Friday, May 29, 2009

End the weekend

with this lovely hotness

You know those lovely trashfaces at KnuckleRumbler have you covered on what you need for a good fucking time.
But add some charity love in it, that's a damn good Sunday.

then head to Barcelona for Mad Classy- MALA is in the HOUSE!!!

Let's fucking get down this weekend.

And as always, pants are optional, at least for me :D


Thursday, May 28, 2009



IV- like a motherfucker.

Then tomorrow

like woah


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Winter

Ok, so Sasquatch. At this point still seems surreal. But since I've left, this artist hasn't left my mind, nor ipod.

This is what you missed, mira!

Bon Iver
I caught the beginning set of the yeah yeah yeahs, well, because it's motherfucking karen o- and she is a fucking performer.

But after a handful of songs, my posse and I head to the yehti stage to catch bon iver, which i've just learned that it's pronounced, baun I ver, basically stands for the french saying good winter, bon hiver. weird, but ok.
This is the one performance I was really looking forward to, but since he is playing ACL, I decided to skip the first part for karen o and their eyeball.

But as soon as I heard his voice, singing The Wolves (Act I and II) I shamelessly started running towards the stage, forgetting the crew I was leading. (sorry gentlemen)

endless goose-bumps contained my newly tanned body, mainly arms. And it had nothing to do with the cool breeze that comes through the gorge at night.

I had first envisioned seeing justin vernon on a lone stage, just him and some loop programs for his harmonies.

But instead, I graciously saw a full band and multiple drummers.

I can't really go into the set to vividly because getting it out of my head into words is seemingly impossible. But lets just say, with everyone taller than me, walking passed me constantly, my eyes were glued to the stage.
sometimes loudly singing along
sometimes under my breath
and sometimes with bits of tears streaming down my face in the beauty of the performance.

But I know I heard, the wolves, lump sum, for emma, blood bank,and skinny love for sure.

And I can tell you this, though.
During skinny love- when he goes off on his melodic tanget that goes like this;
"and i told you to be patient
and i told you to be fine,
and i told you to be best
and i told you to be kind..."

excuse the moving around but a) im short and b) i was a little drunk :)

my body wanted to implode from wanting to scream these words to everyone i knew.
and that's when i just simply burst into tears.

and some may take me as a cry baby
but others as in touch with my sensitive side.

either way, to be able to be touched by a singer/song/lyric/melody/moment, in front of THOUSANDS of people, can only be called magnificent.

its moments like those that i'm grateful for and why music has been such a huge part of my life.

I am currently working on soundtracking my life.
I suggest you do the same.
So that when your body leaves this physical realm, people will be able to remember your greatness from sounds that was your life.

and in truth, that is why i'm here.


Friday, May 22, 2009


So it's been a while and I've been uber busy.

I'm typing this entry from my bberry, so that should show a glimmer of my dedication to you all.

I'm leaving, on a jet plane.
But I'll be back on tuesday.

I'll be camping at the sasquatch music festival with the likes of NIN|JA, mos def, bon iver, crystal castles (:x) and more.

So you kids are on your own this holiday weekend.

But make sure you take the time to wish me a happy birthday on sunday, I'll be having my 2nd anniversary of my 25th year. Yes, show me love.

And be careful!!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

this weather is gorgeous

So I will introduce
Notes to Self

This quartet hip hop group from Toronto just released their EP.
Just in time for the summer.

Head here to their rcrdlbl page to get their track
"Nights Like These (Days Like These remix)"

Then once you like it, head over to Amazon/Itunes and grab the rest of the EP.

This perfect weather is fitting to their music.

Also, thanks to JakeMoney- you have access to Eyedea & Abilities new single.
Their new album, By The throat, is set to be released 07.21.2009, and if you don't own one of their albums, catch up to the game.
Not only can Eyedea flow intellectually and with rapid fire blaze, Abilities on the decks, as well as producing, will help you realize where hip hop beats can be taken. aka their tracks are dope.

Get This Story here

And...if you can, head up to Minnesota for Sound Set '09.

If I wasn't going to Sasquatch, you better believe my ass would be up there with my favorite hip hop acts and on my birfday!!!


ps speaking of great hip hop, grab automato's self titled album. Yes, the one from 2004. Good shit doesn't dissolve throughout the years, ya know.
Just do it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

um, yes please!!

Per @BeautyBarAustin

Tonight they will be screening Season 1 of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"


and hosted by Charlie aka The Saturday Night Matador!


******HUGE EDIT!!! *********************************************************
I don't want to be the one to misinform anyone so I'm still waiting on confirmation that it will be Charlie Day aka Charlie Kelly.
Word is that it will be a bartender from the mohawk who could be Charlies doppleganger
But I'm still searching, folks. I'll keep ya updated.


Friday, May 15, 2009

I sit alone in a 4cornered room

Awww, sad face for Willie D

He was just trying to do his thang by ripping off one of the most powerful companies and the american people....Free willie D!!!

According to the Houston Press

According to allegations in the criminal complaint, beginning in September 2008, Dennis, posing as an electronics salesman, used eBay to establish his credibility with international buyers. Once a buyer showed interest, Dennis allegedly directed them outside of eBay to conduct sales via e-mail. Numerous foreign individuals placed orders with Dennis for iPhones and other electronics. Dennis required payment to be electronically transferred to his bank account and once the transaction was confirmed, Dennis would send tracking numbers for packages that were never shipped.

