Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 can fuck off

Happy NYE e'erbody.
Let's send 2009 off with a good kick in the ass and a blue moon [not beer, the actually moon!]

That is yours truly on NYE two years ago. Shit got cray-cray and I started wrestling.

Hit up Do512 and Mrs. AustinEavesdropper herself, for your good times.

I'm about to start getting my crumple blundered. Whatchu know about that!??!!?
Get shit crunk and then call a cab/sober ride/tipsy taxi!!!



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crunk & Grime

is my bloodline.

One of my favorite lines from Uffie

RCRD LBL just posted up a remix for Pop The Glock by Felix da Housecat
Uggggh. I love it so.

Speaking of new music
MCs Can Kiss, will see daylight on 2/1/2010.

Her full-length, Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans, will follow in the spring.
via TheMusicSlut

Video time


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

edit HER

Because I love the sound of his voice and I dream about hearing him call my name in pains of passion. Don't kill my dreams, asshole!! :D

Tom Smith of The Editors

So here's their new video for You Don't Know Love


Monday, December 28, 2009

Dancing Barefoot

There's always been something about Patti Smith that makes me gravitate to her, her music, poems, art.
Maybe it was that she pulled off androgyny BRILLIANTLY!
Never wore make up, cursed like a man, and still received respect from her peers.
I mean, she was THE iconic woman in a sea dominated by men.

And beyond admirable, it's a vain filled source in my life of wants and needs.

Speaking of, I actually had "dancing barefoot" as my ringer for a bit.
And during a visit to vegas, after a late late night with mr jack daniels, a friend constantly called my phone to wake me up to head back to the hotel [with a stop at in and out thrown in there for good measure] and my poor friend, Eric, had to hear my phone, that one Pattie Smith song, taunt his non-sober sleep over and over and over again. :\ So neededless to say, he doesn't hold the same admiration for Patti as I.

BUT, this could easily change that for him :)

A Patti Smith movie broadcast for free on PBS.

Per spinner
A documentary on Patti Smith, the highly-influential "Godmother of punk," will debut on PBS on Dec. 30. Filmed by fashion photographer turned filmmaker Steven Sebring over the course of 11 years, 'Patti Smith: Dream of Life' will air on the performer's 63rd birthday as part of the series 'POV.'

At the outset of the project, which started around the release of 1996's 'Gone Again,' Smith says she wasn't in favor of the idea. "To me the idea seems sort of conceited," she told the New York Times. "I felt, even though I was 50 years old at the time, too young to do a documentary. I hadn't done enough work yet to merit a documentary."

But after being trailed by a camera for 10-plus years, Smith -- who will commemorate the broadcast with a three night run at New York's Bowery Ballroom on Dec. 29 – 31 -- got used to the idea. The film, which first debuted at Sundance in 2008 where it won a cinematography award, isn't only performance-based. It chronicles Smith's move back to New York from Detroit and her return to performing and recording to support herself and her children after the death of her husband.

Concert footage from appearances in Israel, Japan and Washington is balanced by Smith's candid storytelling. "My own personal hope is just that people get some sense that I have more dimensions than is sometimes reported," Smith said. "Sometimes all people know about you is, No. 1, your work, but through the media they often will be given one aspect of a human being."

"I'm happy for people to get a more humanistic view," she continued. "I have a really great life. I've had, for me, really great tragedy in my life. I still mourn my people that I lost. I miss my husband. But I've had great opportunities in my life."

The Patti Smith documentary airs on December 30 on PBS and I highly suggest you set your DVR to record this.

Fine, ERIC, don't do it!!!! :P
But I definitely will.

[per TWC Tv listings, it will play Wednesday 12.30.09 at 8pm central time.]


You're so so so so cliche

I saw this and cracked the ff up.
So here's to making that monday transition back to work easier.

If you are not working today. ih8u [but not really]

Inspired by Lauren Leto’s “Stereotyping People By Their Favorite Author,” we realized the incredible potential for a mercilessly judgmental list of indie band stereotypes. It is a common fact that Cormac McCarthy readers are men who don’t eat cream cheese, but what about those who listen to The XX on repeat and The Flaming Lips on hallucinogens? They need labels, too. In collaboration with contributor Jeff Luppino-Esposito, Flavorwire lays down the reckless assumptions.

The XX
Blog enthusiasts who thought wearing a keffiyeha was awesome.

Passion Pit
Bros vaguely interested in listening to music and very interested in having sex with their girlfriend.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Girls who bought checkered sneakers in the 8th grade.

Fleet Foxes
Hopelessly patchy beard growers.

TV On The Radio
Politically-correct hipsters.

Grizzly Bear
People who think that world hunger could be assuaged with four part harmonies.

Micachu and the Shapes
Chicks with bad teeth.

Dudes who think low production value is “authentic” and would go down on Todd P.

