Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Limit

Now, I was one of the biggest haters of Master P- No limit caca.
I didn't get it.

I still don't but whatevs, it's nostalgic of how snotty i was back then too!

But what I will say, is the the No Limit party that is taking place at The Scoot Inn tomorrow night will be BALLLLLER. TRILL. AND FUCKING BOOTY-awesome.

I'm not posting the flyer.
bare booty doesn't sit well with the bosses [prudes, *scoff*]

Knuckle Rumbler teamed up with The Glitoris and Raw Word Records to bring you the latest dope shit.
Fucking NOLA Bounce!


The No Limit Party

Hosted by DJ Orion and Cauze One

Performance by the Queen Diva of Bounce - Big Freedia w/ DJ Rusty Lazer and bounce dancers!

$5 all night / 21 and up welcome, DOORS AT 9pm

Get familiar with Big Freedia
Latest tracks by Big Freedia

And sailor jerry will be on site from 10-11, giving you that liquid courage to get some booty clapping action happening.



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You're so so so so cliche, again

dance bitches, it's hump day.

Have you even ever seen a chicken? -Michael Bluth

Now, I posted the first part of Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Indie Bands a while back.

Now it's time for part 2

We thought no one left unscathed after Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Indie Bands: Part 1. Fortunately, we were very, very wrong. Last time, we called out Vampire Weekend fans for their ever-subtle Pete & Pete pickup lines, but this time we’ve taken the invective even farther. (Well, hello, Sleigh Bells fans!) Again, in collaboration with Jeff Luppino-Esposito and in tribute to Internet genius Lauren Leto and her “Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Authors,” we rebel against the misguided notion that stereotyping isn’t an awesome idea.

Dudes who are thwarted by the Chinese finger trap every single time.

Black Lips
Guys who don’t get jobs because their potential employer discovered photos of them bro icing on Facebook.

Girl Talk
Bar Mitzvah crashers.

Fucked Up
People who wish they could mosh with Shrek, Snorlax, and Lenny from Of Mice and Men.

Wolf Parade
People who throw a shitfit when someone suggests that there are too many indie bands named after animals.

Hot Chip
Men who used the cheat code to see naked, poorly-rendered 3D figures showering in The Sims.

Surfer Blood
That sweaty dude in the mosh pit who referred to your girlfriend as “Baberaham Lincoln.”

Best Coast
The girl who tries to hook up with that same sweaty dude by bragging about her cat.

Toro Y Moi
Deceptively straight males who think “riding the chillwave” is a national pastime.

The National
Dudes who would rather play chess than Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Drinking Game.

Guys who are always worried they accidentally impregnated their girlfriends.

Crystal Castles
Bitches who think it’s okay to scratch guys who misbehave. And the boys who buy them soy lattes.

Sleigh Bells
Chicks and dudes who semi-ironically aspire to “Superman dat ho” at an indie rock concert.

Pre-Congratulations: 81% of College Freshmen. Post-Congratulations: Guys who consider the ability to store 13 pencils in their hair to be an evolutionary advantage.

Dan Deacon
Smelly, un-self-aware hipsters who wear mal-fitting baseball caps and probably attend SUNY Purchase.

Andrew Bird
Girls who get sexually aroused by traditional avian mating calls.

Of Montreal
Guys who bought kaliedscopes with their Chuck E. Cheese tickets.

Broken Social Scene
People who fantasize about riding an eight-person, single-gear bicycle to the Brooklyn Bowl.

Guys who lit fires in their backyards before hitting puberty. Then they took up smoking.

Cat Power
Mediocre-looking girls who put Zooey Deschanel as their doppelganger on Facebook.

Iron and Wine
Grown men who always get roped into being the DD for “Ladies Night Out” with their mother and her coworkers from Office Depot.

Stay-at-home dads.

M. Ward
Lonely, chronic masturbators who end up settling for the Cat Power chicks.

Sonic Youth
Guys who mistake their blender for a radio.

Modest Mouse
People who expressed legitimate concern regarding the state of humanity when J.D. Salinger died.

The Decemberists
Virgins, not in the name of God, but as a result of valiant attempts to achieve poetic justice.

