Monday, November 30, 2009

heeeeey champ!

Hey Champ! comes from Rockford, IL [outside chicago] and I am a fan.

check out their latest mixtape
aka get this free download now!!


That Funkee Homosapien

Score More and Knucklerumbler present

Del tha Funkee Homosapien

Tuesday Dec 1st at Ace's Lounge (222 E 6th St. Austin TX 78701)

Support from Bukue one, Kevin Jack, Zeale, Crew 54, KJ Hines, and DJ Digg.

Tickets available at the door and

Brought to you in part by Keep It Local and Complete Clothing.

To get you in the mood for tonights show, here's a video of Del

Hip Hop Official speaks with Del about his new project with Tame 1 and working with his cousin Ice Cube.

So I will see you lovely people there.
Trust. Brave the cold because Del will be bringing the heat.



oh hai cold front

I hope you enjoyed the time off for some turkey grubbing.
I did.

But I could always use more.

There was some great stuff that went down.

Hung out with friends from out of town and got a tad on the wastey-face side.
and when I mean wastey, 2 shots of whiskey added to drinking for 6 hours [when i haven't had whiskey is months]. Momma was gone.
BUT I feel like I had a good time. :D

The next day, Saturday, I wanted to remove my head from the rest of my body. But science says that's not really possible unless death occurs. psssh. 'tevs man.
I sucked it up and went to Cursive anyway, because not even a hangover can cause me to miss some tim kasher action.

Enjoy some video <3

I've seen them under a handful of times, but this was the best I've seen them. Granted, I was sober [yay soda water with a lime!] so I remember it clearly, but regardless it was pure bliss for me.

I then proceeded to suck it up and DIRB the night away for a friend's birthday and dance while DJ Mel threw down at beauty bar.

A few DJs can bring me into that place and well, let me just say that Mel ended his set with Silk- Freaky with you. I kinda wanted to go up to my crush and slow dance that shit circa 6th grade. haha. I'm so lame sometimes. So you know, I pussed out. But it TOTES happened in my head. *waves goodbye to crush*

Too be honest, I laid around for most of the holiday and i'm still tired. 1 night of copious of amount of alcohol takes this old lady longer to recover then EVER!!
You young whippersnappers have no idea how good you've got it right now. ENJOY THAT SHIT.
Because you will be here soon. <3

Anyhoots, so shit going down this week
Mo Stash Bash at The Independent
Little Dragon at Emos
If you have yet to listen to Little Dragon, you need to get yer shit together. Seriously. I'm in love with Machine Dreams right now.

Little Dragon / Fortune from Minimaxwell on Vimeo.

Then tomorrow. you know KR has you covered

Then run on over to Friday for Aes

then Saturday start off with some Homeslice Carnival and end it with Bird's MANfest

and just love on me in the meantime :x

I just want to add a tip for those maybe feeling a bit lonely in this newfound cold weather.
Watch Vh1s programming. aka Sex Rehab with Dr Drew - You will be totally ok with going to bed alone instead of feeding a DANGEROUS addiction to sexual excounters
[i say ex instead of en because that's how it will end up. CLEVER!!! ]
Seriously, that show could kill a labido for the night for many!

Generous tip from me to you. :D


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Coma

Happy soon to be turkey day.
Ahhh, it's going to feel so good in about 4 hours and then I can give this place the finger and head home to do JACK SHIT!

This week/end includes some great shit.

Friday- Neon Indian at Stubbs Jr

Saturday- Cursive at Mohawk

and Megabuzz

So I'll see you folks out there. Lets drink and dance that turkey/tofurkey out of us!!

and for something to look foward to

RJD2 is coming to town. challah!!

01-09 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
01-10 Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
01-11 Charlotte, NC - Visualite Theater
01-12 Savannah, GA - Live Wire
01-13 Orlando, FL - The Social
01-14 Tampa, FL - Crowbar
01-15 Tallahassee, FL - Club Downunder
01-16 Atlanta, GA - Masquerade (Heaven Room)
01-17 Birmingham, AL - Bottletree
01-18 Chattanooga, TN - Rhythm and Brews
01-19 Knoxville, TN - Valarium
01-20 Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
01-21 Charlottesville, VA - Jefferson Theatre
01-22 Morgantown, WV - 123 Pleasant Street
02-05 Columbus, OH - Sully's Music Diner
02-06 Newport, KY - Southgate House
02-07 Louisville, KY - Headliners Music Hall
02-08 Nashville, TN - Exit In
02-09 Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone Cafe
02-10 Oxford, MS - The Lyric Oxford
02-11 New Orleans, LA - Tipitinas
02-12 Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon
02-13 Austin, TX - Emo's
02-14 Denton, TX - Hailey's
02-18 Columbia, MO - The Blue Note
02-19 Grinnell, IA - Grinnell College - Harris Center
02-20 Urbana, IL - Canopy Club

