Friday, October 30, 2009

Freaky Friday

Hey kids. It's been a really busy week. Halloween and shit. And the hills in front of me don't seem to be letting up any time soon.

So i'm trying to gather my energy for the challenge.
That and well, I'm not supposed to be 'surfing' at my work. /woeisme

But you know about my ninja ways, guurrrrl.

The Flipscene and Cherrypeel party on Wednesday was amazing. Great times, even though we lost our softball game prior to. Momma got down.

And of course, last night. The Gossip and Warpaint at Emos
Also check out Ultra8201's coverage as we were all there, jaws dropped, and in a lusting gaze with the entire band.

Tonight, I'm checking out Those Darlins at Continental Club, keeping it mellow and saving my energy for Halloween.

And I will be staying away from downtown Saturday. Fuck that noise of dealing with all those people. Momma is not a fan of people, mainly the stupid drunk ones [which i can be from time to time :)] so i'm sticking to Do512's little early shindig and throwing my ass inside a house party.
Maaaaaybe the Lamar Ped Bridge, but that's if I'm being irresponsible.

Then next weekend is Fun Fun Fun Fest.
Holy jesus, sailor jerry will be on site for the lovelies, so be sure to keep an eye out for us.

Till our time to meet comes again, here's some stuff for you.

The Hood Internet's new mash up
Consequence and Duck Sauce- Anyway You Want
Don't forget to RSVP for KR's FFF Fest after party The Combo Plate with The Hood Internet !!! RSVP here

Also, for those lovers of The XX [who will be at Mohawk on 11.19 with Friendly Fires, get your ticket now] here's the video to their remix of Florence and the Machines- You've Got the Love

And here is Stef's [P.O.S.] latest video for Never Better.

And last but not least, some Thugstep for you from Joker.
Check it here via Chrome Kids

Have a safe halloween, sober rides are free [call 512.657.2999]. USE IT!!!!!
And come back for more.


Last night, Billie saved me

Ok, so most of you heard how fucking amazing Beth Ditto was last night on Emo's outside stage.
If not, you missed out. Head over to The Peen Scene for some great photos.
Seriously, she is amazing.
some video por jo0


But fortunately, I stumbled inside for a peek at Warpaint. I didn't leave until their set ended. AHHH mazing.

These girls are seriously so fucking talented, fun, and gorgeous.

Check it out for yourself!

and of course, some video action.
There were join onstage by the members of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson's band along with Miles himself.

They also visited the Levi's/Fader Fort Room 501 in NYC last week
Here is an acoustic version of their song "Beetles" via Fader

Keep your eyes out for these ladies. Definitely looking for them to blow up soon.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

new waters

I'm constantly getting bombarded with new music, new bands and in truth, i don't have that many ears.

But in all fairness, I kind of already hold out some of that time for bands I'm waiting to see come around again.
Sophmore albums, greatest hits, etc.

So here's a couple of albums I'm kinda stoked about.
And when I say 'kinda' i mean, I AM!! :) enough to not eat cheese for life!!
Haha, actually nothing is that good, not even jesus's burps. A week. I can do a week for the following acts. [and that's a BIG deal if you know my cheese eating habits]

Ok, I know it's been a while since this guy has made any goddamn sense, but I just can't seem to let go of Gish.

Billy Corgan is set to give away new Smashing material for free, one by one
Billy Corgan has announced that he will be releasing the next Smashing Pumpkins LP, 'Teargarden by Kaleidyscope', a track at a time.

The collection of 44 songs will be given away for free, with the first song being made available around the end of October.

Not sure of this will be before or after he and David Byrne get psycho analyzed for Carl Jung

Yeasayer's sophomore album, Odd Blood is set to be released February 8th of 2010.
All our Cymbals track, Sunrise was a favorite from 2007

And of course, the amazing Portishead.
They are working on an album from 'a different angle' and I'm so stoked to find out more.
and of course, i present to you 'The Rip' which was off of their album, Third

And my favorite thing to come out of Denton, Tx along with Bosque Brown, Midlake

The Courage of Others is set to be released February 2nd of 2010 in the US
*squeeee* The Trials of Van Occupanther played for months straight and Roscoe was the track that brought me in.

They had some tour dates posted already.
01/05/10 Tue Baton Rouge LA Spanish Moon
01/06/10 Wed Tallahassee FL Engine Room
01/07/10 Thu Orlando FL The Social
01/08/10 Fri St Augustine FL Café Eleven
01/09/10 Sat Mt Pleasant SC Village Tavern
01/10/10 Sun Asheville NC Grey Eagle
01/11/10 Mon Memphis TN Hi-Tone
01/12/10 Tue Little Rock AR Rev Room

Here's one guy coming out with an album but not as the drummer.