Fiery Furnaces
Those dicks who still won’t smile, even after you acknowledge their apathy with the “Woah, don’t get too excited!” joke.

LCD Soundsystem
People who are obsessed with their creepy uncles.

The Pixies
Dudes who feel the need to comment on how advanced Ren & Stimpy was whenever someone discusses their love for Lilo & Stich.

Belle & Sebastian
People who have ended their tweets on multiple occasions with #BringBackMessengerBags.

Covert nymphos.

Dinosaur Jr.
Guys who refused to go on Xbox Live with Halo 2 because it eliminated the community aspect of LAN parties.

The Hold Steady
Dads who coach the baseball team, even though their kid sucks.

Chicks who”didn’t agree with the ending” of (500) Days of Summer.

Elliott Smith
People who felt really bad for Buzz Lightyear when he discovered he couldn’t actually fly. And think Toy Story 3 is a step backwards for Pixar.

Yo La Tengo
Mature men who wish Q104.3 would expand their horizons to alternative old-people music.

Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy)
Guys who use the term “breasts” instead of “boobs” out of respect for their girlfriends.

Girls who wish their boyfriend would stop killing the mood by using the term “breasts.”

“Jesus Christ.” (the indie band)
People who wish they thought of Hipster Puppies.

Die Antwoord
Fans of Obama before and after his appearance in the “Whoomp! (There It Is)” video.

Magnetic Fields
People who “discover” new bands via NPR.

Guys who initially used the word “bro” ironically and lost sight of their intentions shortly thereafter.

Panda Bear
Young men who know what a 401(k) is.

Neutral Milk Hotel
People who get where Christians are coming from with the whole “hope Jesus will rise again” thing.

Guys who have proposed The Holy Mountain as an alternative to watching A Kid in King Arthur’s Court at family get-togethers.

My Morning Jacket
People whose reaction to the Grand Canyon could be summed up as “Eh.”


Enjoy this rain filled wednesday from behind your computer.



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three More Days

This is seriously what I just did.
But instead of away, I was running towards this Friday at Noon.

Because thats when the tickets go on sale for the night my soul will be remade.
I'm dead serious too.

If you see this and your heart does a little jig, you will enjoy THE HELL out of this post.

I've talked about him before and after finding out this info, I've been drowning myself in it. *sigh* And it's painfully satisfying.

So ok, tickets go on sale for this one Friday the 30th at Noon.
And in fact, BUY ME A TICKET TOO!!!

Friday November 12, my soul will be whole again and all because of this man. <3

Ray LaMontagne - Jolene from kyuss on Vimeo.

Ray LaMontagne - Burn from donker:oranje on Vimeo.

Like I've said before, Ray is a different kind of performer. It's honest and genuine, and never has he needed gimmicks or props.
Just him, baring his soul through his music.
And his voice! UGH!! That's what every man should sound like.
And can we get some feux beards for those unfortunate souls who can't grow a full one??? [no worries, men, I know it's not your fault, damn dna]

I found this interview and it just shows how shy he really is. *sigh* and you get some MAJOR face time. Enjoy

Ray LaMontagne on talent and hard work from KindaMuzikTV on Vimeo.

There goes the rest of my afternoon.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Nice Dreams

I'm looking at you Monday.
You anger me for being a part of my life.

But then again, if you weren't here, would I feel the same way about Tuesday?
And so on?

I had a pretty fabulous weekend, kids.

Thursday night, Bleet up amazingness, then some highball drinks followed by a very blurry Toy Story 3. Blurry because of the amount of wine I had in my system.

Friday- yeah, mia from the blog because of said wine. BUT forced myself out that night. I moon bounced my ass while listening to Gobi at Scoot on Friday night.
Nice one, knuckle rumbler

Saturday I entered into a shopping spree, shortly followed by some buyers remorse. But fuck it. Then amazing Kerissa cooked a few of us dinner <3 and we head out for the night. Beauty Bar for the Black Gold Disco.
Bodytronix played and their set up along seriously blew my mind.
I HIGHLY suggest you check them out!!

pic courtesy of austin 360

Then Sailor Jerry'd it at Jackalope followed by some Barbarella. Let me just say this now, LONG SLEEVES WERE A BAD IDEA!!!!
But I will say totally worth it when my friends and I were screaming the lyrics to one of my favorites songs. Ever.