Steve Aoki
Alts who don’t “get” Hipster Runoff.

Joanna Newsom
People who have considered befriending a squirrel.

Devendra Banhart
People who have considered becoming a squirrel.

Animal Collective
Guys who make “Best of the Year” lists in January based predominantly on “feeling.”

The Antlers
Boys who enjoy crying more than their girlfriend.

Vivian Girls
Girls who purchase a guitar, buy flannel from the Salvation Army, wear glasses that they don’t actually need, and still can’t get the guy.

Vampire Weekend
Bros who try to make out with girls at concerts by relating to them via old Nickelodeon shows. “Remember Pete & Pete??”

Death Cab for Cutie
Girls who quote lyrics as their Facebook status.

Neon Indian
Gorilla Vs. Bear readers.

She & Him
People who hate Ben Gibbard.

Bon Iver
People with self-esteem issues and probably hate Ben Gibbard.

Washed Out
Those who comfortably accept chillwave as a genre.

Memory Tapes
Those who comfortably accept chillwave as a lifestyle.

The Shins
Premature alts who considered Garden State a life-altering viewing experience.


Tegan & Sara
Lesbians and guys who firmly believe that when there are two girls on stage together, there is a 63% chance of them making out.

St. Vincent

Indie rap fans who thought Tha Carter III was too mainstream.

Ra Ra Riot
Girls who got their boyfriends to watch Me and You and Everyone We Know.

Bat for Lashes
Girls who wear leggings outside of ’80s-themed parties.

Guys who only read Pitchfork for the ratings and haven’t showered in at least two days.

Kimya Dawson
Chicks who are described by their girlfriends as “sweet” and “really nice” when guys ask if their friend is hot.

Anyone who thinks The Catcher in Rye is the greatest book of all time.

Kid Cudi
Blipsters who still wear neon shoes and smoke pot.

The Flaming Lips
Self-actualized bros who grow pot.

Antony and the Johnsons
Guys who still cry every time they watch Bambi.

Matt and Kim
Closeted Blink-182 enthusiasts.

Here We Go Magic
Guys who are ‘over’ Gizzly Bear.

People who don’t listen to enough music.

Sufjan Stevens
People who believe in two things: Jesus and Juno.

Girls who don’t understand politics.

Regina Spektor
Girls who don’t understand boys.

Bros who, at one point in their lives, have tried to grow a mustache.

Arcade Fire
Frequent transcendental experience havers.

Avid doodlers.

Guys who go to concerts to relax.

Someone who, if presented with the opportunity to join a cult, would most definitely join that cult.

Boys who think Ocarina of Time is the greatest game ever made.

Patrick Wolf
Gay guys.

Girls who throw up at every party.

Indie dudes who wear beanies and you can see the front of their hair pulled back beneath it.

Bros who drink shitty beer without ironic intentions.

Dirty Projectors
People who like way too many toppings on their pizza.

via flavorwire


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dj Neil Armstrong

DJ Neil Armstrong
Most people sadly just know him as JayZs dj. Which in itself is a nice feat, BUT this guy has made some of the best mixes I've heard.
Thank goodness my friends know their shit. And thanks to the lovely Traci, she's the one who introduced me to him. <3

And these aren't that mash up shit. These are classic mixtapes with music ranging from Debbie Deb, Depeche Mode to Africa Bambataa and Frankie Knuckles.

Hit up this thing called THE INTERNET and you can find his mixes.
And I just started subscribing to his podcasts. HOLLA!!

Here's a couple videos I found with him.

via nahright


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009: Look what you did

Top tens are IMPOSSIBLE, so I'm taking another direction of it. I'm going to give you some top tens that maybe you didn't get a chance to listen to.
Diamonds in the rough, one could say. And i'm giving a big fuck you to the number system.


Amanda Blank- I Love You

Caspa and Rusko- FabricLive 37

Miike Snow- self titled

Dead Man's Bones- self titled

Florence + The Machine- Lungs

POS- Never Better

Warpaint- Exquisite Corpse

Little Dragon- Machine Dreams

Blakroc- self titled

Pretty Lights- Passing By Behind Your Eyes

Santigold at Stubbs
Warpaint at emos jr
Miike Snow at Lollapalooza
Janelle Monae at SXSW- KnuckleRumbler party
Bon Iver at Sasquatch
Friendly Fires at Mohawk
Little Dragon at Emos jr
Skream at Barcelona [Mad Classy's one yr anniversary]
Cursive at Mohawk
Ghostland Observatory- 4th of July bbq out in Liberty Hill
Astronautalis at Mohawk and fun fun fun fest

Local Austin bands/musicians
Crash Gallery
Black and White Years
Mad Classy Crew
The Riverboat Gamblers
Zlam Dunk
Peligrosa All Stars

