Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekly Dosage

The 2nd edition of Adi bringing local under the radar bands to the stage of Mohawk for your needs.
Along with libations from Bird's Barbershop [one per person please], pizza from Homeslice, Daily juice drink specials, and this week has Daniel Perkalay from the likes of City on Fire displaying some pieces. 

Then you can hit up the bar I 'grew up' at for some Tropical Bass Sessions featuring ulovei and Richard Henry [Plush 7th/Red River].
Dropping the hotness in cumbia, baile funk, bossanova, and more.
Along with $2 tecates.

I love me some PLUSH

Um, hello!! This city is already going twitter crazy on trying to get a piece of this guy.
He's not in Austin, YET.
But he will be for tomorrows show at The Paramont.
Anthony Bourdain, you definitely don't need 'no reservations' to light up this girl's vagina eyes.

This event on Saturday should be siick.
Artists, DJs, Bboys and Bgirls rocking the United States Art Authority.

The dope shit.

This weekend is the annual Texas Relays.
And what does that mean for you, my lovely.
Well, it means trying to stay away from downtown as much as possible.
At least 6th street and the surrounds.
The last thing I need is to walk through and have to climb my way through minors hanging out on the streets just to get a god damn drink.

So you can catch me on the Eastside. [I'd be over there anyway ;) ]

Happy humpday to jo0!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cursive | Emos | 03.28.10

Oh my Tim Kasher.
I rolled up to Emos for Cursive, and Cursive only.
The Ugly Organ is one of my top albums that changed me. And will always see this band whenever they are in my area.
They played a great set, as Kasher awkwardly relived the lyrics he has long put behind him.
Playing songs from Domestica, Burst and Bloom, The Ugly Organ, Happy Hallows, and Momma I'm Swollen

Their 45 minute set list [not in order] was
Sink To The Beat
The Martyr
Dorothy at 40
Big Bang
From The Hips
I Couldn't Love You
Let Me Up
Mama, I'm Swollen

They did end with Art is Hard, which I love.

I've met my fair share of musicians. It's hard not to when in this industry, but for some reason, I won't allow myself to meet Tim Kasher. As beautifully bearded that man is, I just won't do it. I've wussed out on multiple occasions. And as soon as their set ended, I bolted out of there and spent the walk home questioning why.
My answer is the following;
I hold Tim Kasher pretty high, respectively, as an artist/ songwriter/ man of my dreams. And well, I don't want that image to be soiled. I'm not saying he's this asshole, arrogant prick. But point being, if he's not going to fall head over heels IN LOVE with me, why bother? And at this point, I still have my dream that it COULD happen. So leave me be. :D

See the videos below

A Gentleman Caller

Sink To The Beat

I seriously do love ALL of their music, but here would be my dream set list. 
Set would be about 2-3 hrs long. :D

Bad Sects
Radiator Hums
After The Movies

Sink To the Beat

Fairytales Tell Tales
Bloody Murderer
Red Handed Slight of Hand

Making Friends and Aquaintances
The Great Decay
A Little Song and Dance
Night I Lost The Will To Fight

Rise Up! Rise Up!
Ceilings Crack
Butcher The Song
In The Now
From The Hips
and end with Excerpts From Various Notes Strewn Abound The Bedroom of April Connolly Feb 24, 1997

This might be pompous, making my own cursive play list. But guess what, this is sailorlegs DOT COM and I do what I want. ;)
What I do know is that this set is unrealistic for any human musician. All songs are really intense and take a lot of energy to perform. They would definitely need Gretta back. One can still dream though!

And WTF Emos

I'm assuming this is due to the new lighting they had up on the ceiling, but honestly, that was one of the best things about Emos. Moshing and crowd surfing ability. For shame.
Also there's also a 2 ft gap from the stage with a 'fence' to hold back the cattle.
With the fence, there's no one near the front of the stage. That was such an awesome thing, to be RIGHT THERE by the performer.  I've puked under that stage! [thanks the Lucero's guitarist, Brian, for throwing me the towel after that. :) ]
There are memories that will never happen again, EMOS. What would you do that to mee????

Times are a changin'.