Enjoy this video


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

snow in march

I love me some Miike Snow.
and after getting the chance to see them at Lollapalooze this year I now know I need to see them at a better venue/time. aka NOT AT 1PM IN THE SCORCHING SUN IN A FIELD AT GRANT PARK!

That said, word is they might be making their way for sxsw, and as baby jesus is my witness, seeing them again will be my goal for that ENTIRE WEEK! No kidding.
That's how great they are live.

The way Bloodshy and Avant play completely live is great to see. Because not only are they amazing producers, but they can run that shit on a seconds notice!!!

If you didn't know about them, they've been in the producing game for a while. Even going in the pop world. You know that one song of Britney's that you hated that you actually liked and had it in your head for months. You know, Toxic. Yeah, it was them.

I found a great article on them explaining so much here

High Points:
Unlike some dance-pop acts, Miike Snow don't use backing tracks or computers during their live show, adding any anything-can-happen excitement. "I think it's more fun for the audience and it's more fun for us," he says. "Something goes wrong every night, almost. We have so much gear, so there's so much that can go wrong every minute. Last time we played L.A., we blew a fuse in the whole building."

The trio recently released a video for the single 'Black And Blue,' and Karlsson says they have remixes in the works for Kings of Leon and an unreleased song featuring MIA, Santigold and Amanda Blank.

Needless to say, they are ahhhhhmazing.

So enjoy this video of theirs below for their single, Black and Blue

So i'm hoping for some sxsw action
and speaking of, they just released 200 more acts.
I cannot handle starting on sxsw right now, so i refuse to look at it.
But in case you are crazy enough to start the excitement THIS EARLY,
Be my guest


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Take me into space

Today has been SHAT. That is shit in another dialect, I'm sure.
Work has been crazy/intense. OUTSIDE work has been haunting me. Momma needs to give her head a break and the busy weekend I just had may not have been the best idea.
But it was fantastic

EAST tour with the hashtag crew was ridic and awesome. I borrowed a friend's bike that is near my height, since I'm so freaking short. It was a fixie with no breaks. And going down the far east hills of austin, i want to shoot off my so called sailor legs. YOU CANT SAIL WITH THESE BITCHES RIGHT NOW!!
But great times at Birds, Clive Bar, and Beauty Bar made it better.

Sunday- had friendsgiving lunch, followed by some work, then Joker. Who KILLED it. and was a tad late, so I couldn't stay for his entire set. But it was great.
Check out the peen scenes pics from last night here.

So this week. Short week, thank the lil baby jesus, because I'm so on edge, I'd slice people. [cue the veggies]
But in the end, i'll be full of ham and thanksgiving-like food. So that should hold me over for a couple weeks. The magic of great food is amazing. Miracle type shit.

But onto something else that makes momma smile

To be honest, I didn't think N.A.S.A. could work with any better artist that they already have.
Which include: Spank Rock, Santigold, M.I.A., Nick Zinner [of the YYYs], and more.

But they fucking topped themselves. Seeew haawwrd.
Tom Waits and Kool Keith trump EVERYTHING
then you add the video, directed by Fluorescent Hill and you get some ridiculous amazing shit.

see why


Scion Radio 17: Rory Phillips

Scion Radio 17 interview with Rory Phillips

Scion Radio 17: Rory Philips Interview from Scion A/V on Vimeo.



It's blowing up via the interwebs/blogosphere.
Because it is DAMN good.

a] The Black Keys- some fucking great southern bluesy music
b] Heads of Hip Hop. - Damon Dash headed up the project and brought in artists like Mos Def, Luda, Q-Tip, Raekwon, Rza, Jim Jones, Nichole Wrey, NOE, Pharoahe Monch, and even back from the dead, OBD [RIP].