*you might think i'm crazy with this list, but this is from the year of shows and what actual performances [not just music] entertained/touched me [in more than my special spots] :P Plus, it's my effn list. <3 *

Fucking local events

KR's Raspberry Criminial [MJ vs Prince]
Bleet up at Mohawk
KR and Turn to Live with Vega, Neiliyo, and Joshua distance
Cherry Peel Pop Your Cherry Party
Flipscene's Halloween bash
Dos Equis castle party- yeah, I said it. Mainly because I actually did get in, and man, that shit was fuuuuuun.
Electric Aquatic Club boat parties
KR and Cherry Peel present The Combo Plate
Lamar Ped Bridge party after Monotonix/DataRock at Emos
The longest saturday EVER aka Homeslice Carnival, Bird's MANfest, and Smirnoffs- Be There Party.

Other Top whatever links

Paste's top 30 covers

rolling stones 100 best albums of the '00s

KEXP's DJ Top Ten List

AllMusic's 2009 list

Ghostly's top 110 of the decade

MTVs top 20 Why do I feel like their list has an underlining motive??

Pitchforks Top 50

Ultra8201's top 20

ANNNNND I'm done!! Woot. Bring on 2010


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague is a French musical collective led by musicians Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux. Their name is a play on words, meaning "new wave" in French. This refers simultaneously to their "Frenchness" and "artiness" (the '60s new wave of cult French cinema), the source of their songs (all covers of punk rock, post-punk, and New Wave songs), and their use of '60s bossa nova-style arrangements.
via wiki

Basically, they cover a bunch of great songs [ranging from the buzzcocks, blondie, new order, to Julie London and even Dead Kennedy's Too Drunk To Fuck] in that bossa nova style. LOVE IT!!

God, I really do have a strong affliction for the french.
I loooove Edith Piaf even though i really have no clue to what she is saying.
It's the language, the sensuality that ties in even with the most simple word.
It's definitely a language I would love to be fluent in. Fuck the spanish shit [lo siento, abuelita] but seriously, seduce me with the french tongue and let's call it a day, yeah?
*I know what you are thinking, cochino, and that's not what I meant!! Seduce me with WOOOOORDS!!*

anyway, here are their tour dates.

Friday, Jan. 22, Philadelphia, PA, World Cafe
Saturday, Jan. 23, New York, NY, Webster Hall
Sunday, Jan. 24, Boston, MA, Somerset
Tuesday, Jan. 25, Montreal, PQ, Metropolis
Wednesday, Jan. 27, Toronto, ONT, Opera House
Thursday, Jan. 28, Detroit, MI, Crofoot Ballroom
Friday, Jan. 29, Chicago, IL, Logan Square
Monday, Feb. 1, Denver, CO, Bluebird
Tuesday, Feb. 2, Salt Lake City, UT, Urban Lounge
Thursday, Feb. 4, Seattle, WA, King Cat
Friday, Feb. 5, Vancouver, BC, Venue
Sunday, Feb. 7, San Francisco, CA, Regency
Monday, Feb. 8, Sant Cruz, CA, Rio Theater
Tuesday, Feb. 9, Los Angeles, CA, Henry Fonda
Friday, Feb. 12, Dallas, TX, Granada
Saturday, Feb. 13, Austin, TX, Mohawk
Sunday, Feb. 14, New Orleans, LA, Republic
Tuesday, Feb. 16, Miami, FL, Revolution
Wednesday, Feb. 17, Orlando, FL, Firestone
Thursday, Feb. 18, Atlanta, GA, Loft
Saturday, Feb. 20, Washington, DC, 9:30 Club


Holy shit balls

I just saw this tour listing and it's the kind of shit that makes the baby jesus cry TEARS OF JOY!!!!!

POS headlining tour

Dates with Grives, Dessa
2/2/10 Lawrence KS Jackpot
2/4/10 Colorado Springs CO Black Sheep
2/5/10 Denver CO The Marquis Theatre
2/6/10 Salt Lake City UT Kilby Court
2/7/10 Salt Lake City UT Urban Lounge
2/8/10 Boise ID Knitting Factory
2/9/10 Missoula MT Badlander
2/11/10 Vancouver BC CANADA The Biltmore Cabaret
2/12/10 Seattle WA Nectar Lounge
2/13/10 Portland OR Berbati's Pan
2/14/10 Eugene OR WOW Hall
2/16/10 Reno NV Tonic Lounge
2/18/10 San Francisco CA Bottom Of The Hill
2/19/10 West Hollywood CA The Troubadour
2/20/10 San Diego CA The Loft - UCSD
2/21/10 Pomona CA The Glass House
2/22/10 Scottsdale AZ Chasers
2/23/10 Tucson AZ Club Congress
2/24/10 Albuquerque NM Launchpad

