Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three More Days

This is seriously what I just did.
But instead of away, I was running towards this Friday at Noon.

Because thats when the tickets go on sale for the night my soul will be remade.
I'm dead serious too.

If you see this and your heart does a little jig, you will enjoy THE HELL out of this post.

I've talked about him before and after finding out this info, I've been drowning myself in it. *sigh* And it's painfully satisfying.

So ok, tickets go on sale for this one Friday the 30th at Noon.
And in fact, BUY ME A TICKET TOO!!!

Friday November 12, my soul will be whole again and all because of this man. <3

Ray LaMontagne - Jolene from kyuss on Vimeo.

Ray LaMontagne - Burn from donker:oranje on Vimeo.

Like I've said before, Ray is a different kind of performer. It's honest and genuine, and never has he needed gimmicks or props.
Just him, baring his soul through his music.
And his voice! UGH!! That's what every man should sound like.
And can we get some feux beards for those unfortunate souls who can't grow a full one??? [no worries, men, I know it's not your fault, damn dna]

I found this interview and it just shows how shy he really is. *sigh* and you get some MAJOR face time. Enjoy

Ray LaMontagne on talent and hard work from KindaMuzikTV on Vimeo.

There goes the rest of my afternoon.


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