Monday, October 25, 2010

That Night | Austin City Limits Festival 2010

First off, I would like to thanks CrowdSavings for hooking it up with VIP tickets this year.

Now, I skipped out on Friday because I had to work at the jobs job and I wanted to be ready to let things rip at Amanda Blank. So i didn't see shit that day.
But saturday, things got starteeddd.

Started off with Bear In Heaven aka stache central. They were great. One of the bands I had yet to see and was very impressed. ACL +1

then ran over to hear Ben since with is whiskey/cigarette soaked voice. lerve.

then caught a bit of Manchester Orchestra, but had to run early because my Michigan lover was on.
Ladies and gents, Mayer Hawthorne and the County.

He through down a couple panty dropper covers. /swoon

Ahhh, geeez. How can you NOT love this man!!??

Caught a bit of Beats Antique from afar

Then hit Local Natives at the peak of the sunlight, I was in the back so no pictures/videos because that sun was a giant ASSHOLE.

But here's The XX being boring and stuff.

Now here's the thing with The XX. They are not a festival band. They are boring without the sense of chairs/intimacy. Stop booking this band for festivals. They will soon lose fans because of it. LOVED the album, though.

Now my DFA sunshines. LCD Soundsystem

We were pretty close up and we proceeded to have a dance party, as did everyone else watching this set.

Then we made it over to Matt and Kim. LOOOOOVE THEM.

then muuuuuuuse.

By this time. I was drunk. thanks to budweiser and titos vodka for that little party.
I then head to the American legion hall for a bit and then Beauty Bar for Sleigh Bells. More on that party in another post.

So let's move onto sunday. I was drunk at ACL Saturday by around 6pm. Proceeded to drink the rest of the night. So Sunday arrives, 11am and I'm still wasted. #fail. Needless to say, I didn't make it to see Warpaint at 12:15. Which, was a total ACLFAIL. Most of the early bands deserved later set times #justsayin.

But I pukely make it on site to catch end of The White Rabbits

Then make another set from a band I had yet to see.
FOALS. They were aweome.

I then follow HTM to head over to Devendra Banhart who recently cut off his locks and looks a lot less crazy/scary. Plus there were no phallic pieces in his outfit.

He then proceeded to pull a kid from the crowd up on stage to perform in front of everyone....solo. I love moments like these. Seeing someone have the experience of a festival performer for the first time.

Ran over to The Morning Benders for a bit.

then booked it back to Yeasayer

then Midlake

I heart those denton boys.

Tried to find some friends during Edward Sharpe, but that area was a giant clusterfuck, so I went and hung out with MYDAMNSELF. Had moments of insight. Then got my mind blown by The Flaming Lips and the antics of Wayne Cohen.

I was done with it all at this point. And as I was walking out of the park to my car, I could hear Band of Horses covering Cee Lo Green's Georgia. I wanted to punch myself for jumping the gun on my exhaustion levels. But all ends well. And I say goodbye to another ACL under my belt.

Tired 'Legs

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Megalithic Rick said...

I feel your pain and realized the importance quality foot wear this year around. I was phyiscally and mentally exhausted by Sunday which is a tad unusal.