.
My top ten may or may not be the greatest albums from this year, but it's my blog, therefore my fucking opinion.
And I give a giant middle finger to the number system. Because depending on the weather, the entire list could very well change. [not really, but you get it. yeah?]
I have also added more categories just so this end of year shit can be more of a pain in my ass.
Also, please hold all comments and arguments until I ASK YOU. Just kidding. Flame away, kids.

Top Ten albums of 2010

CeeLo Green: Is The LadyKiller

Warpaint: The Fool

Local Natives: Gorilla Manor

Flying Lotus: Cosmogramma

The Black Keys: Brothers

LCD Soundsystem: This is Happening

Gayngs: Relayted

Sleigh Bells: Treats

Nneka: Concrete Jungle

Lazer Sword: s/t

Top 10 Singles

Dessa- Dixon's Girl

Dessa "Dixon's Girl" from Doomtree Records on Vimeo.

Because this girl is playing with the big boys and doing well.

LCD Soundsystem- Dance Yourself Clean

"Dance Yrself Clean" from Hung Low Films on Vimeo.

There was not at dance party without this song in the tracklisting

Sunday Girl with Diplo- Four Floors

Such a great track. Try to prove me wrong

Sleigh Bells- A/B Machines

Sleigh Bells "A/B Machines" from Sean Glass on Vimeo.

Because the machines had to go somewhere

CeeLo Green- Georgia

You can claim Fuck You was the track of the year, but SHUT THE FUCK UP. Georgia's composition killed Fuck You, but you didn't feel it 'cause you ain't from GA, girl.

Felt- Chewed Up

Murs + Aesop Rock + Slug - Felt Chewed Up from Bigger Than Blogging on Vimeo.

Tons of love for Murs, Aes, and Slug. Tribute to Rosie Perez was fantastic.

David Byrne w/ Santigold- Please Don't

Please don't argue with me. It's David Byrne. The End.

Big K.R.I.T.- Hometown Hero

BIG K.R.I.T. HOMETOWN HERO from Creative Control on Vimeo.

This southern rapper brought an Adele sample and made that shit LARGE

Theophilus London- I Want You

Theophilus London - I Want You from VJ Bobo on Vimeo.

Again, great Marvin Gaye Sample. Plus, this fool has some style, pilgrim hat and all it's glory.

Drake- Fireworks [Deadboy slo mo house remix]

Been on repeat for a week now, and no, I have no idea how the original Drake version sounds like. I'm not into retarded turtle rap. kthx.

Top Mixtapes
Theophilus London- I Want You
Maluca- China Food
Telephoned- Off The Hook
Mexican with Guns- Remexican
Big K.R.I.T.- Wuz Here
Bassnectar mixtape
Das Racist- Sit Down, Man
Childish Gambino- Culdesac
Hood Internet vs Tobacco vs Felt
Holy Ghost Winter Mix

Top Shows/Performances
The National ACL Taping
Caribou @ LaZona
Local Natives @ Antones
Amanda Blank @ Scoot Inn
Doomtree @ Red7
Steve Martin ACL Taping
?uest Love @ Red7
Ray LaMontagne Artist Den Taping
Astronautalis @ Mohawk/Red7
Big Boi @ East Side Drive In

Top Performances at a Festival
Warpaint @ Psych Fest
Gorillaz @ Coachella
Eyedea & Abilities @ Soundset
Florence + The Machine @ Voodoo
Big Freedia @ F^3 Fest
Mayer Hawthorne @ ACL
JayZ @ Coachella
Green Day @ Lollapalooza
Yelle @ F^3 Fest
Foals @ ACL

Top Local Acts
Black and White Years
The Shears
DJ Mel
Love @ 20
Horse + Donkey
Bridge Farmers

Top Local Events
Bleet Up @ Trio/ Wholefoods
First Friday Frolics @ DeVille
Sneak Attack's 1 yr Anniversary @ Beauty Bar
Knuckle Rumbler: Chronic Vibrations @ Scoot Inn
Sailor Leg's Bday @ Nasty's [yes, that was all about me and I liked it!]
Nadifest @ Mohawk
Art Disaster @ Beauty Bar
KR's Crumple Blunder
Balcones Burner

And a new edition to my top ten list, and probably my most favorite things ever









07.28.10 always and forever


And I will give the gif below the award of being MY MOST FAVORITE!



And I'm fucking DONE, SON!!!!

Big shout out to Miss Lytle for being my embedded code queen!!

and to you guys for putting up with my shit.

Lerve you tons!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Video Vlog | Love Edition

Shit is real, kids. I've been swimming in a pool of my Best of 2010 list.
It's taking a lot out of me. So many great albums, shows, faces, and gifs this year.