Here's a video for BlakRoc: Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) Ft. Mos Def and Jim Jones

All I'm saying right now is Akron, OH is going HARD!!!


Friday, November 20, 2009

She Smiles

Geez, why do you people let me drink??

So the show last night, kind of amazing.
And when I say kind of, I mean Friendly Fires killed it and The XX were up to standards.

Then Beauty Bar. Packed house, copious amounts of alcohol and friends = not getting home till 3. [boss, im lying btw. I really did have to take my car to the shop this morning, that's why I was late :D ]

Needless to say, momma is having a night in, on the couch.
As soon as i get my car back from the shop.

And I will be a proud owner of a working door handle!! Woot!!
I know what you are thinking, and you are judging me, aren't you??

My ex boyfriend broke it. I blame him for that one.
[im a constant user of scapegoats]
So I had to use my key to lift the only piece left in order to get inside my car. Fucker. haha.

But yes, so I'm finally getting it fixed, so I can now open my car door with one hand!!

It's the little things, ya know?

But let's talk about more great music, yes??

2 words: Janelle Monae

Ah, I looove this girl!!!

If you were smart and hit up the Knuckle Rumbler's sxsw shindig and caught Janelle Monae's set, you know what I'm talking about.

If not, I suggest you catch her live performance as soon as you can.

She brings Bad Boy Entertainment up to relevancy, fer serious.

Check out her version of Smile (live)

ah, bitch is baaaad. man. fantastic!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Women I know

So this was posted a while back by Miguel from ulovei and yours truly is in it. So enjoy and make sure to mock me in public ;)
I kidd. Miguel did a great job on it and I'm proud to take part in it :)

Women I Know from uLOVEi on Vimeo.

On the topic of women, I would just like to give a big 'what up!!' to Dove.
Last night, I was in the shower after a nice little victorious softball game. [your side barbarians are ON IT!!!] I had bought some new body wash, dove - deep moisture, for the cold, dry winter months. And as I was lathering [don't be a perv] I was noticing how much of a woman I felt like.

Ok, yes, I am a woman, but my mouth/language/vocab doesn't really constitute as lady like.
But goddammit, this body wash brought me back to my virginal days.

So thank you, DOVE!! You've made me a lady!!!
[now become a sponsor :D ]

sailor[dove]legs.......deeply moisturized!!

i could do this all day.

ps see you lovely bitches at Mohawk tonight for The XX/ Friendly Fires show! <3


Can I just say how much I want the street fighter snuggie right now????
Not even joking!!!!

Speaking of such goodness reminds me that Massive Attack just released a video from their EP, Splitting the Atom


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


You guys know my love of most things dub, so I piled some of my favorite pieces for a little buffet of dub for you. <3

Music Radar put out the ABC's of dubstep

Burial is working with Massive Attack on their new album via Clashmusic interview

The Essential HyperDub records via FACT Magazine

Flying Lotus does Lil Weezy [I Feel Like Dying] via his myspace

Joker tour dates
11-16 Baltimore, MD - The Quarter
11-17 Asheville, NC - Club 828
11-18 Athens, GA - New Earth Music Hall
11-19 Miami, FL - The Vagabond
11-20 Philadelphia, PA - 941 Theater
11-21 New York, NY - Santos Party House
11-22 Austin, TX - Barcelona
11-24 Seattle, WA - The War Room
11-25 Portland, OR - Holocene
11-26 Vancouver, British Columbia - Biltmore Cabaret
11-27 San Francisco, CA - 103 Harriet Street
11-28 Los Angeles, CA - Lot 613 *
11-29 Toronto, Ontario - Wrongbar

^ with Skream
# with Benga
* with Nosaj Thing

And don't forget you can get your dubstep fix on November 28th at the Texas Expo Center for Massive Intent's MEGA Buzz. Tickets still available here



Eyedea and Abilities have been killing the underground for years.
And they will be killing The Highball this Thursday too.
So I'm happy to see MTVu premires the second official video off their latest album By the Throat, Smile

You can head to PartyEnds blog for a chance to win some of those tickets for thursday's show.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Right Hand Hi

Also being released today, Kid Sisters loooooong awaited debut album Ultraviolet

So pick it up today, yo, after you get your nails done, of course.

Loved her during FFF Fest

and check out ulovei's interview

FFF FEST 09 - Kid Sister from uLOVEi on Vimeo.

