Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sailor picks | While I'm Gone

That's pretty much how this weekend is going to go, whether my ass is in town or not.
So I thought I'd shoot over some of my picks for things coming up, while I'm getting drunk on Bourbon St. :)

Minus The Bear & Tim Kasher at Stubbs [have fun Rudy!!]

I'll be driving away from this city lights while you can go try to win some F^3 tickets at Franks tonight.

Not only fun and games, but a specialty menu just for tonight in correlation with Fun Fest Stages.
The specially priced menu features wieners inspired by the colors of the four Fun Fest stages:
The Orange Stage dog (deep fried hot dog, wrapped in bacon, slammed in hot wing sauce and topped with blue cheese)
The Black Stage dog (split dog, wrapped in bacon, fried and topped with mustard BBQ sauce)
The Blue Stage dog (battered and deep fried hot dog topped with sausage gravy)
The Yellow Stage dog (chili dog smothered in cheese, caramelized onions and jalapenos).
I recommend getting there early (Rec Room kicks off at 9 p.m.) since this exclusive menu is extremely limited, much like the remaining Fun Fest tix from what I gather.

Can someone get me a black stage and freeze while I'm gone??? Holy shit. Frank knows fucking 'dags!

Not only that, but prizes for the following
There's "Win Fun Fest tix by wearing awesome costumes" contest.

The patron in the best costume (voted upon by Daniel Northcutt, Brendan Hannah, Adi Anand, & Chris Apollo Lynn) will receive two tickets to this year's Fun Fest (Saturday & Sunday);

Two runner-ups will receive gift certificates to Frank. Enthusiastic owner Northcutt confirmed via a fast ‘n’ furious text message exchange, "Yeah, the two runner ups will receive gift certificates to Frank. I just hope Hannah is into it." Manager Hannah was quick to add that he was "really into it."

Bonus Points! The player with longest ping pong or UNO win-streak in costume, or a victory over Big Buck Safari maestro Hannah, will win a beer courtesy of Frank.

So, GO!! And someone beat Adi at ping pong, pleeeease!!!

There's also the Crookers show

Interpol at Stubbs
Bad Brains at Mohawk
DJ Peanut Butter Wolf at ND
Ghostland Observatory at Cedar Park thingymajig venue.
Zeale's DISASTERKRFT mixtape release at The Parish

Check out Hollyholt's new video for La La La

Hollywood Holt - La La La from Justin Oh on Vimeo.


Butthole Surfers at the Scoot Inn [holllllerrrrrrrr]
btw The will be playing Locust Abortion Technician in its entirety and more. Starts at 6pm.
Halloween Soul Happenin at Deville
Bone Thugs at LaZona
STS9 at Stubbs

Helmet at Red7
Halloween at Mohawk [Halloween At The Mohawk, presented by The Reverberation Appreciation Society, Austin Psych Fest 3 screening]
TMC with Rapid Ric at Plush
Zombie Ball at Seaholm Power Plant

it's fucking halloween.
Die Antwoord and Rye Rye at Lazona
Necro at Emos
Matthew Dear at Mohawk

Damn, that took forever. YOU'RE WELCOME!!!

See you on the flip side.


F^3 Artist Spolight | Best Coast

This next band is probably the indie world's most anticipated band at this years' Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Best Coast

This LA based lo-fi surf rock duo has been ruling the soundwaves of this past year.
And they are bringing that all to Austin, TX.

You can catch them Sunday at 7pm on the Orange stage

Here's their video for Boyfriend



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For The Time Being

I'm here, at work. Watching the clock tick.
Another festival is coming up and I'm ready for it.

No, not fun fun, not just yet, although that'll be amazing too, but Momma is heading to New Orleans to get her VooDoo on with some friends.

I will be popping my NOLA cherry this weekend, as I have never been before, and what better way to do it then Halloween weekend with a great music festival??

Needless to say, i'm getting impatient.

So in the meantime, I'm keeping myself busy with some great new music.

It's being led by Theophilus London. He's just so great. Check out this video for his latest Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction from Theophilus London on Vimeo.

Also, those not going to Nola, or NYC for Deadmau5 [pronounced like deadmouSE, btw. Sorry, pet peeve], or DC- there's PLENTY of great acts hitting Austin.

Class Actress with Small Black 10-29 Austin, TX - Emo's Jr
Marnie Stern 10-31 Austin, TX - Red 7

Plus COUNTLESS Halloween parties.

I ain't even worried about you, guuuurl. ;)

Another show I WOULD BE AT, if I wasn't leaving town, is the Minus The Bear show, with Tim Kasher opening. /swoon.

You should know about my Tim Kasher love, and minus the bear.
MTB is playing Voodoo, hopefully Tim comes along and we can meet, fall i love, break up, and I'll be on his next album. haha. I kidd. #butnotreally

Tim is actually embarking on his fully solo album tour, and Im a fan. I just really love his writing.

Anyhoot, here's the video from the first single off that new album.

Lerve you, Timmy.

By the way, say a prayer or something for me, because momma's gonna be sinin'!!!!!!!


F^3 Artist Spotlight | Yelle

I'm hitting on the girl front for a second here.