Mr. Phil Collins underwent surgery that left him unable to play the drums :(
If you don't know, he was amazing drummer.

The former singer and drummer for Genesis told a German newspaper that since he had surgery in April to repair a dislocated vertebra in his neck, he doesn't have feeling in his fingers and isn't able to pick up his sticks.

The 58-year-old musician was quoted by Hamburger Abendblatt on Monday as saying the only way he could drum is if he were to "glue drumsticks to my hands."

But that's not stopped his recording aspirations. He told the newspaper he plans a new CD that will feature covers of 30 songs from the Motown label in 2010.

"I want the songs to sound exactly like the originals," the paper quoted him as saying.

Collins, who lives in Switzerland, was in Hamburg to celebrate the first anniversary of the debut of "Tarzan" the musical. The show features music Collins composed for the 1999 animated Disney film, including the Oscar-winning song "You'll Be in My Heart."
I'm sorry. Every time I think of Phil Collins, this rolls through my head

Annnnd, there ya go.


Video Vomit

Since Warren G canceled tonight at Emos, I'm showing your ass this.
Michael McDonald is seriously the greatest EVER.

Yacht Rock Episode 7

Shoving more videos down your throat <3
Ellie Goulding is a proper Brit, so her forthcoming release on Neon Gold is full of proper Brit things: beats by Burial, production by Mark Ronson and some guest spots by our mans Theophilus London. “Under the Sheets” is her own theme, though, and its breathlessness is still endearingly unpretentious, kinda like the fact that she’s wearing a real regular hoodie and glitter at the same time in this video. (via Hattie C)

Here's a Roc Raida tribute by DJ Craze

ROC RAIDA TRIBUTE | DJ CRAZE from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

Here's Spank Rock and Miss Blank at Amoeba

And here's one from Cursive, an older one. <3
They will be at Mohawk November 28th and you bet your ass I will be there! :)

And in rememberence: Mika Miko who announce their break up this month and who's last performance will be at this years Fun Fun Fun Fest being held here in austin.


what's to come

There's a riDICK amount of stuff going on this week.
Even with Halloween being on a Saturday, shit is getting started!!

check out Ultra8201's concert picks for this week.

Tonight is not only Drop the Lime at the Parish and Jemina Pearl [from BYOP] at Mohawk, but the regulator himself, Warren G will be at Emos with Kids In The Hall. Kidding. shits canceled.

Then, you better have your costume ready by now [ok, i don't, i suck.] because it's all going down on Wednesday with Flipscene and Cherry Peels Halloween BASH!
Today is the last day to catch those presale tickets, so GET TO IT!!!

Thursday: The Gossip will be at Emos. Be there.
The Gossip - "Heavy Cross"

Also inside, Warpaint, My Education, and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson.
warpaint, "elephants" (live)

Friday I will be hitting up Continental club for these ladies
Those Darlins - "Red Light Love"

Then Saturday, of course

and then staying the EFF away from the downtown craziness.

Then next weekend is Fun Fun Fun Fest.
Holy shit. Momma is going to need a break very very soon.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage

'Ye is all about leaking things these days.

First the film he did with Spike Jonze
Now this  Thom York track

[For the record, I do not read his blog. The capital letters alone would make me go blind, I got it from]

But regardless where it came from, it's Thom effn Yorke.
Both posts say Lykke Li is in it, if she is, it ain't vocally but per some comments, he might have released the wrong track.

'Tevs. Its still great.


Oh Monday, you are full of apologies

I'm going for my disclaimer right off the bat.

If I saw you/spoke to you/ whatever to you after the hours of 9pm on Friday night, I apologize right now.
I actually have no recollection of the events that took place.
Yes, I was there, but my head and goddamn sense of decency was not, at times.

[my friends are amazing btw]

Needless to say, after Friday- I spent the REST OF THE WEEKEND recovering in shame. I don't think I did anything too ridiculous, but in truth, I really have no clue.
BUT if I did offend you in any way, my sincere apologies. :)

I'm about to head out to lunch to digest the only sensible meal on this rainy cold day, pho with my little trac-face, but before I do that, I wanted to post this little diddy with Rusko.
Part 1

Part 2

per Mad Decent

Don't forget that you can catch Rusko in Austin again, the Saturday after thanksgiving at Massive Intent's MEGA BUZZ!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Effn Friday

Ok, let me start this shit with a little rant.
Facebook, I hope you DIAFF because you just ain't actin right, guuurl!!!
You ACT-TIN like a chicken head!
Seriously, though. Quit being riDICK.

