Friday, April 30, 2010

Exit Here

Hello Friday!!
Last night was nice.
We dominated at kickball and I got 'some' rest.

It's Friday, fools. I'll be running around someone, so come find me.
And as for a phoenix review

They should sail back to France and work on a new album. #overit


I just found out that Banksy's new film Exit Through The Gift Shop opens at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar on May 14th

This is a MUST SEE

Don't sleep on this shit.

Or Beauty Bar tonight, for Zeale's EP release.

Coachella Day 3 is coming sooner than you know.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coachella Day 2

Missed me yet?

You ain't gotta lie, Felicia.
You just want me for my coachella recap, huh???

I know my videos are amazing work.
But let's drop it down to the real talk part.

You don't come to my site, watch my videos, in hopes of seeing that footage on the big screen, amiright??
You come to see my point of view.
And it's usually behind someone's fathead
and a little shakey because i'm on my tippy toes and well, i'm drunk.

Ok, so Day 2 started out at a pool, away from the grounds.
Where they had amazing drinks and we lounged till we were drunk.

Then we ventured to a Cali MUST STOP, In and Out to semi sober up.
French Fries do wonders for sobriety, but adding vodka to your lemonade, DOES NOT!!

Get on grounds in time to catch White Rabbits, who I missed in austin before I left.


Then time for those wonderfully entertaining group called Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.

I first caught this group at Monolith Festival last year, and well, you can't listen to them without getting so happy. Kinda nuts.

Then we make our way to see this bad ass bitch

If you couldn't tell, that is Beth Ditto. Lead vocals/bitch for The Gossip <3

Checked out a little of Bassnecter, then wondered off into the world.
Oh,  insert quick scenic shot here

Ran around during Mgmt but still had a chance to dance to Electric Feel [it's my fav]

Hanging out in the Heineken Boob for their silent disco

you know I have to rep some austin shit in cali. whaddup shang!!

Then we head out for Faith No More.


Ahh, then Thom York????? aka Atoms For Peace
This was great, until some fucking neoraver girl starting twirling some light balls in a pair of socks for people NOT OF MY KIND!!!
I could not deal with it. So we moved back in the crowd. But shit still was amazing.

Then came up for Muse
Muse has always been epic, live.
I've been FRONT ROW and minus the multiple kicks in the head from crowd surfers, it was great.
But momma was a bit 'tired' so we stayed in the back but still felt the massiveness, mainly because of the lighting. haha.


Then we head to ZTrip. Ugh, I love this man. Seriously. And it really pissed me off that the crowd completely emptied out after Major Lazer.
SERIOUSLY?!!? Can that shit be over with already, it's so FUCKING annoying. #realtalk
I love me som diplo, but for baby jesus' sake, NO MORE AIR HORN SOUNDS!!! DIAF

This is why Ztrip is a badass

Then we ended the night after i came, haha, to Flying Lotus


Lurve you boy!!!

Day 2 ended with , um, me again, passing out on the way back to the hotel.

Day 3 up next!!


Bigmouth Strikes

anyone else absolutely in love with the new old spice commercials??
fucking gold!

I'm starting to think that I'm overloading myself at times.
Momma is still sore and pulled her groin during softball last night.
I also have kickball tonight!!! Arrrrg!

Some interesting things for my reader.
I've joined formspring
Feel free ask me anything [APPROPRIATE, pervs] :D

We will see how that goes.
I'll probably add it to the side of my blog if it goes well.
*raised eye*

Rant Thursday


Damn, guy could rant for dayyyyyys.
But he's fucking solid. right.

I can say this because I'm a blogger. I go in and out of the internet looking for shit to post about, that peaks my fancy.
But what about shit that doesn't?
Don't get me wrong, I get on my rants but with artist/media I know, or am close to, there's never any constructive criticism because it could derail that 'network' relationship.

It's fucking bullshit.

So marinate on this shit!!!

And wish me luck on surviving kickball #drinkmorebeer


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Woah Wednesday

This was my view from last night, except less blurry.
Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers were BRILLIANT!!

I would also like to say that Sarah Jarosz is like a younger Alison Krauss, but with a bigger voice.
She was a joy to watch.

So thank you ACL TV.

Now onto some woah stuff. [thanks for the content Jill]


Holy, what the fuck????

But it could be yours for 10 bucks from SEARS
If you're that lonely, get a dog, dude.

Coachella day 2 and 3 are coming up, but shits on my laptop and well, I'm stuck here at work, looking at pillows con bewbs. #soweird.

Oh yeah, slight change in Sailor Jerry plans.
Thursday night was moved to Sunday night at Beauty Bar. 11-12.
I think there's some Buckle Up event going on.


Check my blog tomorrow to find out where this frustration is coming from.

I'm feeling a movement coming on.
Stay tuned.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coachella Day 1

We finally make it into the festival after an hour of waiting in the desert heat, because they ran out of wristbands......
Shit was sold out. You know the number of tickets sold.

Stayed chill because it was too hot to care.
But those fuckers made me miss Sleigh Bells
*shakes fists*

Let me give you a side note.
Festivals, it's an art to make the most out of all the days. And at a new one, it takes some warming up to get there. Well, it took us 2 days. Shit happens. :D

Make it to Yeasayer though

then say fuck the bullshit and head into the Heineken boob. Which basically was this ac filled tent, that served beer and had DJs inside.
Lucky us, Classixx was on.

Held prisoner inside the beer gardens

Only because we wanted to drink beers.

Then move out for She and Him

then moved it on to 1 person I was looking forward on seeing, Gil Scott Heron


Roam around after that, trying to take everything in.
They have tons of art on site, mainly light installations, for the ravers entertainment I'm sure.

Make it to the rave tent for Pretty Lights

Shit was made to be on drugs.

Catch a few songs of La Roux

Then we book it to LCD Soundsystem. Oh James Murphy, how I love thee.

300 lb disco ball, I WANT


Then, we await Jigga/HOVA...countdown begins




Not gonna lie, the views were ridick. Gorgeous day/night.

Caught the other following acts for a few
Echo & The Bunnymen
Passion Pit
Vampire Weekend
Grizzly Bear

Then I barely make it to the car and PASS THE FUCK OUT.

Day 2 next, lovers.


California Dreaming

Ok, I know I've been super lazy, but HERE I AM!!!

Leave Thursday early freaking morning.
My friends are assholes

They are just mad they didn't come prepared to sleep on the plane!!!

Whaddup LAX, how YOU doin????

We then head down to Venice beach for brunch at The Rose

Oh my holy jesus, soo GOOD!

Oh Venice.


I'm obvi not used to waves

Walk up Venice beach and find a bar to have some beers, then head out to Laguna

Have this amazing blueberry beer, with real blueberries at the bottom!!

Hello wealthy people's sunset

Fuck the bullshit, we are the new cast of Laguna Beach- Texas style

Living the good life,

Then crash with the most amazing boxers EVER. I'm seriously in love

Friday morning, ONWARD TO Indio California!!

And show up to our "probably has been on numerous episodes of cops and/or cheaters" hotel :D

And get ready for Day 1 of Coachella, not without some pregaming of course

Day 1 coming up.