Ended Saturday night watching boys play FIFA while I played with a amazing bull mastiff and boxer. <3 LOVE PUPPIES/dogs!!

Sunday, laid around all day until I was FORCED to celebrate a canadians birth.

I'm just kidding. Happy Birthday Mr Jonathan Braden. You bastard, you!! <3

Followed that up with some Sailor Jerry action down at Mohawk.
I'm not quite sure why this show was on a Sunday, but it was a good one.
Predators / Rayon Beach/ Slang Chickens/ The Coathangers

I caught The Coathangers during sxsw and loved the fuck out of them.
Being that we were there slinging some SJ- approached these awesome ladies, and can you guess how these ladies took their Sailor Jerry?..... answer

So that ended my very jolly weekend.
Now I'm going to be on that other shit and chilling out because Lollapalooza is in 10 DAYS BITCHES!!!!
It's going to be amazing. Be sure to follow my twitter if you want to take a peek into my experience there.
10 days.
Holy sweet fucking jesus.

Happy Monday lovers. Events for this week to come soon!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm on a horse

These old spice ads are nothing short of amazing.

Have you tried making your very own voicmail?
This voicemail is now DIAMONDS!

Or have you listened in on a conversation with Mel Gibson and the old spice guy?
NSFW due to language and a cartoon character in a towel.

comedic fucking gold, man.

Point being Old spice reminds me of one of my favorite local bloggers, Hipstercrite.
Every entry I love because it brings out things we can identify with.
Like her passion for the following hollywood entities;
PeeWee Herman
Jeff Goldbum
Crispin Glover
Just to name a few.
Also indulges on the awkwardness/vulnerability/quarter-century-life-crisis we all go through!

Another thing that reminds me of her is the desire for anything David Byrne.
Which brings me to this 1978 clip of Talking Heads performing Psycho Killer.
Now that is something we all live for! [if not, you should!]

via Aquarium Drunkard

I'm feeling very blog-lovey because tonight is Austin's Bleet Up!!

Put on by another fav local blogger, Tolly M at Austin Eavesdropper.
She's beyond amazing and I can't wait till tonight!!

Hopefully you RSVP'd [because it's now closed] and don't forget to get there on time!! [150 max cap]

I'm also trying to decide on a book to bring for the swap. Which one can I part with that will benefit someone else's literary history??

Decisions. Decisions.

So I must go and make these, BUT being that I'm a gemini, I may resort to any, many, miny, mo!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Am I Not Yours

Tell me ladies [and some mens], how do you feel when you see this gif?

Is there a certain whirlwind going on in your pants?
Are you ready for two fangs in the neck as the new high?

Worry not, I'm not going off about vampires and 'fang bangers' BUT I will say that seeing some of the Lost Boys gets my, um, milkshake mixed. #amiright

POINT BEING, that's how I felt when I found out that my love from far away is coming out with his solo album

Seriously, THE man that's open his soul to us and can grow an amazing beard.

Front man of Cursive, Mr Tim Kasher, is set to release his debut solo album October 5th 2010 via Saddle Creek.
This will not be another The Good Life album [his other side project which I love as well]
It’s a pop record for the most part,” Kasher told Las Vegas Weekly in the spring, “but the response I’ve been getting is that it’s also maybe some of the nastier lyrics I’ve written. It’s a little bit unkind. It’s called The Game of Monogamy and it’s a little unapologetic.
Ugggh, EXACTLY what my vagina soul needs. Kasher spitting out vulnerability and shining a realistic tone on relationships once again.

Point being, anticipate The Game of Monogamy and enjoy a sneak peek via youtube.

Tim Kasher- I Think I'm Going To Die Here

01 Monogamy Overture
02 A Grown Man
03 I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here
04 Strays
05 Cold Love
06 Surprise, Surprise
07 There Must Be Something I’ve Lost
08 Bad, Bad Dreams
09 No Fireworks
10 The Prodigal Husband
11 Monogamy


I welcome you to fantasize about it. I know I will be. Fuck it, yeah?


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sailor Picks

Do you know what today is????