Monday, March 29, 2010

My Song Monday

Because anything David Byrne touches is a whole lotta AMAZINGNESS

David Byrne + Fat Boy Slim + Santigold - Please Don't
The first single “Please Don’t” off David Byrne and Fatboy Slim’s conceptual album Here Lies Love due out April 6 via Todomundo/Nonesuch features Santigold on vocals and is apparently one of six total videos that have been compiled from the project. The entire video consists of former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos making different trips throughout the world to meet with leaders, supporters, etc.

Imelda seems to be the inspiration behind the album, on Byrne's part.
Not sure what it was about her that intrigued him so much but he's quoted as saying
“The story I am interested in is about asking what drives a powerful person—what makes them tick? How do they make and then remake themselves? I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if—as this piece would be principally composed of clubby dance music—one could experience it in a club setting? Could one bring a ‘story’ and a kind of theater to the disco? Was that possible? If so, wouldn’t that be amazing!”

I love him.

Happy Monday yall!


[I will add that I'm currently on Day 5 of the cleanse, with no cheating. I've had many conversations with people for and against it, but regardless they still support my decision. I love my friends. I'm not doing this for weight loss, I'm not trying to starve myself. There's just been this bug in my system for a while weighing me down and I just want to try my best to get rid of it and be back to myself. Whether that takes 5 days on the cleanse or 10+. I just want to feel better. But I won't be going more than 10. I have plans to eat already. :)]

Friday, March 26, 2010

Onward with the Detox

Sorry about the new look. No, I'm not sorry. white was making my eyes go nuts.
momma needs color and teal and purple are her signature colours.
[said with a steel magnolias accent]

Ok, so this dog looks like he's slightly cross-eyed/retarded but still CUTE!

via likecool

Point being, I need this for Stewart!!! He gets so lonely down on the ground while I'm eating away. *le sigh* I swear, on this juice cleanse [and not able to eat anything] I've never wanted to eat more than I do right now. And it's not even about being hungry. I JUST WANT TO CHEW ON SOME SAVORY THINGS!! #foodonlykthx

I don't even know what to talk about at this point. My mind is constantly on food and what my first meal back is going to be.
10 days doesn't seem that long, but 10 days without chewing can be seen as inhumane. JUST SAYIN.

I'll be back but I gotta get my head off of food.
So I leave you with this. Yeah. I know. Seriously. WTF.

Actually, I apologize. I should NEVER leave you with something like that.

Here's Rusko's Woo Boost video.
Heard his show at Republic Live last night went off.
I'm sure you'll be seeing photographic evidence soon [phiznessss :P]

There you have it. Happy Friday. ENJOY EATING!!


I apologize for being so bitter on the food eaters, this cleanse is my own doing, but I NEED to do it. Just consider this my PMS time and forgive me for anything that comes out of my mouth that's offensive.
I don't mean it baby.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

SXSW Wrap Up

Holy shit.

I must bid adieu to the lovely bearded sxswoon.
So many beards, 1 sailorlegs mouth. 'nough said.

Glad to see so many people made it out alive.
And sad to see so many people made it out sick.
I count as one of those fools, so I'm on that cleansing schtick.

Mommas got some substance demons in her body and they need to be expelled from her system!!!

As most of you know, I was hanging out at The Rumbler Lounge pretty much all week. Seriously, free party, free tacos, free SLT, free soco, and a damn good line up each day.

My celebrity run ins included.

Saying excuse me to Danger Mouse because I needed to use the facilities.

Having Jakob Dylan ask us if we needed to see his id. 0_o

Having small talk with J.Cole [so cute]

Yelling out "ENTOURAGE" to Adrian Greinier [you can't take my ass anywhere!]

All in all, I had an amazing yet exhausting week.
And only got wasteyfaced 3 times.

Got to see little dragon again, and almost got in a fight with an unbrave MAN. [sorry mike :)]
Then jammed out to Bird Peterson at Beauty Bar

Scoot Inn for the Panache party.
Was super impressed by The Coathangers.
If I were to ever be in a band, they are definitely what I would want to sound like.
Then I was off to Beauty Bar for Art Disaster.
First time seeing Sunset and enjoyed their set. [not to mention they wore party rats!!! or something like them while playing]