Dates with Dessa, Astronautalis
2/26/10 Austin TX Red 7
2/27/10 Denton TX Hailey
2/28/10 New Orleans LA The Parish Room - HOB
3/2/10 Tallahassee FL Club Downunder
3/3/10 Orlando FL Backbooth
3/4/10 Atlanta GA The Masquerade
3/5/10 Chapel Hill NC Local 506
3/6/10 Washington DC DC9
3/7/10 Philadelphia PA First Unitarian Church
3/9/10 New York NY Bowery Ballroom
3/10/10 Cambridge MA Middle East Downstairs
3/11/10 Portland ME Space
3/12/10 Burlington VT Higher Ground Showcase Lounge
3/13/10 Montreal QC CANADA II motore
3/14/10 Toronto ON CANADA Sneaky Dee's
3/16/10 Pontiac MI The Pike Room at Crofoot Ballroom
3/17/10 Cleveland Heights OH Grog Shop
3/18/10 Chicago IL The Bottom Lounge
3/19/10 Madison WI High Noon Saloon
3/20/10 Milwaukee WI Turner Hall


Are you effn kidding me???
Not just POS, but Astronautalis AND DESSA???!!!!!

Sweet jesus, I think I have an idea what heaven looks like.
And it's the inside of Red7!! [just not in the daylight. can you imagine that bar during the day??? make it dark baby, hide those dingy imperfections and let's just focus on the booze and music.


P.O.S.- Drum roll

Astronautalis- Trouble Hunter
Dessa- Dixon's Girl

See you there, lovers


Monday, December 21, 2009

video vomit

Happy Friday, Lovers.


oh sailor video

awesome gif time

oh fiona and zach galafksdjfnkndfigbdihikis

ugh- no words for how much i love this band

Islands with some Michael Cera action. *sigh* LOVE

Sade- Solider of Love

Calvin Harris- Flashback

and of course this diamond
"Wu Tang ain't nothing to fuck wit"


See you out at the Learning Secrets 6 yr anniversary party, right??

before, hit up Scoot Inn for some Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum lovin' from 11-12, yeah yeah!!!

Sailor Jerry and dance party. Great Friday night ahead!

Your option

For a good time tonight

If that's not completely your style.....nasty's is the place for you!!

for me, it's my apt's laundry facility and me surrounded by some goddamn wrapping paper!!!!
You fools better like your gifts!! <3

I'm getting closer to finishing my top ten lists
[yes, there's an 's' in there because there's multiple listssssss]

fucking a.
holiday talk on the reg.

Who's ready for some NYE actions and making up rules that we will only follow for the 1st few weeks of 2010?????

*raises hand*


effed up xmas

Since Christmas is around the corner, I figured I'd share some of that holiday spirit with you.

and with fucked up.

merry christmas :)

Fucked Up recorded a cover of classic Christmas charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas" with the help of Vampire Weekend, Andrew W.K., Bob Mould, Tegan and Sara, GZA, Yo La Tengo, David Cross, Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene, and TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone.

Proceeds from the single are going to Justice For The Missing, which is a Canadian charity group for violence against women. You can download the single on itunes.

do it, out of love and fucking holiday spirit, maaan.


Friday, December 18, 2009

video vomit

To start, how AMAZING is this promo shot from Sweet Leaf Tea's Holiday Party????

via SweetLeafHappy

I really wanted to put up the new Massive Attack. But the video is BEYOND NSFW, so when you can, check it out here
Because not only is it Massive Attack, but Hope Sandoval [from Mazzy Star] does guest vocals. <3

New one from Portishead- Chase The Fear

Portishead - Chase The Tear from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

This one coming from one of my favorite acts I saw at Monolith

The new video was shot, edited, and directed by Jared Sales. The video follows coverage a massive, world-wide robot attack.
via MOKB

And to get your feet moving


Johnny L [feat. Lemar] - Dreaming [Annie Mac Rip]

Thanks to Matt for the heads up on the Johnny L one. :)

And finally some local love for Rusty Screw Productions and Caleb Does

Caleb Does Season 2 - Episode 2: Insensitive Much? from Rusty Screw Productions on Vimeo.

We did it kids. Made it to Friday.
And holy santa jesus mix up, Christmas is next week.
I guess that means I should start my shopping, huh?

Till next time


ps A very dear friend's dog has ran off in Austin, TX around 35th street.
Please ,if you see this dog, let me know ASAP. His name is Stutter. We all love him so.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time is ticking

It's that time, the end of the year, and all the best of lists are hitting the internets.

Is anyone else having issues with this one???
I can say that I've spent a good amount of this year listening to Michael McDonald and things circa 70s/80s

And I sure as hell haven't listened to a good grip of stuff that came out this year.

Does that still make my list valid??
Of course not.

Do I care???
hell naw

Negative to this one too.

With so much great music, naming them all and feeling good with that list in a month, not possible.

But fuck it.