The "I can't focus to save my shit" day
I fully believe that jesus did not want me to work today, thus he's basically popping up great things on the internet for me to cop!

Don't try to argue with me, JOAN

So in that greatness of pleasure, or pain I will probably be in tomorrow, it's Sailor Picks day.

JayZ and DJ Green Lantern: Creative Control

Thanks to Hella Filthy on that one

The Hood Internets Trillwave
[because you know that shit is tight and real]

via herfection

New Cut Copy - Where I'm Going

via The Music Slut

New MOTHERFUCKING SWORD!!! at the source
[how can you not use profanity to emphasize how fucking badass they are?]

via The Tripwire

A Tribute to Coltrane [September 23, 1926-July 17, 1967]

tracklisting at source
via The Smoking Section

Now some video picks

Katy B's new one, that was produced by DubSteps beloved Benga

via Panda Toes

N.A.S.A.'s new one Strange Enough with Karen O, Fat Lip, and ODB
rumored to be ODB's final verse
via Nah Right

K-O's new video for Zambony

Zambony from Khv on Vimeo.

via 2dopeboyz

Steampunk Ghostbusters??

Now be like me and go waste the rest of your afternoon!!

yay internets!!!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Business Casual | Sammy Bananas

Hold the date, suckas.

August 24th: Business Casual tour is hitting Stubbs.
Chromeo, Holy Ghost!, and Telephoned

Chromeo - 2010 Tour Dates
MON 7/26 WASHINGTON DC 9:30 Club
THU 7/29 NEW YORK, NY Bowery Ballroom
FRI 7/30 BOSTON, MA House of Blues *
SAT 7/31 MONTREAL, QC Metropolis *
MON 8/2 OTTAWA, ON Capital Music Hall
TUE 8/3 TORONTO, ON Phoenix
THU 8/5 DETROIT, MI Majestic
FRI 8/6 CHICAGO, IL Lollapalooza *
SAT 8/7 MINNEAPOLIS, MN First Avenue
TUE 8/10 CALGARY, AB Flames Central
WED 8/11 VANCOUVER, BC Commodore
THU 8/12 SEATTLE, WA Showbox Market
FRI 8/13 PORTLAND, OR Roseland
MON 8/16 SAN DIEGO, CA House of Blues
THU 8/19 SALT LAKE CITY, UT Twilight Concert Series *
FRI 8/20 DENVER, CO Ogden
TUE 8/24 AUSTIN, TX Stubb's
WED 8/25 DALLAS, TX Palladium
THU 8/26 NASHVILLE, TN Cannery Ballroom
FRI 8/27 ATLANTA, GA Masquerade
SUN 8/29 LOS ANGELES, CA Hollywood Bowl (w/ The Chemical Brothers) *

Here's Chromeo's latest video for their Don't Turn the Lights On
Don't Turn The Lights On from Chromeo1 on Vimeo.

After the show, it's the after party [Jay was on point on that one.]

Knuckle Rumbler and Sailor Legs brings you

The Zoo with Sammy Bananas (Telephoned)

$3 entry with Chromeo wristband/ $5 without/ $7 under 21
Doors at 9pm: Beauty Bar

Keep the night in dance mode with Brooklyn's finest and some local favorites [Prepmode and Hoodie Allen]

Sammy Bananas
Bio: Rising Brooklyn remixer and party maestro Sammy
Bananas lives up to his name by crafting ecstatic tracks that ditch
trendy production tricks in favor of ... (more)
pure pop satisfaction. He's already
remixed the likes of Chromeo and 45 King, and his latest Fool's Gold
EP Braids & Fades is a tribute to the biker-shorted divas of the
1990s, chopping up their R&B hits into uptempo club tracks. The
approach has already made fans out of influential BBC DJ Annie Mac and
platinum producer, who ran up to the DJ booth at Sammy's last
LA show to shout "YOU made this?!?รข€¨