The Rumbler Lounge at Peckerheads
Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt were fun. Think Dan Deacon but more melodic and more toys.
Dignan really grabbed my attention. vulnerability flooded the speakers and that's what gets me every time. Also that the lead vocal slightly resembled Tim Kasher.
Maps & Atlases were awesome, of course.
Then Gemini Club. As a gemini, I loved them already.
Then actually hearing them, DANCE PARTY CENTRAL!!
They are also doing a Knuckle Rumbler event in St Louis, MO April 3rd [scheck it out]
The Death Set were ridiculous as well. Loved it.
Ran around for a bit but met up with some #HTM at Malverde trying to wait it out for Sleigh Bells. Miserable. No food. Trying to keep my drinking down to a minimum. Back line was fucked. Took Suckers 45 minutes to sound check, thus pushing back the entire 4 bands left. So I said FUCK THIS PLACE and went home.

Grand Ole Party at the Rumbler Lounge
I kept this one a bit low key because I had to work allll day. But at the Kr Lounge caught Zeale with his new set up. Nice live tracks. Homeboy Sandman, and Fashawn. But I heard Yelawolf, Wiz Khalifa, Pac Div and J cole set the place off!!
Then headed to Beerland for the SJ event. Saw a couple bands that were seeew angry, they couldn't stop screaming into the mic. #notmystyle
Once that was done I ran over the Fader for the Converse party to catch the ONE act I was dying to see:
Mayer Hawthorne and the County.
All of these fellas swooned and crooned me with their mo-town rhythm and blues stylings.
My life was compelte and I could die. But instead I got a little drunk with my friends to Passion Pit Djing and Pains of being Pure at Heart as background fun.
Then called it a night.

Pumps and a Bump with our hosts My Old Kentucky Blog!
This days line up was insane.
Beach Fossils were great, FINALLY got to see Lemonade who were awesome, The Diplomats of sound, Holy Fuck was insane. Andy D hilarious. Hollywood Holt and his shenanigans were great. And of course, ending it off with The Hood Internet and the Glitch Mob. #youshouldknowallofthisbynow
then I ran off the Austin Carniville [which was GENIUS btw] and ran a muck while listening to Hudson Mohawke. Sad Rusko didn't make it out in time. Hoping for A.Blank to be a suprise fill in. But I'm always hoping for her to show up.
Then it was off to the Green Label Sound party where Neon Indian soundtracking my drunk ass shenanigans.....and those mountain dew drinks....jesus christ. never. again.
"what it deew?"

It was rough. Momma was in pain from her ill choiced drinks the night before. But still made it out to catch Dam-Funk, Dominique Young Unique, and Lions [who woke my ass up] all at the Rumbler Lounge.
I heard amazing things though about Casxio [check out Austin Eavesdropper for more], Woodhands, Beats Antique, and of course Rye Rye and Cool Kids.
But my ass had to be at Mess With Texas for some Sailor Jerry schwag slaying.
Caught a glimpse of GWAR because momma didn't want fake blood on her. But I was able to catch The Soft Pack, Japandroids, and Neon Indian again.
Then I went home to get waarrrrm with some wine and snug on my couch.

Ended the weekssss with brunch with the Sailor Jerry crew at Juan in a Millions
then popped over to Shang for free beer for the locals!! [about time] and some amazing bloody marys.
Then off to a crawfish broil. So good but overly spiced, I think.
Then the scoot inn for Mike Relm!!
He's a bad ass. NGL

Now I'm over SXSW and onto COACHELLA!!!! 21 days!!!!
Whaddup Jayz <>

Let's just hope this cleanse does it's job and I don't DIE.

But I just wanted to check in with you guys so you knew I did survive!!



Friday, March 12, 2010

Longbrach and Scoot Inn SXSW

Tuesday 03.16.10

Sailor Jerry [me] will be on site to hook you up

Thursday 03.18.10

Thursday 03.18.10

Friday 03.19.10

Friday 03.19.10

Friday 03.19-03.20

Saturday 03.20.10


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ATH SXSW Day Party

RSVP here


Aquarium Drunkard SXSWi

RSVP here


Woah Wednesday

An innocent girl, a harmless drive. What could possibly go wrong?