It's Friday. it's gorgeous and I'm listening to pharcyde. Life is good, even with facebook's inadequacies. Because truthfully, it's just the internet.

Tonight is the last installment of KR's P4NP at Tripp's Custom Tees

sounds by Hoodie Allen
Live art by The Fifth Gallery and Deform
And some free lonestar and sweet leaf for your thirsty soulds.
6-9pm tonight with 30 % off items in the shop.
Come start your night off right.

then head this way.


then Saturday catch Malu and myself hooking you up with some sailor jerry spiced rum at Maggie Maes at 11pm.


Then of course, you have church every Sunday

happy hunting!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

ok, austin. your support is needed

We are all very fond of our local scene.
So when tragedy hits so close to home, it's a scary feeling, individually. But one of my favorite thing about this city is how we are all able to come together, except on statesmen comment posts but that's a whole different discussion.

But when it's our scene, we come out to support it all.
And sadly we have been called to do just that.

We all know about the horrible passing of Jon Pettis of The Bankrupt & The Borrowers.

And as sad as the situation is, there are still people left with not only a loss of an amazing person, but simple household things, that we sometimes take for granted.
So they set up a paypal account for Jon's fiance and housemates to make this giant loss a little easier.
Details to help contribute here

Then I just found out Ian McDougall, guitarist for The Riverboat Gamblers, was hit by a car, on his bike, last weekend.

After finally making it out of ICU, he is stable and on his way to recovery, but it's looking to be a long one. So to help out with his medical bills and regular bills they have set up a paypal account for him as well.
Details to contribute here

And lastly, there is a benefit party at Mugshots tonight for Allison Narro's friend and roommate, Christina Balboa.

She was injured and through surgery has to have 7 pins in her arm. She is currently a stylist, so being without a hand will put her out of work for her recovery time.
So tonight, they put this thing together to help raise money for the bills she has and has also just acquired via the medical treatment.
But lucky for you, there will be free beer, and a huge raffle!
Prizes including;
500 dollars in tattoo raffles
Over 200 dollars in bar tabs
thunderbird giveaways
free haircuts and dyes

Just remember, no one is asking you to save the world, but anything helps.


iloveu: ulovei

So we all know that debonair dressed person that roams the city with a video camera in hand, and yes, we all love him.

Him being Miguel: The blood, sweat, and tears behind ulovei videos.

Basically, anyone you wish you could interview, he does. And we are all envious of it, but grateful for it as well. :)

This is where the envy comes in

ACL 2009 - B52's Interview from uLOVEi on Vimeo.

My main reason for ACL this year and he got to interview them. <3
But at least now I can add some video of mine [compared to ulovei's it's HELLA crappy, but that's just me.]


Anyway, back to the better quality videos, there's tons more on his site all including local loves Neiliyo and L.A.X. to mothereffn John Legend, The Walkmen, and Low Anthem.

So check them out and keep an eye out for a man, in a suit, holding a cocktail in one hand and a video camera in the other.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Buzz

So, Thanksgiving is coming up here soon.
Ok, in like a month, but that doesn't mean you can't plan ahead! amiright?

Families will be celebrating things they are grateful for and here's what I'm grateful for, music.
The broad genres of music we have in this town is amazing, and it's the main reason why I'm still here, living in a town I grew up in.

Anyway, what better way to celebrate that thanks than enjoying and supporting it, right?

Saturday November 28th Massive Intent is bringing you a party you can share with your entire family [unless they are under the age of 16]

Now, there was once a beautiful scene in Austin that was destroyed in the early 00s.
But Massive Intent has brought it back, the right way.

Granted it's been a while since this lady has put on her kikwear/ufos and house stepped to the sounds of electronic bliss. But this line up is large enough to draw my ass right back in.

a] The Glitch Mob- yes I've seen them twice, but I'll see edit and the boys anytime.
b] Rusko - we all knew he blew the roof off of Barcelona during SXSW, but can he do it at the Expo center? I bet so, and I want to be there to see that!

along with Qbert- POTD- Designer Drugs- Christopher Lawrence and others, there is something here for everyone.

Not only those headliners, but lots of GREAT Texas local talent is coming in for this one.

It's going to be a doosey folks, and if you aren't there, you're gonna miss it.