Actually, I can barely remember what happened 2 weeks ago, let alone a list that is going to be posted on the internet FOREVERRRRRR.
wait. shit.

Since working on my list, I'm sure of one album that should be on EVERYONES list!
I don't care who you are.

Touring is probably out of the question, but music spots on late night television is not! Thank goodness.
So enjoy it, baby. Take it all in.

Blakroc - "Ain't Nothing Like You" (Hoochie Coo) Letterman 12/8

Blakroc w/RZA - "Dollaz & Sense" & "Tellin' Me Things" 12/10 Fallon

Plus some mos def news
The third Gorillaz album will feature one newly announced GPS voice, two iconic frontmen of the '60s and '70s, and more, lending to a contributing line-up as eclectic as the one heard on 2005's Demon Days.
The GPS voice, Snoop Dogg, plus Lou Reed of The Velvet Underground and Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees, will be heard alongside Mos Def, Bobby Womack, The Horrors and the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra in Plastic Beach, out 2010.

Can we fast forward to 2010 so I don't 'have' to make my list?

Well, fuck you father time!!!

I'm jusss keeding. I lurve you.
Actually, I will if you bring me a nexus one in january.
Not kidding. :D


Monday, December 14, 2009

it's 'merykah time

she's coming back around, my friends

With six albums, four Grammys, and critical and commercial success, Erykah Badu is a familiar figure in the music industry. She certainly seemed comfortable with the press as she recently stood before a room full of critics, musicians, and record label executives. Dressed in rain boots, sweat pants and a grungy long-sleeve thermal top, Badu gave the assembled listeners a preview of her coming album, “New Amerykah Part II (Return of the Ankh),” due out Feb. 23.

The sound of the 11-track long “New Amerykah Part II” is a throwback to her 1997 debut, “Baduizm,” with a more acoustic feel than the digital one she favored on her last album, 2008’s “New Amerykah Part 1: 4th World War.” The topics too, are a stark contrast to her last release. “’New Amerykah Part 1′ was me looking at what was going around me politically, socially,” Badu said. “['New Amerykah Part II'] was looking at what was going on inside of me and other women.” Badu’s personal life since her last release has had some dramatic changes, including the birth of a baby girl in February of this year.

“New Amerykah part II” features long-time collaborator ?uestlove of the Roots, who plays all the drums on the album, and Roots keyboardist James Poyser. One of the album’s standout tracks, “Out of My Mind Just In Time (Undercover-Over-Lover)” is a bare-bones duet between Badu and Poyser.

One of Badu’s newest songs, “Jump Up in The Air,” isn’t on the album. It will be released to major music Web sites and feature different versions with ten different rappers, with each rapper’s collaboration released one at a time. While Badu did not reveal all ten of her musical partners, she did say that one version will feature one of the most popular rappers in the world right now: Lil Wayne.


and per 2dopeboys
Apparently, the final version of “Jump In The Air” is set to have about nine other guests on it as well.

1. 20 Feet Tall
2. Window Seat
3. Agitation
4. Get Money
5. Don’t Be Long
6. Love
7. Umm Hmm
8. Fall In Love
9. Incense
10. Out My Mind Just In Time (Part 1) (Undercover Over-Lover)
11. Out My Mind Just In Time (Part 2)
12. Jump In The Air

DOWNLOAD: Erykah Badu – Jump in the Air And Stay There f. Lil Wayne [Rip]

and to get your ready, one of my favorites

oooh, child.

love me some badu


CT to TX with love

So I was MIA due to the Conneticut cold, migraines, and other such nonsense.

This is what I missed.


Oh, the heartbreak. I missed an #HTM meeting at Red Bull Locally Thrown
This was actually a fantastic event for a fundraiser of sorts for our local fav, The Riverboat Gamblers guitarist, Ian MacDougall.

Basically, we got the best DJs in town to remix the best bands in town.
DJs Manny, Orion, Prepmode, Bigface, Richard Gear, and JE remixed and dropped tracks by The Octopus Project, The Lemurs, Riverboat Gamblers, Lions, The Black And White Years, White Ghost Shivers, Nelo, Brothers And Sisters, Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears, and The Story Of, with portions of the suggested $5 donation going to MacDougall’s medical bills.

I may have missed the actual event, which I heard was amazing!!
But I was fortunate enough to get a musical gift from DJ Orion with his personal remixes.

And I'm passing that good fortune onto you.

Here’s the Tracklisting:
Dissdissdisskisskisskiss (Orion Edit) - The Riverboat Gamblers Feat. Todd Congelliere
I'm Broke (Orion Edit) - Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
Machine (Orion Edit) - The Lions
Made For Two (Orion Edit) - White Ghost Shivers (Lot’s of space for me to rap over Thursday)
Nina (Orion Edit) - Lemurs
Raised In Books (Orion Edit) - The Black And White Years vs. Noro Morales
The Flock (Orion Edit) - The Story
The Wind (Orion Edit) - Brothers And Sisters
Truck (Orion Edit) - The Octopus Project

Speaking of Orion, he played the Sweet Leaf Tea holiday party on Friday, which I WAS IN TOWN FOR!!!

and this was the results.
thanks gary, for capturing it.

via offepicenter


Monday, December 7, 2009

Catch me in the snow

So I took off this morning, for a work trip to Wallingford, CT.