So while I'm working on that, you get a video vlog!!

Gil Scott Heron and Jaime from The XX- NY is Killing Me

Volcano Choir- Still

Volcano Choir - "Still" from Volcano Choir on Vimeo.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Tom Waits- Tootie Ma is a Big Fine Thing

Active Child- I'm In Your Church At Night

and I'm going to end it with Nic Cage losing his shit

Na, fuck that. I've been feeling all mushy and shit lately [I know, it's cray cray, right?]but I'm ending it with this viral love letter. I really hope she gets it.

via Gizmodo


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jolly Balls made of Snow

I'm definitely going to get some unwarranted readers for that headline.
But it's a page turner, yes???

It's that time of year. The fucking holidays are back. Ugly Sweaters, wasted nights off egg nog, HORSES DRESSED AS SANTA. I mean this shit is happening whether or not you want it to.
So why not join the fucking club and have a good time doing it, and doing it, and doing it well [llcoolj].

You know Texas will not be having a white Christmas, so get your jolly balls filled with some fake snow!

I've got your jolly ball right here!

10 Reasons you should attend The Jolly Ball Friday, December 17 at The Scoot Inn (TOMORROW):

10) Free Cookies!!! – Free stuff is proven to be 40% more awesome than non-free stuff, especially now, since you are all grown, with bills and stuff. Besides, the 12 year old inside of you is phening right now for something sweet. There will also be free KIND Bars in the house.

9) Snow Machine - nothing says Texas winter like FAKE snow! Imagine little flurries of magic falling over you, sans frostbite.

8) Sit on Bad Santa’s lap: When we say bad, we mean bad ass. Heard of Austin band stABBA? Its a metal band that performs ABBA covers. And ya, their lead singer Jon Chapman is going to be playing Santa at the Jolly Ball. I hope you like your Santa bearded, tattooed and lunch-meated.

7) Alison Narro will be running a holiday photo booth! “Hi, I’m Alison Narro, the funniest person in Austin and I take great pictures that end up in magazines, on billboards, and in all your memories" - anonymous source.

6) DJ Chorizo Funk will be cuttin up the ones and twos! Remember DJs that spin vinyl? We do too! ‘Digging in the crates’ is not a phrase used to describe the use of a certain social bookmarking website. Come find yourself on the dance floor.

5) The Southern Sirens (pictured above) will be performing a special holiday number: YOWZER alert. To the 10% of guys who watched Moulin Rouge with their girlfriend or that girl “friend” they were trying to date, imagine that dancing – BUT IN REAL LIFE. They will also be performing some special holiday dances. Fingers crossed for a Mean Girls talent show reenactment.

4) The Rocketboys will be performing all live holiday covers with special guest musicians all night: Imagine a world where Dolly Parton meets The Carpenters meets Bing Crosby meets Kenny Loggins meets Frank Sinatra meets Nat King Cole meets indie rock sensations The Rocketboys, who have been featured in Paste Magazine, played the Austin City Limits Music Festival, and will be performing your favorite holiday favorites live. Lyric powerpoints will be included for all of those who want to sing along.

3) All canned food items will be donated to the Capital Area Food Bank: help us meet our goal of collecting 500 cans for those in need!

2) It’s $7 when you bring 3 canned food items. That’s 9 quarters per performing act. Go creep between your couch cushions and we’ll see you Friday.

1) Insert ball joke here.

You can also follow the KR team on twitter for things you could see at the Jolly Ball

Bah Humbug and candy cane dreams.
Let's get drunk.


Free Never Looked So Good

It's Free Week, y'all!!!!

Ok, not quite yet, but it's getting there.
Busting out of 2011- the goodness is going down on Red River.

The yearly Austin tradition continues again in 2011. In January, Transmission Entertainment, Red 7 and Mohawk are excited to bring you some of our favorite local bands for nine straight nights! Lots of bands, lots of new sounds and all free! This is easily one of the best weeks of the year to see what is going on in the Austin music scene.