Come and dance off that tofurkey/turkey dinner.

All details are at MI's site and ticket info [and VIP tickets that include a liquor bar] are here. But i tell you this, do not wait on getting those tickets, as presale will be going up as we get closer to the event. So get those bitches now.

And come get your rave on with me!!!! :)

UFOs/kik wear not necessary.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lunchtime Hunger Cure

Not for today's lunch time. It would actually be dinner time and in a couple weeks.

GODDAMN, that shit looks juicy. And I bet they don't even charge you for BACON!!
I love you, bacon. Seeew haawrd.

Yessir, add this to your after FFFFest to do list.
Because this is a MUST!!!

Cherry Peel Presents - THE COMBO PLATE!

Knuckle Rumbler is joining in the Fun Fun Fun Festivities by producing the latest addition to the Friday night pre-parties. Combining forces with Champion Scion, My Old Kentucky Blog, Austin Town Hall, Do512, Sailor Legs and Ultra8201 we have put together a 2 stage line up that is destined to melt your face off while the rest of your body hits the dance floor.

On the Meat on a Stick Stage (indoor) get your rock cocked with Ideal Soul Mart, heavy metal ABBA cover band StABBA, the San Marcos thrashers Zlam Dunk and Stillwater natives Colourmusic. These aren’t appetizers, these are each a full course meal on their own.

For those wanting to get more down and dirty the Nugget Sauce Stage (outdoor) will be providing beats courtesy of Prepmode, birthday boy and local legend Neiliyo and our main entree:


This event truly has it all with an outstanding thought bubble photo booth with Annie Ray and custom screen tee shirts created on site by Under Pressure!

You don’t even have to worry about the cold or rain as the Scoot Inn will be tented and heated if need be.

This full spread of freshness is presented by and supported by Champion Scion!

$5 w/ RSVP at - $8 at the door! RSVP HERE!!

On The Nugget Sauce Stage (Outdoor):
11:30 pm - Hood Internet
11:00 pm - Neiliyo
9:00 - 11:00 pm - Prepmode

On The Meat on a Stick Stage (Indoor):
12:00 am - Colour Music
11:00 pm - Zlam Dunk
10:00 pm - StABBA (metal Abba cover band)
9:00 pm - Ideal Soul Mart


ps did you see my logo?! it's amazing :) thanks to the creator

Bones below your feet

Just in time for halloween, we got some spooky 'goth folk' music hitting the country.
And I know I've talked about Dead Man's Bones before, but wouldn't it be awesome to have them here, like now? I think so too.

Pre-tour they made a little video, and it's fucking cute. I love dags.
10.14 Cambridge, MA @ Brattle Theatre
10.15 New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge
10.16 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church Sanctuary
10.17 Washington, DC @ Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
10.19 Montreal, Quebec @ Le National
10.20 Toronto, Ontario @ The Opera House
10.21 Chicago, IL @ Schubas (early show)
10.21 Chicago, IL @ Schubas (late show)
10.23 Seattle, WA @ The Triple Door
10.24 Vancouver, British Columbia @ Venue
10.25 Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
10.27 San Francisco, CA @ Swedish American Hall
10.30 Los Angeles, CA @ The Regen

There have been a couple reviews of their shows
There's creepy/awesome talent shows, full choir, and great music.

By the way of New York via Brooklyn Vegan


and by the way of DC via ontd

[photo cred at source]

[photo cred: ontd source]

There was another 'review' from philly but that really focused on just trying to get a picture with Ryan and obsession with the actor/musician. I can understand, to a point, boy is hawt, but she seriously left the actual show review to a couple lines out of a page post. Gheeeey.
I'd rather not put the focus on just him because a] Zach is just as attractive and b] the music is GOOD.
Not just good for actors, but the concept, the writing, the composition, GREAT.
Haunting sounds of pain/love. Well, it's completely fitting with this cold front.

So regardless of the faces behind the music, appreciate the music and let's put more attention there because it's worth it. And go pick up the damn album :D from your local record store, of course.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Soft Explosions

Shit. Just sayin' this is NOT about porn. That title can be misleading, but then again, what gets the most hits??? porn.
BUT, like i said, this isn't about porn, at least not the visual kind.