French artist that took the non-french speaking world by storm.

Born and raised in Brittany, France, Yelle is known for her spirited, explicit lyrics, laid over a booty-shaking pop electro beat. This musical prowess was expertly showcased in 2005 with the track "Je Veux Te Voir" ("I Wanna See You"). The minute this humorous track (taking a friendly jab at French rapper Cuizinier) was placed on her MySpace page (, it garnered 2000 plays in just two days.

She'll be hitting the blue stage at Fun Fun Fun Fest Sunday at 7:40.
This is definitely one of the 'not-to-miss' acts of this years fest.
Note to self- bring those euro-rave-dancing shoes. #truth

Yelle - Ce Jeu from Yoann Lemoine on Vimeo.


Monday, October 25, 2010

That Night | A Machines Were In the Drawers

Sleigh Bells
10.09.10 | Beauty Bar | Austin, TX

This party got some pretty valid feedback for this show.
Some great, some bad.
Point being it was beyond packed, then accidents with the soundboard happened [which is beyond anyone's control] so there were some turned off people.
But none of it was directed at the acts themselves.

I, for one, was extremely wasted, so I don't remember a lot of it. So believe what you want.
Fact of the matter is that Alexis and Derek are still as bad ass as ever.

Here's a nice little recap from Guerilla Suit as well.

Guerilla Suit and Learning Secrets present SLEIGH BELLS from Guerilla Suit on Vimeo.


That Night | I Was Blinded by Odessa

10.14.10 | La Zona Rosa | Austin, TX

I was so stoked to get to see this band live, and then caught me on the tail end of my ACL bender. I was so tired. But after opening band, Arp, they lifted energy out and I was a dancin fool.

Arp opened up but tbh, I needed to be on something in order to connect. It was very ambient and atmosphere, and with the visuals, really cool. But I was exhausted and didn't want to fall asleep. So I got another beer.

Caribou came on and I seriously couldn't see anything for the first couple songs.
LIGHTS WERE SO BRIGHT!!! But after they adjusted, my shit was ravvvvvinnnnnn


That Night | Austin City Limits Festival 2010

First off, I would like to thanks CrowdSavings for hooking it up with VIP tickets this year.

Now, I skipped out on Friday because I had to work at the jobs job and I wanted to be ready to let things rip at Amanda Blank. So i didn't see shit that day.
But saturday, things got starteeddd.

Started off with Bear In Heaven aka stache central. They were great. One of the bands I had yet to see and was very impressed. ACL +1

then ran over to hear Ben since with is whiskey/cigarette soaked voice. lerve.

then caught a bit of Manchester Orchestra, but had to run early because my Michigan lover was on.
Ladies and gents, Mayer Hawthorne and the County.

He through down a couple panty dropper covers. /swoon

Ahhh, geeez. How can you NOT love this man!!??

Caught a bit of Beats Antique from afar

Then hit Local Natives at the peak of the sunlight, I was in the back so no pictures/videos because that sun was a giant ASSHOLE.

But here's The XX being boring and stuff.

Now here's the thing with The XX. They are not a festival band. They are boring without the sense of chairs/intimacy. Stop booking this band for festivals. They will soon lose fans because of it. LOVED the album, though.

Now my DFA sunshines. LCD Soundsystem

We were pretty close up and we proceeded to have a dance party, as did everyone else watching this set.

Then we made it over to Matt and Kim. LOOOOOVE THEM.

then muuuuuuuse.

By this time. I was drunk. thanks to budweiser and titos vodka for that little party.
I then head to the American legion hall for a bit and then Beauty Bar for Sleigh Bells. More on that party in another post.

So let's move onto sunday. I was drunk at ACL Saturday by around 6pm. Proceeded to drink the rest of the night. So Sunday arrives, 11am and I'm still wasted. #fail. Needless to say, I didn't make it to see Warpaint at 12:15. Which, was a total ACLFAIL. Most of the early bands deserved later set times #justsayin.

But I pukely make it on site to catch end of The White Rabbits

Then make another set from a band I had yet to see.
FOALS. They were aweome.

I then follow HTM to head over to Devendra Banhart who recently cut off his locks and looks a lot less crazy/scary. Plus there were no phallic pieces in his outfit.

He then proceeded to pull a kid from the crowd up on stage to perform in front of everyone....solo. I love moments like these. Seeing someone have the experience of a festival performer for the first time.

Ran over to The Morning Benders for a bit.

then booked it back to Yeasayer

then Midlake

I heart those denton boys.

Tried to find some friends during Edward Sharpe, but that area was a giant clusterfuck, so I went and hung out with MYDAMNSELF. Had moments of insight. Then got my mind blown by The Flaming Lips and the antics of Wayne Cohen.

I was done with it all at this point. And as I was walking out of the park to my car, I could hear Band of Horses covering Cee Lo Green's Georgia. I wanted to punch myself for jumping the gun on my exhaustion levels. But all ends well. And I say goodbye to another ACL under my belt.

Tired 'Legs

That Night | I Got Blanked

Knuckle Rumbler presents Amanda Blank
10.08.10 | Scoot Inn | Austin, TX



God-des and She

My hero

Yeah KR

More photos here

that is all.