Sammy stunned the DJ community in early '08 with his inventive bootleg
of N.E.R.D's "Everyone Nose" which he rechristened as "All The Girls."
He debuted the remix on the Fool’s Gold “Screaming Bloody Murder” tour
in which he traveled North America with A-Trak, Sinden and Steve Aoki.
The track was played across the world and became a staple in sets by
heavyweights like A-Trak and Flosstradamus. After multiple tours through
Europe, Australia and North America, Sammy hit the ground sprinting in
2009 with remixes of buzzing acts Thunderheist and Passion Pit. With
releases of his first fully original tracks on the horizon, he is
keeping busy through a stacked tour schedule and with Telephoned, his
cover-song collaboration with singer Maggie Horn.
Here's a mix you can cop via Nicky Digital. [click pic to head to link]


Me & My Girl (Nightclubbing) - David Essex

Fade Away - Danny English ft. Buccaneer

Fast Car - Foxy Brown

Bubble Gum - 9th Creation

I Walk On Gilded Splinters - Cher

Places & Spaces - Donald Byrd

Since I Left You (Stereolab Remix) - The Avalanches

Hold Me Darling - Mavin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

100 Yard Dash - Raphael Saadiq

Paris (Aeroplane Remix) - Friendly Fires

Destination Pt. 1 - Damn Arms

Sooner or Later (Version) - Larry Graham

It's A Love Thing - The Whispers

Nights (Feel Like Gettin' Down) - Billy Ocean

See you kids on the dance floor.


Monday is for Planning

This week will be pretty busy for you all. So buck up and prepare yourself.
Or as Betty puts it

Tonight #HAHA at Franks

Tuesday brings you Tuezgayz, of course!

Rest on Wednesday...or if you are like me, play 2 goddamn softball games.

Thursday July 22nd at 6pm at Trio
Bleet that shit Up!!

The FABULOUS Tolly has put together a great event, but show up on time because there is a limit to only 150 people.

hour wines-by-the-glass.
passed appetizers until they run out: Pintade Sausage, Steak Fries, Tuna Tartare, Sliders,
Shrimp and Corn Fritters, Salmon Belly. (Salmon belly! Teehee). 
bags for first 50 arrivals. (With a little spa treat from Four

Seasons ...)
*Complimentary valet. 
*Photo booth by the
undeniably fabulous Cory Ryan.
*Enlightening conversation with Austin's finest bloggers.
*A book
Yes, I am an incredible nerd. I love to read! So

bring a book that you would like to pass onto another, for an informal
book exchange. Can be anything you want, I've got the Dalai Lama, food
politic manifestos, Jane Austen, trashy hot pink books. I'm bringing
them all.

Then Friday: Knuckle Rumbler presents: A Space Odyssey

Gobi CD release.....solid/liquid

First off, RSVP HERE to get in for $5

A Space Odyssey at The Scoot Inn
Featuring GOBI, with the EP Release of ‘Poltergeist Arcade’
featuring Zorch and the Triple Headed DJ Set from Richard
King Louie, and Hoodie
July 23rd – $7 door or $5 with RSVP on Facebook
Doors at 9pm, 21 and up welcome
On July 23rd there will be an outer worldly event taking place at the
Scoot Inn. An intergalactic line up is coming together to melt your face
with rocket ship fumes in celebration of GOBI’s EP
Release for Poltergeist Arcade
. Starting the night off is Zorch
who if you have never caught these guys then you’re in a for a
supernatural experience – “breaks that wouldn’t be out of place on a
Fela Kuti or electric period Davis record. Throw in some Rhodes, some
drone and some free jazz drum fills and you got yourself a clusterfuck
of awesome”
Followed by the stars of the
night, GOBI releases their debut EP
‘Poltergeist Arcade’. It was in San Marcos that these humanoids first
formed the sound that would become the raw spirit that fuels their
music. The “Lindsey House”, in San Marcos, became infamous for dance
parties, and inevitable chaos. Soon, it became known as the house where
GOBI lived. In the pitch black space, packed with swaying bodies, and
the stiff stench of sweat, was a force igniting the room in some of the
most intoxicating music. Come get some.
After you’ve been lifted to the solar system we are going to bring it
all back with a never before seen Trilogy DJ Set
by King Louie, Richard Gear and Hoodie Allen
. Setting up with 3
DJs and 6 turntables playing the best dance , dub and party hits you
expect from these up coming Austin music mavens. And just to add a
Knuckle Rumbler touch, we are making sure we stay true to the night by
bringing in a much rumored MOONWALK!!
N. Brown Clothing will be on site with the
flyest gear – so come get your walk on with GOBI and Knuckle Rumbler.

