Monday, October 18, 2010

RIP Eyedea

Yesterday, the hip hop world lost one of it's most ingenious contributors.

RIP Michael Larsen aka Eyedea

Traci and Eyedea aka Bobby Obvious aka Oliver Hart aka Mikey Larsen
08.15.10 Beauty Bar | Austin, TX | Photo by AnnieRay

Larsen made a name for himself while in his teens, competing at battle-rap competitions around the country, including Ohio’s Scribble Jam, where he took top honors in 1999. He and his childhood friend, Max Keltgen (aka DJ Abilities), also joined Minneapolis’ top-name hip-hop act Atmosphere in the late-‘90s as its backup rapper and turntablist, respectively. They went on to record three albums as Eyedea & Abilities for Atmosphere’s homegrown label, Rhymesayers Entertainment, including last year’s “By the Throat.”

During a four-year hiatus from Eyedea & Abilities prior to “By the Throat,” Larsen started up several music projects that showed off his adventurous streak, including freestyle rap act Face Candy and his experimental rock band Carbon Carousel. He also made solo rap albums under the moniker Oliver Hart and wrote poetry. His mom said he finished a new Face Candy album and a poetry book in recent months.


Traci was actually the first one to introduce me to Eyedea & Abilities.
Picked up E&A as soon as I could. Dove into that and backtracked to First Born.
Then this past year, surrounded myself with By The Throat
The production was so intriguing and different for me, and Mikey's speed of flow blew me away. There was something there that always seemed destructive in his words, and I bonded with that.

I never really had a conversation with him besides the whole, hi, nice to meet you, meeting quotes. So I can't speak as if I knew him. But I know those who did and my heart goes out to all of you. Especially Max aka DJ Abilities who teamed up with him to dominate hip hop crowds.

Announced by his mother of his death via facebook no details have been released.
But there is a paypall account set up for his Memorial service and anything will help.
Contribute here.

Here's an early video of him with Slug freestyling

EYEDEA FREESTYLE from steez101 on Vimeo.

and one of my favorite tracks Glass

Eyedea & Abilities - Glass (Live @ Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA. 2-10-2010) from on Vimeo.

My thoughts are with his friends, family, and fans.



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