It's a sad day hearing about the death of Corey Haim.
But we will always have
The Lost  Boys
Licensed to Drive
Dream a Little Dream

And because of Licensed to Drive, I also have Billy Ocean <3
Billy Ocean Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Car


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Good Good


Good Times on the Reg

Benefitting Drink Pink to Save The Tatas


1001 E. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78702
(corner of E. 6th St. & San Marcos St., walking distance from all the downtown madness, precariously close to some kinda fort)


Thursday, March 18th, 2010
Noon to 9PM


Stage One
12:15-12:50 Ragen Fykes
1:10-1:45 Freelance Whales
2:05-2:40 Ume
3:00-3:35 Warpaint
3:55-4:30 Morning Benders
4:50-5:25 Here We Go Magic
5:45-6:20 Maluca
7:00- 8:00 GZA

Stage Two
12:30-1:05 Burnt Ones
1:25 – 2:00 Diamond Rings
2:20-2:55 Kid Sister
3:15-3:50 Slow Club
4:10-4:45 Danielson
5:05-5:40 Delorean
6:00 – 7:00 [TBA]*

*Coming soon, stay tuned! Follow us on Twitter and add us on Facebook for updates.


* Ziegenbock
* Dos Lunas Tequila
* Sweet Leaf Tea
* Knuckle Rumbler
* My Old Kentucky Blog
* You Aint No Picasso
* Ultra8201
* Yours Truly
* Chromewaves
* Car Toys

Two bars and food available on-site along with other fun stuff from our friends at Harley Davidson, screen printing by Southside Sanctuary, and photobooth by

RSVP info here


whaddup elijah wood

It's the Tuesday right before southby.

YOUR ASS SHOULD BE RESTING!!! [no hating on events this week, though]

So that's the assignment I'm giving you.
Because you aren't going to be able to feel like this for a week straight.
You'll thank me later.

But my ass is swamped at the jobby job, and momma can't stay long.

So I'm leaving you with a video from Apples In Stereo

Apples In Stereo's video for Dance Floor


Monday, March 8, 2010

The Rumbler Lounge

Your favorite party duo is bring the DOPE SHIT for southby,

Knuckle Rumbler presents The Rumbler Lounge
March 17-20 at Peckerheads

March 17th

March 18th

March 19th

March 20th

Get there early each day for your breakfast tacos and spend the day refreshing your body with sweet leaf tea and some southern comfort.
RSVP here


My song Monday

With the rain and the dreariness that's hit Austin, right before southby, I'm in a very calm mood.

And this is just beautiful.

Bat For Lashes cover Radiohead's All I Need

Natasha is one of my favorite female vocalist. fer serious.

Let's just get through his week. Then, we RAGE.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Break Me Off A Piece of That


One of my must sees of sxsw

Mayer Hawthorne grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, and vividly remembers, as a child, driving with his father and tuning the car radio in to the rich soul and jazz history the region provided. “Most of the best music ever made came out of Detroit,” claims the singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, who counts Isaac Hayes, Leroy Hutson, Mike Terry, and Barry White among his influences, but draws the most inspiration from the music of Smokey Robinson, Curtis Mayfield, and the legendary songwriting and production trio of Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, and Eddie Holland Jr.

The “retro” tag is added to almost any contemporary work that sounds like it was originally recorded between 1966 and 1974, and Hawthorne, among the newest contributors to the genre, is aware of how trends come and go. After being introduced to Stones Throw label head Peanut Butter Wolf by mutual friend Noelle Scaggs of the Rebirth, even his current boss was skeptical. “He showed me two songs and I didn’t understand what I was listening to,” Wolf recalls. “I asked him if they were old songs that he did re-edits of – I couldn’t believe they were new songs and that he played all the instruments.”

And after meeting in person, it was even harder for Wolf to believe that Hawthorne was also the lead vocalist. Few expect such heartfelt sentiment to come from a 29-year-old white kid from Ann Arbor, but he has caught the ear of his family at Stones Throw, as well as BBC Radio 1 host Gilles Peterson and producer/DJ Mark Ronson. Expectations are high for the admitted vinyl junkie who never planned on taking his crooning public. Hawthorne’s hanging-by-a-string falsetto and breakbeat production on his first recorded effort, the tender “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out,” are simultaneously Smokey and J Dilla – equal parts “The Tracks of My Tears” and “Fall in Love.” “It’s soul,” he explains, “But it’s new.”