Warm it up with Right Hand Hi video too, though. GET IT ALLLLL IN


Felt you up

I wish I did, ;)

No, but on the real, Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez hits your local record shop today!
So pick it up

You know you can't resist Murs, Slug, and Aes all on one album.

here's a little taste called chewed up via Nah Right

Do the right thing.
Tina says to Act like a man!!!


god, i love it.


Release Day, lucky you

I've spoken about Love at 20 previously when they released the first single.

And now they have released the album for FREE download for limited time.

So head here and cop the goods.

By the way, i'd just like to extend my arms out and hug this cold front that's going on right now. I've missed feeling it.

But remember weather, I don't own a closet full of sweaters, so your time is limited.
Regardless, Momma is going to enjoy the fuck out of you for now.

And I'm totally eating christmas cookies for breakfast. I'm such the rebel.


[sorry, i've been watching arrested development again. it's a winter ritual :) ]


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Battle of the fake DJ

Wow. Seriously happening right now. SHITS REAL.

DJ Hero vs Scratch The Ultimate DJ

DJ Hero


Who wins the battle of the fake DJ?????

NO ONE!!!!! You are a fucking fake DJ man!! Go outside and ride your bike or something. shit.


It's coming

Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez out Tuesday November 17th.

Pre-order that shit at Fifth Element now.

I did, and got my ass a fancy felt shirt!

fun ^3

So it's a little late for the recap and most of you got it all in during the fest but let me just say that these two videos were from my favorite shows the entire weekend.

Don't get me wrong, there were some fantastic sets from most performers.

Death, Mika Miko, Atlas Sound, Lucero, Dj Nu Mark, Pharcyde, Gza, and so many others.

But my faves were locals saying goodbye to one of their members in a tribute set [obviously emotional] and once a local freestylin' with a clever stream of consciousness about squirrels, syphilis, and lost lunches.

Bankrupt & The Borrowers.
I've been meaning to see them this past year, but being that they were local, i'd 'go to their next show'.
Unfortunately, due to the loss of one of their members in an electrical fire, this was the last show they will play as this band. RIP Jon Pettis.

I don't know the members of this band personally, but by the end of this set, my heart went out to all of those who lost someone. I had goosebumps the entire time during this song and for good reason. This set was the best goodbye anyone could ever give.

On a lighter note, I've always been a fan of seattle based MC, Andy Bothwell aka Astronautalis. And he is a fan of Texas just as much.
But before taking off on tour in the UK, he stopped in for a bit of and fun.

Known for his set freestyle, where he gets subjects from the fans/crowd themselves, and won't repeat something that has been done in a previous act. He spits lyrics flowing from that blonde head of his with enough talent that it should be written down somewhere!

Besides his freestyle, his lastest album, Pomegranate is fantastic. When he performs I feel as though a bit of Tom Waits comes through with his throaty bluesy vocal tracks and admirable red face, knowing he's giving it as hard as he can.
Also, one of my faaaaavorite tracks, is not on his album at all, but it's a ghost track he did with P.O.S's on his lastest album, Never Better, called Handmade Hand Gun

This guy is not only all over the place touring, but doing his thing with the cream of the crop. So if you haven't make sure you check him out ASAP. You won't regret it.

Even through all the rain and muck that occured on Sunday, the entire fest was great. a] i got to sleep in my own bed, which is a favorite past time of mine annnnnd b] all of my friends were there [that includes you :) ] and c] best line up EVAR!!!!!!!

Don't miss out on next years festival because you know Transmission will only outdo themselves again.

other photos from day 2

The Black and White Years

Bankrupt & The Borrowers


Mission of Burma

Crystal Castles

Kid Sister


RIP Freaky Franky

She came and went so soon. Too soon.

I saw her at the Bleet Up a couple weeks ago and had no idea what had happened.

I've just been informed of the travesty.

We all loved you and your party rats, Freaky Franky Mae.


Caleb Does the Bleet Up, or: My Bleety Valentine from Rusty Screw Productions on Vimeo.

Friday, November 13, 2009

hawt shit

Or the new hot chip. Either will do, amiright??

Lamest joke ever, but it's not my fault.
Blame jill and her week long sickness that has infected my brain and turned me [or my taste buds] completely bland and not funny.