Speaking of Gobi, I just downloaded NYC's The Beatards latest Mixtape and they did a nice remix of Gobi's Dirty Dancing track.

click cover to DL.

Saturday 24th- All local lovers are jumping on this train.

And you should too. It's for an amazing cause that is effecting us.
Learning Secrets, Knuckle Rumber, and The Glitoris are joining forces with Birds Barbershop for a non profit party supporting the Endangered Species Coalition and their oil spill wildlife rescue efforts.
There is a $10 suggested donation that YOU SHOULD BE WILLING TO GIVE!! [unless you have no soul.]
ANNNND for every texas pride Lonestar purchased, Birds is going to donate an extra $1 to the night!
I LOVE this fucking city and how gracious local businesses are.

Talent for the night includes Bodytronix and Candi & The Strangers

So come out to Beauty Bar and party for a great cause.

See, and that's not even counting the touring shows stopping in this week.
Monday- silversun pickups at stubbs - SOLD OUT
Fridau- Cut Chemist at Mohawk
Sunday- The Coathangers at Mohawk

I'm glad I was able to get some rest this past weekend.
Shits going to be NUTS


Friday, July 16, 2010

Sailor Jerry Spots

Ok, so I'm a little off and missed last nights promos to give to you,  but you know SJ will be out, JUST FOR YOU!!

Tonight- Catch us at Shangri La from 11:30-12:30
Get to us before the hour is up, or your ass will be shit out of luck. <3

Also, incase you aren't into hitting downtown, there's also a good show going on a Hole In The Wall.

Doors at 9pm Cover $5
9pm: Row Zero
10pm: The Sour Notes
11pm: Zorch
12am: The Great Nostalgic

Btw: I went and caught my very 1st midnight viewing of a film last night.
Saw Inception, and seriously, SHIT BLEW MY FUCKING MIND!!!
Definitely check this shit out. So good. Worth the lack of sleep on going on right now.


TONIGHT: Pixel Pop

The event of the night will be at Mohawk
FTMOA, Team Fabrication, and Electric Promotions are bringing you one hell of a shindig and all for $5!! [$7 for minors]. Doors at 9:30.

Team Fab's Jen Rea and Erin Mikulenko are set to present a comic book inspired fashion collection, and local illustrator Chad Townsend will offer up an original art display at the event. Additionally, Jeannine Schafer and other Austin artists will be sketching on site as well. As for the music, outside, Candi and The Strangers and The Happen-Ins will entertain the masses, while later, inside, The Bubbles will bring down the curtain. Plus, DJ sets by uLOVEi throughout the course of the evening so bring those dancing shoes. And naturally, we’d love for you to treasure this evening’s memories forever. We’ve procured the services of not one, but two of our fabulous photog friends. Be sure to stop by both Annie Ray’s and Trevor Ray Thompson’s comic book themed photo-booths for a choice picture, or four.

Portions of the proceeds from the door will benefit HAAM, a local entity that ensures all musicians in town have access to affordable healthcare.

This is the place to be tonight. No options.
Go support of lovely musicians via HAAM and step into a comic book world for the night.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Childish Gambino

Ok, so I am late on this train, but at least I bought a goddamn ticket.
And when I say bought a ticket, I meant downloaded his latest mixtape for free. :)

I love me some Community

But it's cool baby, the man himself, Donald Glover [not to be confused with that racist psychotic prick's sidekick] is giving it out via his webpage.

So download Culdesac and enjoy because I just did.

He's funny, but at the same time, genuine. Ok maaaybe not at the same time, but you can tell which songs are comedic and which ones are genuine. And in truth, boy is talented, let alone ridiculously adorable.

Over (Childish Gambino cover) from Donald Glover on Vimeo.

Don't worry ladies [and men] you can stalk this fine young thing via




Childish Gambino tumblr

Also, if you haven't yet GO WATCH MYSTERY TEAM

Seriously laughed my ass off the entire movie.

