Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Woah Wednesday

Oh yes I did!! [can we just admire how fucking hot this guy is, real quick. #swoon]

I had a pretty magical night, my friends.
It all started with a car drive in the rain.
I landed at Stubbs to catch Holy Ghost!
Ran into some of my most FAVORITE people, EVER.
Proceed to dance my world away once James Murphy and co got on stage.
Escaped drenched in heat/wonderfulness and headed to Antones.
Caught Miike Snow show austin what was up.
Took a pedi cab to Learning Secrets LCD after party and let Alison Narro turn my friends and me into camera whores.
Then ran to Tuezgayz and continued seeing my favorites.
Then landed home and ate some damn good prosciutto and mozzarella.
Then proceeded to pass the fuck out.

This morning, definitely paid for the amount of lonestars/tecates comsumed.
So I'm hoping this rain will continue so I can get a break.
If not, I'll have 2 softball games [back to back] to wear my body down even more.
Did I mentioned how badly my soccer game on monday kicked my ass?
Granted, I did score a goal, but homegirl walked away completely out of breath, turf toed, and bruises galore.
But if you are braver than I, don't forget From The Mind of Adi is tonight at Mohawk. Starting at 6pm!! #getyousome

Woah Wednesday definitely refers to 'did that all really happen last night?'
And it did.

Another woah, I easily admit to my girl crush on Joan from Mad Men aka Christina Hendricks


Point being, this gorgeous woman is in the new Broken Bells video, Ghost Inside.

Love her and Mad Men which should be back July 25th.
I'm so ready for you, Don Draper.

Ok, I'm off to kick some ass at work so I can go home and not do a damn thing.


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Austin Eavesdropper said...

I adore BOTH of these people. Ol' Joanie is the gal who inspired me to dye my hair red.

And that animated gif of Ryan Gosling is about the most wonderful thing, ever. I think I stared at your blog post for a solid 2 minutes just now, just staring, then smiling, then back to staring.