But on a serious note. Fucking new hot chip.
Abeano has the new shit

Jesus christ. I just re-read that so-called joke.
QUE HORIBLE!!!!! Please strike that from the sailorlegs record. I guess the delete button would come in handy, but i'm lazy and at this point refusing to deal with the consequences.

love you, mean it.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The downfall into 'winter'

I was super stoked about Fun^3 Fest that took place this past weekend.
Not just for the legendary line up [and to be honest, best festival line up i've seen this year] but because it was a marker for the end of festival season.

After that weekend, that was it. I could breathe, rest, relax. Pay more attention to you!!
But baby jesus must hate me or something.
Because, since last Wednesday, I haven't stopped.
My blog is PROOF! I've missed you so and still don't really have time to put down the information for you, with out it coming out as data filled boring stat blogs.

And you know me, that is not me.

So I still have shit going on every day this week. I think Saturday will be the first day I will get to breathe. I think that's what is stressing me out. Just knowing I won't be getting any type of rest until then.

Tonight, working the SJ screening. Which you should be at, btw.
Wednesday: Side Barbarian softball.
Thursday: Sailor Jerry will be at Scoot Inn from 10-11 Be there
Friday: Sailor Jerry at Beauty Bar from 10-11. Be there too.

So you, friend, have a weekend of complimentary booze while I might be cranky and sober. So forgive me now and I'll be sure to do something to piss you off later :D

I kidd.

Also the bill paying job, well they have become a stick up my asshole and blocked a bunch of sites, so looks like I'm moving it to night blogging. I'm going to need some of Franky Mae's party rats, for sure.


So I will be organizing some shit soon. Hopefully getting all of my shit together as well. [don't hold your breath, though]

But I just wanted to poke my head in and say how much I've missed you friend.
I will be back soon. Promise.


Hori Smoku Screening Tonight

This is tonight

Woven Bones will be throwing down at the after party at Jackalope where people who attended the screening will have tons of sailor jerry spiced rum as offerings.

Make sure to get to Alamo Ritz early enough- lots of RSVPs and only 1 Alamo.


Friday, November 6, 2009

So drink and be ill tonight

I'm just kidding.
I would never wish that upon my readers.

Unsafe stalking readers, yes. If you do exist. *shifty eye*

Blame the smiths for the rudeness.

I was fine and dandy, listening to the talking heads and then, BAM!!!
My ipod shuffle sticks a giant stick up my ass by playing "Unhappy Birthday"

Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE The Smiths and this song, but it definitely changes my demeanor.
Am I the only one that gets like this with music?
I hope not.

The thing is, once I hear one song, I'm a goner. Done.
I skip over to the smiths and continue to listen to the discography.

*le sigh*


Give me some ducksauce, neiliyo, the hood' [internet], something to get my booty shaken skills up to par for tonight.

But nnnnnnooooOOOOOOOooooo
I will be wearing all black tonight.

One might say, well Vanessa, you are a functioning adult human being.
You can CHOOSE what to listen to!! You are in control!!
A-HA! I fooled you on that one. I'm impressionable, EVEN BY AN INANIMATE OBJECT!

My will power holds jack shit against this black metal contraption [that happens to contain my soul in spews of musical composition]

I really need a friend, or hell, a FOE. Someone just to shake this shit out of me, and say, "LADY!! GETCHUR SHIT TOGETHER AND LISTEN TO SOME FUCKING [insert upbeat band/music/lifestyle here]!!!"


VAYA POLLO!! **[footnote]

I've seen this happen in other people's lives, and now it's happening in mine.

Ok I apologize for that rant. I feel it's my duty to inform you of something you can take with you as valuable information.
[besides my consistencies of fragmented AND run on sentences]

YYYs are set to play Fever To Tell in FULL at ATP!! via NME

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are set to play their debut album 'Fever To Tell' in its entirety.

Playing at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival next month, the band will perform their 2003 LP, which features the singles 'Pin', 'Maps' and 'Date With The Night', in full.

Announcing that the performance of the album will be "the first part of their show" at the festival, they also revealed that this will be the only event they do it at.

The sold-out festival, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year, takes place in Minehead, Somerset on December 11-13.

For more information visit

Fuuuuuuuuck. I want!! That's still one of my favorite albums. Art Stars was great too.


till next time, lovers.