This is my type of porn though. Music. What can I say, it's been a while, and the wind turns me on at this point. [i believe that is too much information: attn family, please retract that last statement for your life record. kthx<3]

Bon Iver and the voices of Justin Vernon.
I have been lucky enough to see them 3 times this year. Sadly each at festivals and not in the intimate setting I desire [being my bedroom], but I'll take it. I've seen him at nightfall and twice in the rain, and every time I shed a tears.
Because that's how beautifully he resounds pain. I didn't get any footage of him at ACL this year because my dumb hungover ass forgot the battery of my camera. [and yes, im aware i still need to recap but momma ain't got no deadline, mmmkkay!!]

Unfortunately, if you didn't make it out to see them this year, the future is dim.
They announced their indefinite break on touring as Bon Iver. ACL was their second to last stop, with Milwaukee's Riverside Theater being the final one, at this point.

But lucky for you RadioMilwaukee broadcasted the entire performance and tripwire posted it here.

And if you know your shit, you also know Justin Vernon has another side project that just released their album in September. Volcano Choir.
Here is the gorgeously simple video for the first single released, Island, IS

I can hear Justin's voice a mile away and they even go over a couple Bon Iver tracks on the album -WHICH I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU PICK UP!!


He speaks the truth

There's very few artist/bands that hold my constant attention.
Where everything posted about them, i read up on. And if you've seen my google reader, that many posts a day can drive a person mad.
Luckily, I'm already half way to crazyville, so I figure, why not add to the chaotic mess, otherwise known as my goddamn psyche.

Anyway, back to the post. One of the few people that hold that kind of attention is Tom Waits. I think it's because he just comes off as so bizarre, music wise. And when he speaks, he can put it all in to words so intellectually. Not just that, but when a man has a record of cricket sounds, you have to know as much as possible about that person, right?

Well, here's a bit on his new live album from the Glitter and Doom tour he did last year.

per the tripwire

When you first read that Tom Waits’ Glitter and Doom Tour was getting the live album treatment, from -Anti, your best hope was probably for one or two interludes of weird musings and stage ramblings from the man himself. But never in your (certainly not our) wildest dreams could you have fathomed a full second album of such material (as one long track aptly called “Tom Tales”). It’s such a novel idea you almost wonder if someone who edited footage together of all the shows for -Anti just did this in his spare time for kicks and then the label realized this had the potential to be seven kinds of incredible. Either that or someone at a record label actually knows what they’re doing? Doubly novel.

A pretty extensive preview of the album is available on Waits’ new website where you can download the first eight tracks in exhange for signing over an e-mail adress. Full tracklisting below.

Glitter and Doom:


01 Lucinda / Ain’t Goin Down (Birmingham – 07/03/08)
02 Singapore (Edinburgh – 07/28/08)
03 Get Behind the Mule (Tulsa – 06/25/08)
04 Fannin Street (Knoxville – 06/29/08)
05 Dirt in the Ground (Milan – 07/19/08)
06 Such a Scream (Milan – 07/18/08)
07 Live Circus (Jacksonville – 07/01/08)
08 Goin’ Out West (Tulsa – 06/25/08)
09 Falling Down (Paris – 07/25/08)
10 The Part You Throw Away (Edinburgh – 07/28/08)
11 Trampled Rose (Dublin – 08/01/08)
12 Metropolitan Glide (Knoxville – 6/29/08)
12 I’ll Shoot the Moon (Paris – 07/24/08)
13 Green Grass (Edinburgh – 07/27/08)
14 Make It Rain (Atlanta – 07/05/08)
15 Story (Columbus – 06/28/08)
16 Lucky Day (Atlanta – 07/05/08)


01 Tom Tales

So look out for that to be released November 24th [on my sisters bday]

And don't forget to catch him in the film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' Trailer HD

and I'll leave you with my 2nd favorite quote of his
"This is what’s wrong with the world. Everything is explained now. We live in an age when you say casually to somebody ‘What’s the story on that?’ and they can run to the computer and tell you within five seconds. That’s fine, but sometimes I’d just as soon continue wondering. We have a deficit of wonder right now.”

— Tom Waits

via Spookstory

My absolute favorite is the one I have on my facebook page

"We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness." -Tom Waits on what is wrong with the world 




Sunday, October 18, 2009


No not that long-jacket-going-the-distance cake, but cake with frosting. Jesus, I already feel a fucking cavity coming, but you know what, this video makes me feel like it will be worth it.

Felt - Get Cake

That is right, lurvers. Felt 3 and coming up fast! And I'm so excited about it.
Def Jux/Living Legends + Rhymesayers = the holy grail of underground hip hop [in my opinion aka THE RIGHT ONE! :D].
So keep a close eye on this shit because you know that whenever I hear something, you will too.