This year, Transmission Free Week will feature:
featuring: T Bird and the Breaks, Indian Jewelry, Mother Falcon, Car Stereo Wars, Krum Bums, Maneja Beto, Missions, The Laughing, Yuppie Pricks, UME, Big Mess (Devo Tribute), Butcher Bear & Charlie, Til We're Blue or Destroy, The Roller, Danny Malone, Transmography, Eagle Claw, Crew 54, The White White Lights, Woodgrain, The Boxing Lesson, Shitty Carwash, Golden Boys, West End Motel (Brent Hinds from Mastodon), Fiend Without a Face (Brent Hinds from Mastodon), One Against Many, Watch Out For Rockets, A Giant Dog, Lean Hounds, Hundred Visions, Amplified Heat, The Hi-Tones, Black Forest Fire, Hatred Surge, Night Siege, Naw Dude, One Hundred Flowers, Invisible Inks, Burgess Meredith, Golden Beach, Marmalakes, Little Lo, Dark Water Hymnal, East Cameron Folkcore, Guns of Navarone, Bridge Farmers, Money Chicha (members of Grupo/Brownout!), Jacob Jones, MoTel Aviv, Attak (in)Formation, Zorch, Look Mexico, Royal Forest, My Golden Calf, My Empty Phantom, Milk Thistle, Obsolete Machines, .44, Mike and the Moonpies, Joshua Bain, Parking, Gobi, Politics, The Distant Seconds, Mistress Stephanie and Her Melodic Cat, Jesus Christ Superfly, Blowhole, Gods Are Ghosts, White Rhino, Lights Go Out, Blowhole, Sheer Kahn, Bike Problems, Distance Runner, Riders Against the Storm, Kill City, The Means, The Gary, The Artificial Heart, The Midgetmen, Beautiful Supermachines, Blue Kabuki, DJ Richard Henry, The Bulemics, Black Irish, Born to Lose, Post Society, Betarhythm, Pink Sugar, The Dead Space, Air Traffic Controllers, Power Trip, Rat King, Black Congress, Tow the Line, Venomous Maximus, Thieves, The Stampede, Fingers Crossed, A New Hope, Garuda, Burials, Fuck Work, Western Ghost House, Aaron Sinclair (Frank Smith), Country Willie, Town Hall Devils, Ginsu Wives, BearUps Austin Gay Party & more!

Full lineup and scheule coming soon at


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

That Night | I Layed in Mister Heavenly's Lap

Mistery Heavenly | Austin, TX | Scoot Inn | 12.13.10

Ok, not really lap, but it would've been nice since it was SO FREAKING COLD!!!

Got to the Scoot to catch Austin's very own Fresh Millions open up.

They had song on the day [12.10.10] via NPR

Then Nick, Ryan, Joe, and Awkward Cera got on stage


Afterwards, the band did stick around for the flooded fans to flock over them.
I met Michael. Meh. I have a thing about eye contact. He was not looking people in the eye and I'm not a fan of that. Granted, the situation I'm sure was annoying. I'm almost positive he has to force himself to act gracious. I get it. I'm just not interested.
Met Nick too, who did an amazing job, and he looked me in the eye.

All in all. I love the Scoot Inn and co because they are awesome. And I had a fantastic night with the #HTM and dancing the cold weather away.

Seriously. Where did it go? It's fucking 70 degrees in Austin right now.
Winter, MY ASS!

I ain't mad, though.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Video Vlog | Hip Hop Edition

Heyyyy Monday.
NORMALLY, I wouldn't give a shit if you ever came, BUT today is a special day.
It's Cera Day. aka Mister Heavenly is playing at the Scoot Inn.
I'm not trying to put all the spotlight on the kid, because Im sure the band would be just as amazing with other bass players. But let me nerd out for it, mmmkay??? #nerddigger

But alas, it's still Monday and we still have 4 more days until the weekend. #lifelongbummer

Upside, it's Astronautalis' birthday, and because he's the best, he hooked everyone up with his new video for The Wondersmith and His Sons. check it out! And RT that link on that spitta twitta to show him some bday lerve!

Weekend went off with many hitches, but I still survived.
Cider and Campfires, Misprint in the hood, ND beers, 80s themed Wedding [congrats shelby and stephen], Biz Markie, Wu-Tang, Plush loving, THE DON JUAN, and Santa vs Satan.

I'm throwing in some other official videos [hip hop edition] to wrap up this monday post

Big K.R.I.T.


Slim Thug and B.o.B.

Blue Scholars

CeeLo Green

ending it with some hip hop fuckery via 2dopeboyz


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Video Vlog | Live Edition

My cat readers have to love the shit out of me right about now.
This gif is ridick-cute!


ahhh, skeet skeet gotdamn

See you kids at barcelona tonight!!
More info here

I'm feeling good today. The Sailor Jerry show last night was awesome, regardless of my legs wanting to freeze off my body. I have to remind myself to wear pants from here on out.

I'm going back to an old school concept I brought to my blog when I had shit to do.


Live performance edition

Steve Martin- Atheist Don't Have No Songs via ACL Taping

Warpaint- Majesty

Ben Gibbard covers Radiohead's All I Need

via A Heart is a Spade

Reggie Watts on Conan

My Morning Jacket covers George Michael's Careless Whisper

via You Ain't No Picasso

Im back!!