**[this a a phrase i got from my mother, only said when i was afraid to do something. yes, my mother straight up called me a chicken in said circumstances, AND THEN had the audacity to tell me to leave along with the insult! Well, I never!! Actually, now that I am forming into her daughter, I say this phrase to my dog. Luckily, he just cocks his head to the side as if he has no clue that I told him a phrase that calls out inadequacies.]

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

News Bots

Can I be serenaded by this, pleeeeeeease????

Thanks to Matt for finding this GEM. I swear, the moment I get a green screen, i'm becoming a rapper. fo'sho!

Next up:
Motherfucking Kris Kristofferson visited Daytrotter

Check out the set here

And news the mah LADIES and Gentle men
Lilith Fair is announcing a COME BACK in 2010!!!
Nearly 6 months ago, Nettwerk CEO and Lilith Fair co-founder Terry McBride announced via Twitter that the all-female festival would make its return in 2010. Today, the official Lilith 2010 website launches, not only revealing the new look and feel of Lilith a decade later, but also the first set of cities that the traveling festival will be hitting--New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, London and more. Check out for the complete list.

“I can’t reveal anything further now,” says McBride, “but I can assure fans that we have some exciting announcements over the course of the following weeks, from confirmed artists to additional cities to innovative social initiatives. Lilith 2010 is very much upon us.”

Lilith 2010 promises to be a much bigger summer festival than it was in the past, traveling for the first time overseas and celebrating a mix of international artists and local up-and-comers. To capture the new energy of Lilith, Vancouver’s Traction Creative was brought on board to reinvigorate the Lilith brand—the new look is revealed today for the first time with the launch of the website.

From 1997 through 1999, Lilith Fair was one of the highest grossing touring festivals in the world, with over 1.5 million fans in attendance and raising over $10 million dollars for national and local charities. Founded by Grammy-award winning artist Sarah McLachlan along with Dan Fraser, Marty Diamond and Terry McBride, Lilith Fair was the only tour of its kind—a celebration of women in music featuring artists like Sheryl Crow, Christina Aguilera, Erykah Badu, The Dixie Chicks, Missy Elliot, The Pretenders, Nelly Furtado, Jewel, Queen Latifah, Indigo Girls, Tegan and Sara and of course, Sarah McLachlan.

First Round of Cities:

  • Atlanta, GA 
  • Boston, MA
  • Calgary, AB
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • London, UK
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Montreal, QC
  • New York, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Toronto, ON
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Washington, DC

Nylon has put out their request for the line up

yes please!!

I went to one held at SouthPark Meadows [RIP] in 1997, I believe. My first exposure to some serious armpit hair.
It was a great experience and to tell you the truth, I can remember for the life of me who was on the bill.
But if you think about it now, there are SOOO many great, strong, talented women for this bill. I am curious as to who they plan/and do book.

KOL teamed up with French Designers, Surface To Air, to develop a clothing line.
I'm envisioning jean jacket vests, white vneck tees, black tight [oh so tight] pants, and black leatha jackets. Oh, don't forget the black boots. <3

Wow, you can actually check out the rest here

All this great news just makes me want to go out there and show the people who matter, HOW MUCH I CARE. Like this;

This could very well be the end all of all of my blogs.
See you kids at the Bleet up tomorrow [RSVP] and made sure you re-RSVP for the Combo Plate. Technical difficulties with the INTERNETS


Monday, November 2, 2009

Brace yourself

Hopefully you have spent some time recovering from Halloween's festivities.
If not, i'd highly suggest you do so, because you don't have that much time left.

Shits going to start up soon and well, that many days of shenanigans, you will need your booze vegetables and strength. And some meat/protein. :)

Fun Fun Fun Fest has finally arrived and it's only a block away at this point.
But even before those shenanigans, there's some events you pretty much have to be at.

Here's why
a] just for RSVPing, you get a chance to win beloved FFF Fest tickets!! deets
Just sayin'
Hipstercrite made a nice little list of some of us :) and you better add them all to your reader if you haven't already.
RSVP here

Then Friday: Get your stomachs ready.
and when I say stomachs, I mean dancing shoes!!!!

RSVP here

Then let the glorious weekend happen!!

But for now, Dr Legs is recommending some fucking R&R until then.
Dr's orders. :)

Orrrr you can check out The Peen Scene to find out what can keep you busy until then. ;)