Hawthorne has produced and played instruments for much of his life, but never intended to become a singer. He isn’t formally trained, and never sang in the church choir or in any of the bands he was in before founding the County (formerly the County Commissioners). But here he is, new school soul sensation, who has taken the Motown assembly-line production model and eliminated nearly every element but himself and a few hired hands. “I think Mayer is the only artist in the history of the label that I’ve signed after hearing only two songs,” says Peanut Butter Wolf. “Sometimes, you just know it’s the right thing to do.”

And for those willing to believe anything is possible, be grateful to have Mayer Hawthorne on the scene. It’s not just throwback music anymore – this revival is all about progression.

serious. need. to. see. this. man.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's all fun and games


A little tid bit into Sailorleg's past.
I did a Don't Mess With Texas commercial when I was 18.
I was privileged enough to get cigarette butts AND 'castor' oil dumped over my head.

You can go here to see the video [won't embed] and click on
"If Your Girlfriend Were Texas"

I ran across this site while trying to find a line up for Mess With Texas.
Memories/good times.

And on the sx Mess With Texas- no line up yet
BUT, I do know a certain spiced rum will be on site.
[shhhhh. Sailor Jerry, duuuh]

Oh SX, it's coming faster than I had anticipated.
Maybe it's because I feel like I'll soon cough out my LUNGS!!
I hate getting sick and really, I forgot what it's like to BREATHE freely.
This shit is for the birds.
Maybe that's how the bird flu came to be. #reallybadjoke

I've decided for asides, i'm going to just hashtag it.
Yay for twitter habits replicating in real life!!

I was going to start the master cleanse this week, but events are bogging down my abilities to abstain from drinking. :D
So I might just have to wait until after sx, because I need time to get off the cleanse itself.


It's actually starting to go uphill from here.
But it's been irking me since last Thursday. Yeah. You can continue to fuck off.

[my mom used to say that, with an accent, instead of a curse word when I was younger. I used to think it was a bad word. That and catorce, which is the number 14. Oh mom, i heart you.]

Ok, one more day till it's fun time.
here's something to get you there, a little easier.
A little bit of lube, if you will.

via pitchfork tv

Can we get this show in Austin, por favor????

Until next time!!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Whoa Wednesday

[whaddup, blossom]

If I'm drunk, keep an eye on your cat

via tripwire

Haha. That shit is hilARIOUS.
and thus my reason for having a dog.
Stu wouldn't be on the ground. He'd take your seat on that sofa. <3

Ugh. Seeeeee!

So for the whoa news of the day

Sage Francis is hitting us with a new album!

Now this is some great news. One of the most talented wordsmith’s in hip hop has announced that he will be dropping his new album, Li(f)e, on May 11th! The artwork above was done by Shepard Fairey (the man behind the Obama “Hope” poster) which displays a provocative image of an unwavering and winged Francis caught in the crosshairs as flames rise beneath him. For more information about the actual music and the accompanying tour, hit the jump…


Musically Li(f)e is refreshingly unique. Francis’ biting and sardonic wordplay now further empowered by talented musicians including producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron and Wine) and Jim Becker and Tim Rutili of acclaimed Chicago outfit Califone.

Francis has also enlisted a roster of uniquely talented songwriters including ex Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle, Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie, Tim Fite, members of Calexico, DeVotchKa, and Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse – each of whose compositions were then interpreted by Francis and the band. The result is a challenging and defiantly honest new album from an ever evolving artist.


Sage Francis will be performing songs from Li(f)e at the upcoming South By Southwest Festival on Tuesday March 18 at The Independent, 501 Studios, 501 Brushy Street at 12:30 am.

Francis will then be embarking on a North American tour beginning with B. Dolan and Free Moral Agents starting this May.

Sage Francis Tour Dates:

SXSW @ The Independent on Thursday, March 18 at 12:30 a.m.