I woke up today thinking it was Friday. FML. Hope your alarm clock didn't misrepresent the day for you as well, and you were happy it was hump day.

So do me a favor, and hump the shit out of this post, mmmkay! <3



Monday, July 12, 2010

Shit Talkers

Walk away. Just walk away from the internets and NEVER LOOK BACK, PRINCE!

Looks like you won't be getting Prince's next album via digital downloads.
[*cough* bullshit *cough*]
The man himself, says the internet is dead.
So instead you can get 20Ten via UK's The Mirror and Scotland's The Daily Record on July 10th for freeeeee.

Cool. I'm in the US and I get SHIT, but I still love you, boo.

This just in: Brandon Flowers still sucks.
No links, the truth is in my head, not from a link.
And can I JUST say, those who feel totally connected to The Killers lyrics......

And yes, I'm judging your lack of taste in music.

Actually, let me mend the whole shit talking thing.
There's 2 types of shit talkers [i'm obviously in one of the categories]
a] anonymous pussy footing ones that feel like they can only talk shit via the internet/computer/messageboards and hide behind a nameless tag
b] people that get annoyed and call people out via the internet AND REAL LIFE.
That say, you know what, I don't like this/that/YOU fool. So fuck off.

Its totally ok for you not to like me, I'm not made to please everyone. 
But jesus christ, grow some balls.

Now, in the same stance, cool, don't care for you/it. But I'm not going to go out of my way to make sure everyone knows it. 
In other words, obviously not caring about you, I will only spend a minuscule amount of time expressing that.
Because truth be told, i'm not going to waste my time having ugly feelings toward anything.....except for The Killers, actually. I could go for daaaays with that shit.

Anyway, with all of that out of the way, those silly killer lovers, I'm going to show you what an amazing band consist of. Learn, grow, become someone else, someone with better taste in music......or you can grow up to be that soccer mom listening to blue october FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Local Natives' impromptu performance of Airplanes and remains amazing while doing so

via Tripwire

Happy Monday y'all!


*again, with the hate mail: send to :) *

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sunday Girl Love

Here, I'm going to give you some time to talk about the whole Lebron shit...
Go ahead, it's fine. I don't mind.

Seriously. GREAT coverage ESPN

So it's Friday and i have plasma secreting from my arm. Gross, right?
Well, tomorrow it should be at the new tattoo healing stage.
I'm SO close to finishing my half sleeve and AJ is kind of amazing for putting up with my wussy ass.

There are some things going on this week.
Tonight, Malu's [aka phizness] goodbye dinner, as she's leaving us for NYC :\
Saturday is going to be Togally Awesome. Happy Birthday, Katherine <3
And Sunday, shit is going down at ND.
World Cup, Franks hotdogs on site, and drink specials.
Doors at 10:30 and NO Cover
Good shit.

Now onto music.
A while back, i posted a 'mix' because it had Sunday Girl's Four Floors diplo rmx on it. I'm not linking back because in truth that mix was shit.
I'm getting really irritated with 'djs' sending out mixes when they shouldn't be called a mix.
A mix involves tracks that actually match in tone/melody/beat that can flow easily into another. AND you mix them matching the beats impeccably well.
[basically, to where you can't tell another track is coming in.]
If you can't do that, call it a mixtape, and just cut in/out the tracks. Please.
Save some face and do that. kthx.

Anyway, I'm still on the hunt for more info about this girl and I hit the jackpot.

[click the pic for her website]

I found a video for the original track

Sunday Girl - 'Four Floors' from KB on Vimeo.

Diplo remix of course, which I LOOOOVE

Foor Floors (Diplo Remix) from julius pleazer on Vimeo.

And if you want to get a little ravey with it.

Sunday Girl - Four Floors (Russ Chimes Remix) from Russ Chimes on Vimeo.

Here's also her cover of Laura Branigan's Self Control
Sunday Girl - Self Control by Sunday Girl

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So hope everyone survives the day. I really haven't been doing shit, so i need to bust out some work so I can break free on time.
But I just wanted to spread some love/hate onto your friday faces.

Call it love.


[I just looked at this title. I'm going to get some pervy faux christian men looking for some lesbian loving sunday girls. haha. awesome. BRING UP MY STATS!!]