Monday, June 21, 2010


[photo by Drew Blair]

So for memorial wkd/mah birfday I booked a trip up to the Midwest with some of my favorites for a hip hop festival.
Soundset 2010 was held in Minnesota and put on by one of my favorite labels, Rhymesayers Entertainment.

They house a ridiculously amount of talented artists, and this was where they met up to give us fans a damn good show.

Favorite things about this festival,
*It's 1 day. I'm so over 3 day bullshit. 1-2 days is so perfect.
*It was held at Shakopee, MN and I had to wear my flannel for a bit!! No Texas head!! <3
*I was able to visit a city that was on my list and hit up another venue on that same list [Minneapolis/First Ave]
*VIP tickets were hella cheap and came with a full bar [hello jack] and had bleachers inside the section for us to view the main stage with ease.
*And they pretty much had all my favorite [alive] artist performing.
So congrats to Rhymesayers for a banner year in my book! :)

I went up to Minneapolis with a couple friends and we explored the city right.
Went to the 2 story Target! Ate very well [helllo duplex] and went to an amusement park that hardly had any lines, and drank whiskey at the Mall of America!!
[insert random pics of the trip]

I was left with days to just explore. No real agenda. Only for 1 day did we have to be somewhere and that was for the festival itself.

So let's get to that, chyeah?

Get there [after some wrong turns] to catch Cage. BTW- he's playing at Mohawk July 6th. Be there because this fool is so great. Especially live.

Then came Mr Kush and OJ himself, Wiz Khalifa

Del doing some Autograph signing

Then caught Eyedea & Abillities from VIP

We then walked around to see some of the writing/bboy competition

[photo by Phizness]
[photo by Phizness]

[photo by Phizness]

Rob Swift was DJ the Bboy tent

Then it was POS time

then, Heiro time

Murs was right around here, but we were off looking for a working atm. The ONLY downfall of the festival, which was out of their power, literally. So point being, I heard his set, but no pics/videos :\

Then Brother Ali

Method and Red Man

Then the sun came back out

Then came Atmosphere

We then booked it back to MPLS for the after party, held at Prince's First Ave. <3
Not without some of this beauty

At First Ave the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Ztrip were throwing it down.
But not before I got famous

Video courtesy of Phizness

Then POS got on stage, Murs, and Brother Ali before ZTrip lit the place on fiyah

I then of course had to make my rounds

[photo by phizness]

Then I proceeded to dance away the night and the rest of my sobriety with Phizness.
Great times. Abso-fucking-lutely.

More pics of first ave

Tejas representing

[photos by phizness]

Thank you to everyone I saw, met, loved, hated, and adored under my breath.


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