05/12/10 Cambridge, MA Middle East Downstairs 480 Massachusetts Ave
05/13/10 S. Burlington, VT. Higher Ground 1214 Williston Rd
05/14/10 Portland, ME. Port City Music Hall 504 Congress St
05/15/10 Ottawa, ON. Ritual Nightclub 137 Besserer Street
05/16/10 Toronto ONT The Opera House 735 Queen St. East
05/18/10 Detroit, MI. Alvin’s 5756 Cass Ave.
05/19/10 Detroit, MI. The Bottom Lounge 1375 W Lake St
05/20/10 Milwaukee, WI. Turner Hall 1032 North Fourth St.
05/21/10 Minneapolis MN First Avenue, 701 First Avenue North
05/22/10 Columbia MO, The Blue Note 17 North Ninth Street
05/24/10 Englewood, CO. Gothic Theatre 3263 South Broadway
05/25/10 Salt Lake City, UT. Urban Lounge 241 South 500 East
05/26/10 Missoula MT. Badlander 208 Ryman St
05/28/10 Edmonton, AB. The Starlite Room 10030 102 Street NW
05/29/10 Calgary, AB. Distillery 615 7 Ave
05/31/10 Vancouver, BC. The Biltmore Cabaret, 2755 Prince Edward St.
06/01/10 Seattle WA, Showbox SoDo 1700 1st Ave.
06/02/10 Portland, OR. Berbati’s Pan 231 SW Ankeny
06/04/10 San Francisco CA, The Fillmore 1805 Geary Blvd.
06/05/10 Santa Cruz, CA. The Catalyst 1011 Pacific Avenue
06/06/10 Los Angeles CA, Henry Fonda Theater 6126 Hollywood Blvd.
06/07/10 Solana Beach, CA. Belly Up Tavern 143 S. Cedros Ave.
06/09/10 Pomona, CA. The Glass House 200 West Second Street
06/10/10 Tempe, AZ. The Clubhouse 1320 E. Broadway Rd.
06/11/10 Tucson AZ, Club Congress 311 East Congress
06/12/10 Albuquerque NM Sunshine Theater 120 Central Ave. SW
06/14/10 TX, .DALLAS Granada Theatre 3524 Greenville Avenue
06/15/10 Austin TX, Mohawk, 912 Red River
06/16/10 Houston TX House of Blues – Houston 1204 Caroline Street
06/18/10 Orlando FL Club at Firestone 578 North Orange Ave.
06/19/10 Atlanta, GA. The Loft 1374 W. Peachtree
06/21/10 Carrboro , NC. Cat’s Cradle 300 East Main Street
06/22/10 Washington DC Rock and Roll Hotel 1353 H St. NE
06/23/10 Baltimore MD, The Ottobar, 2549 North Howard St.
06/24/10 Philadelphia, PA. Trocadero, 1003 Arch Street
06/25/10 New York NY. Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St.

via 2dopeboyz


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Event Tuesday

Day 2 of new format.
Still sick but in more pain due to the smartness of getting tattooed last night.
NO PAIN, NO GAIN, amiright?

So the good shit for the week.

If you are brave enough to not be resting up for sxsw, then I want your life.


Kickoff for The Mind of Adi residency at The Mohawk starts this Wednesday at 6pm [yay for the early birds!!]

From The Mind Of Adi Residency Series Kick-Off Show Preview from From The Mind Of Adi on Vimeo.

The bands, She Sir, Spoiled Royals, Persian Wars, will perform at 9, 8, and 7 respectively. We'll have some complimentary food and drinks for the early birds courtesy Frank and Birds Barbershop, plus a poster art display showcasing local legend Bryan Keplesky's work. Daily Juice will be on hand to stir up some stunning drinks.

And if you are feeling like me, or just need a kick in the ass, get a 2oz shot of Mr resistor. Woo, that'll clear some shit up, like woah.

And for the late nighters
Wednesday March 3 @ Beauty Bar

Daryl Palumbo (of Glassjaw – DJ set), Paper Shapes, Betaplayer

$5, music at 10:00


SOLD OUT Glassjaw show at Emos. [and no I still haven't gotten a ticket. :\ ]
If you don't have a ticket, go to beauty bar on Wednesday to get some Daryle Palumbo actions.


Alice in Wonderland at the IMAX #HTM venture!!!

Also portugal the man is playing at the parish

Hit this up during the day because it will be amazing.
I love watching writers in action, inspired by music.

Do any of you guys remember Mojo coffe house, was right there off the Drag.
They used to clear their building walls in the back for this type of thing.
Always good times.

Then at night, if you missed their show on friday, you are in luck!

Portugal the Man will be playing a second show on Saturday.
And you will find me here. :)

Mad Classy- duuuuh ;)

ta daaaaaaa


The Rumbler Lounge

oooh dish

I'd keep a real tight eye on this party making duo.
I hear it's gonna be the dope shit.