Where is that, you ask? Well I'll ask you the same damn thing.
Small town full of chain restaurants and no nightlife.

But to be honest, after this past week with those GLORIOUS #hashtags I'm ok with being bored out of my goddamn mind for a week.
[btw you hashtagers, my facebook has been going offffff with all those lovely photos indicating just how GREAT of a time I have with you lovely people <3]

Luckily, I have a book on hand that I've been wanting to get through but have been distracted.

I've gone through short obsessions with Mr Eric Clapton.
All non life threatening,btw.
But most of the time engulfed in a life that was once his through words on a page.

The first time I had ever heard of him was because of my Dad. Whom is a great singer and decent guitar player, in the years that he has raised 5 children.

I just remember being little and him singing "Wonderful Tonight" and playing it on his guitar as I fell alseep. I have a very special bond with my Dad and pretty much think he's the greatest, albeit oblivious sometimes, man in my life.

For that reason I think I grabbed onto Clapton after going through Cream, Yardbirds, Derek and the Dominos, and realizing that yes, CLAPTON IS GOD


Then I read a book basically about Derek and the Dominios and the basis of Layla and other assorted love songs.

Then one of my favorite people EVER gives me his Slow Hands vinyl for my birthday.
It's still in the frame!!! thanks squirrels. <3

And I don't know if it's the immense talent he possessed, his wild side to being free, his shamed romanticism, or the beard and bell bottom jeans.....

It just does.
There's just something about this man that is completely satiable in many ways.

So its looking like another obsession stint is coming on.


haiiii phil collins!!

and of course


ps why the eff is steven segal on my television set? and why are guido looking jersey boys there too? jesus christ.

Happy Birthday, good Sir!

To the one and only

Tom Waits

And so a secret kiss
Brings madness with the bliss
And I will think of this
When I'm dead in my grave
Set me adrift and I'm lost over there
And I must be insane
To go skating on your name
And by tracing it twice
I fell through the ice
Of Alice
There's only Alice

-Tom Waits


Friday, December 4, 2009

Since we are already on sxsw

Might as well start the Coachella rumors, right?

Muse to headline

Muse is massive, but really? Headling Coachella?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan and have seen them multiple times.
But headliners need to be shockers.
Ear grabbers.
Last chance EVER/One in a lifetime to see

consequence of sound
begs to differ

With the 2010 edition of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival scheduled to get underway a little less than five months from now, we are finally starting to get an idea of what the lineup will look like.

According to a source with knowledge of the festival’s plans, Muse will serve as a headliner for the Indio, CA event, set to take place from April 16-18. This will mark the British outfit’s first appearance at Coachella since 2004 and will come amidst what will likely be a summer chock-full of tour dates in support of the band’s most recent effort, The Resistance.

A separate source confirms that both Hot Chip and The xx will make room in their recently announced U.S. tour and also appear. These latest additions join Devo, Craze & Klever, and As Tall As Lions, all of which have been previously confirmed by other Internet outlets.

Keeping the fun going, Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, The Avett Brothers, and Pavement are all heavily rumored, while Tegan & Sara, Spacemen 3, Pretty Lights, Cornelious, and Imogen Heap are among the others currently appearing on our Coachella Outlook page.

Let's see what happens, yeah?

Who's down for a road trip, though?
Fer serious.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

all i want for christmas

Being that it's now Christmas time, I'm thinking about other people and gifts!!
As in what other people should give meeeee :D

I'm just kidding [sort of, but not really]

So I've scooped up some of the albums I'm looking forward too.
For you ;)

New Interpol Album Coming Next Year

Interpol haven't released a new album since 2007's middling Our Love to Admire. Since then, the members of the band have been pretty busy with extracurricular activities: singer Paul Banks' solo project Julian Plenti, bassist Carlos D's short film, drummer Sam Fogarino's band with Swervedriver's Adam Franklin, Magnetic Morning.

Now, Fogarino tells Paste that the snappily dressed NYC brooders spent spring 2009 recording a new album, which is due for release via Capitol early next year. According to Fogarino, the new LP will recall Interpol's debut album Turn on the Bright Lights, Pitchfork's #20 album of the decade.

The band recorded the album at New York's Electric Lady studio, and they've focused on returning to the stuff that people loved about the band in the first place. Fogarino says, "The new record falls back towards the first. In trying to move forward, there was an unspoken realization that you can't let go of your sonic-defining tag. There was an effort in Daniel [Kessler]'s guitar tone; he rediscovered it playing in his loft space for a year without anybody. The quality of that tone, played in a big room, is just beautiful. It creates an atmosphere ... That big wash of reverb? It's back."

Fogarino also tells Paste that the band doesn't have any illusions about the relative wackness of Our Love to Admire: "[The album] was not our most cohesive moment … It was when reality kicked in as to where we were and where we were never going back to." Perspective!


Sade is coming BACK!

Sade have announced that they will release their first album in ten years, Soldier of Love, on February 10 next year.

Sade’s last album Lovers Rock sold almost four million copies in the States when it was released back in 2000, and ended up taking home the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album.


Track/Album Art unveiling for Massive Attack's Heligoland

Trip hop pioneers Massive Attack will release a new album, titled Heligoland, on February 8. The album will feature guest vocals from Damon Albarn, TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, and Elbow’s Guy Garvey, along with Martina Topley-Bird and Hope Sandoval.

Tracklisting is as follows:

01 Pray For Rain
02 Babel
03 Splitting The Atom
04 Girl I Love You
05 Psyche
06 Flat Of The Blade
07 Paradise Circus
08 Rush Minute
09 Saturday Come Slow
10 Atlas Air


Tom Waits loooooove

In case you thought you wouldn’t be satisfied with the extra hour of Tom Waits’ banter from his upcoming live album, fret no more. Now Tom’s Orphans, Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards is being reinvented as a limited edition seven-LP vinyl with six new tracks. The album, which classicly highlights Waits’ bizarrely wonderful form of storytelling, came out December 8, and also includes rare gems like Waits covering the likes of The Ramones and Fats Waller. Plainly stated, if you’re gearing up for a long winter, this collection added on top of the Glitter and Doom live album should be enough Tom Waits material to get you through. And that’s never a bad thing.


She and Him get ready for Volume 2 release

New She & Him LP to Feature Darker Darks, Brighter Brights, no Ben Gibbard

For those folks who didn't think Paste was totally daft for naming She & Him's Volume One the best album of 2008, we've got good news for you: Volume Two is on the way. (For those of you who still consider us spineless drivel-mongers for the same, well, carry on with your Monday.)

The new album was recorded in Portland and Los Angeles over the past year-and-a-half, and will feature all-new original material penned by actress/chanteuse Zooey Deschanel and produced by M. Ward. "I think that the dark shades that were on the last record are maybe a little bit darker on the new record, and the brighter shades on the last record are a little bit brighter on the new record," Ward tells Paste. "I think that people are going to hear more contrasts, which is always something that I shoot for in the studio."

Volume One was essentially recorded in a vacuum free of outside pressure and expectations, an atmosphere that the duo tried to recreate for Volume Two. "I think we approached the second record organically, the same as we did for the first record," Deschanel tells Paste. "But the songs are different so the record is different. We had a bit more time and resources so we were able to work a little deeper."

After almost two years of balancing She & Him recording sessions and nationwide touring with their other endeavors (like Ward's solo work and side-projects including Monsters of Folk, and Deschanel's recent roles in movies including 500 Days of Summer) the two are still finding new reasons to be excited about their once-seemingly-unlikely musical partnership.

"Zooey writes pretty often and she doesn't need any sort of encouragement," Ward says. "What I wanted to do was to show more dimensions to Zooey's writing, and I'm excited for people to hear the record because I think it's going to continue to show the strength of her writing."

"I learned that Matt can become a virtuoso of any stringed instrument he picks up, which is tremendously unfair to the rest of us mortals," Deschanel notes. "It's great to work with Matt because he is always true to himself, and working with him over an extended period confirms this time and again."

An official release date for Volume Two hasn't been set, but we're told to expect it in the spring. For the curious, we do know that Deschanel's new husband, Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard, will not appear on the album. (If you feel the need to weep, might we suggest doing so to the tune of the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack?)

For more on the new record, check out Paste's December/January issue, hitting newsstands in December.


Im Xcited!!!!!!

Yay gifts!!

Please feel free to place what new music you are waiting for from those special people in your life.
Maybe Santa will visit early!!!


Get your britches ready

To shake it like a polaroid picture.

KnuckleRumbler presents ICELANTA

Icelanta @ Scoot Inn. Dec12th from Orion Garcia on Vimeo.

Get your RSVP on here


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

video vomit

K-os- I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman

yes, that sample is phantom planet- california

Felt- Chewed Up

Dorian Concept

and I'll end it with a good one.
The LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) were on SYTYCD last night.
Seriously, this group is straight up ridiiiiiick.
So enjoy the fuck out of it because I've watched it many times already.


is it friday yet?


this bitch is bad

and there's not a damn thing you can do to make me think any different.

Lost In A Supermarket Interviews Amanda Blank

Habitually referring to herself after the posterchild of teenage female looseness, Married With Children’s Kelly Bundy, it’s obvious the girl has a sense of humor. Oh yeah, and she’s just dropped her debut LP I Love You on Downtown Records.

She’s all that, and she’s frequently late. Which is why we recorded this interview cutting through dense LA traffic, desperately trying to get her back to the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. She’s gotta then jump in a van and catch a flight in 90 minutes for a string of dates opening for Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Europe. So goes the life of a Philly-bred rapper I guess…

You should probably put on your seatbelt.

No one wears seatbelts in Philly.

Yeah well they give tickets for that here.

You’d never get a seatbelt ticket in Philly. Ever.

So we were talking about people sending you weird MySpace messages. What’s the oddest thing you’ve been sent?

It’s just gross you know, sometimes they write really mean things, and sometimes they write really nice things. It runs the gamut. One guy wrote, “I’d put it in your ass.” He wrote it on a photo, and I was like “Spam!” and deleted him.

That sounds like fun. So what did you get into last night?

I had an in-store appearance at Amoeba Records. I wore this weird shiny black windbreaker jumpsuit, that I tucked into my underwear to make it look like a leotard diaper, and then this black sleeveless cape thing with a hood. They were totally different lines, but made of the same material so it was really lucky, and it looked really good. And then I just wore some combat boots.

What are your favorite songs to play in live situations like that?

“Make it Take It” and “Leaving You Behind” with Lykke Li. I had a lot of fun making those songs, but it always switches. Like for club shows I like to do more rap, otherwise I’m down for some singing.

And how was the turnout at Amoeba?

Yeah! Ohmygod I was like, ‘No one’s gonna go! What if nobody comes?!’ It’s totally like I’m having a party and no one’s gonna show. But there was a ton of kids, and they were all really really cute.

Do you ever have lecherous, Ron Jeremy-looking dudes showing up at your shows and wanting to buy your underwear, or purchase you some milk, or anything like that?

Well there was this one older gentleman, he must’ve been grandfather age, and he was talking to me for a minute. He waited in line to get an autograph and had me sign his CD. And he was just kind of like staring at me, like he didn’t want to walk away, and then he finally stammers, ‘Uh, uh, ehhh, well, umm, oh, well I must admit, it is true — you are, uh, very good looking.’ And I was like, ‘Thanks – You too!’ and I just winked, and then we ushered him outta there. Alright dude. He was pretty sweet tho. I haven’t had anyone be too gross.

Maybe people just feel safe doing that from across the interwebs.

Yeah, when they’re on the internet it’s safe, it’s easy. Everyone’s a lot bigger and badder when they’re sitting home on their computer screen. But nobody…I mean, I wish somebody would say some of that mean shit they write about me on the internet to my face; they wouldn’t fucking dare. Cause I would be like, ‘What?!’ I would go off I’d get so crazy! And also like I said, everyone’s just bigger and badder on the internet.


Here she is ft Jonny Makeup- I Need Love

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

malt lick her

That's perverted, vanessa.

But to get to the point, malt beverages aka smirnoff ice
[see what i did there????]

Ok, you know me, not so much, but smirnoff all ova that bitch.
[in the best way possible. christ, im a lush]

Anyway, they are throwing our little town a shindig this saturday December 5th with Peanut Butter Wolf and Foot Patrol. Location will be released on their facebook fan page Thursday.

First step in going, become a facebook fan!! Duuuh.
Oh the kings of social media. facebook, i lurve you.
Fan 'em here

Then tonight, you go to the Del show.
Then Wednesday you recover.
Finally Thursday you get the location.
Friday you go to Aesop at Mohawk
SATURDAY- head to Home Slice/ Birds

Just a little tip too
Everything essential to having a great time will be provided by Smirnoff *wink wink*

Also, if you were able to catch Foot Patrol during F^3 Fest, you know it's going to be a PARRRR-TAAAY!!!

Get you some!


Little Dragon | Emos | 11.30.09

Catching Little Dragon's set was probably the best way to send off November with a gracious smile and some happy feet.

So first off.

Yukimi Nagano
This woman is so talented, quirky, strong, and just all around an amazing performer.
And to find out she's done work with Jose Gonzalez, it all makes sense.

She leads this jazzy trip hop gathering of electronic grooves. And I loved every second of it. I tried to spy the drummer, but he was sitting low low and well, momma wasn't up front so she couldn't see him, until he walked off the stage. But that's why there's not really any pictures of him. Couldn't see him, man!! But each musician held it's own and presented Yukimi with delicate funk. Seriously, you need to jump on this train because it will be blowing up very soon.

And to Emos. Can we get rid of the GD red lighting so I can stop using a flash?
Or do you do it purposely so my pics will suck? hrm?
I love you too.

and now some video
Blinking Pigs

After The Rain