When the buyers complained about not receiving their purchases, Dennis allegedly claimed he had filed a complaint with the U.S. Postal Service or hired carrier and that he could not refund their money until he knew where his goods were. Eventually, Dennis would cease communication with the victimized parties. The investigation leading to the filing of federal charges was initiated when a purchaser who did not receive merchandise nor a refund contacted law enforcement authorities.

*tsk tsk* But what else do you expect from one of the Geto Boys??

But in greater music sad face news
Dark Night of the Soul

[the album from Danger Mouse and Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse] will be released with a blank CD-R that notes "For Legal Reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will" along with the limited edition 100+ page book.

There's been an ongoing dispute with EMI, so if Danger Mouse moves forward with the release, he could be sued by them.  /lamesauce.

said it best, in regards to this sad situation
Regardless of what you may think of the music, a record of this magnitude should not have to resort to strategic tactics to have a monetary value.

And I'm 175% positive this is an amazing collaboration effort.

And some news for my friend, Jill

Flaming Lips‘ frontman Wayne Coyne has announced the late summer release of a double album. Speaking about the album’s direction, Coyne told Billboard, I think with this there was an element of accidentally stumbling upon more spontaneous sort of freak-out stuff. Much of the recording is scheduled for completion prior to the band heading out on tour next month.

ANNND for me,

Finally, David Byrne is offering a live EP on his website with proceeds to benefit Amnesty International. The songs were all recorded during his current tour, which comes back through Seattle on June 24th, at the Paramount Theatre.


Then, the new stuff from this handsome fella

Paul Banks, who has previously performed under the name Julian Plenti
Is coming out with a new album, Skyscraper, that will be released in August.
Better news, go to his website, sign up for the email list and receive a free mp3.
I'm assuming its the one everyone is posting, "Fun That We Have".

So go at it and support, lovers.

Last but definitely not least, people are getting pumped for the Woodstock 40th anniversary show
But arthurmag made a good point, Forget Woodstock, show some love to the

and go to the source for all 5 videos of her performance.

then check out their part 2- sly and the family stone.

random news bit posts
but you love the randomness.


Hey DJ, what's that in your pocket?

After an unbearably long wait, Tonium's 60GB Pacemaker is finally on sale here in the US of A. Hailed as the planet's first "pocket-sized DJ system," this 60GB portable media player boasts two "turntables" and a "mixer" -- all within a unit that easily fits within most medium- to large-sized palms. As expected, users have access to two independent audio channels and can beatmatch with the press of a button. If you're interested in living out your dreams of being a mix master in the late 80s, you can have one shipped out right away from Amazon in exchange for $499.99. And no, we won't tell your kids. The full release is just past the break.


Like I've always said, convenience is the downfall of human kind.
And since when was it cool to fake the funk??

I can understand mp3s and cdjs, but to not have a turntable and mixer at all?!!?!?
No vinyl??

Without vinyl, a DJ you are NOT!

From being a part of a scene where DJing wasn't just having good tracklistings but it was an art, a science, this new generation of instant gratifications, and trainwrecking a mix per set is fucking ridiculous.

But you know how it got this bad????

There have been many occasions where I will be at a bar/club and all of a sudden the beat falls off. And maybe it's just me, but  holy fuck, trainwrecks totally destroy my dancing flow. And I stop- mid mix because that shit is just ridiculous.

With all the talented DJs in this city, how can we all let this happen????

But then, after my flow halts, I look up....and not to my surprise, no one else noticed.

Clueless hipters just there to drink their pbr, showing off their come hither shoulder shake to either get laid, or get someone to buy them another brewskie.

I admit, some are there to release stress and dance the night away.
But how can you do that when the beat fucks off??

I don't get it.

Now, anyone can get a clever moniker, make some hipster scene friends, and talk them into letting them DJ a weekly.

And especially in austin, when do you not know a DJ or musician??
They are everywhere, and most are making this town's nightlife great.

But to those who see it as a chance to hook up with girls&boys, get in with the heads of the "scene", and get the free booze and drugs....quit killing the artistry of DJing.
and DIAF :)

And I know I'm harsh sometimes, but seriously, that's why you love me, because I lay it down as it should be.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

In 2.5 seconds

this is how fast I need to do this post, because its time to nom nom nom

BUT, I just have to note this goodness.

for those dubstep lovers, and I know in Austin there is many, the passion of weiss blog posted a blog about The Joker.

This fool, from Bristol, is 18 yrs old and has been producing music since he was 14.
He started with grime then moved to dubstep and has been in the comparison realm with flying Lotus.....and you all love him, right???


Anyway, the blog has tracks you can cop, so head here to check them out.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

news front

First off....

Wilco's new album is streaming today on their site

and one of my favorite midwestern by the way of new york bands are coming to Emos on June 14th.

The White Rabbits!!
I remember seeing them for the first time during sxsw 2 years ago.
Free show at the blind pig and they played before the walkmen.
Awesome and I was completely into them.
Seriously.....any band with 2 drummers have my heart.

Then I heard their first major release, Fort Nightly, and looooved it.
Their follow up is set to be released on Tuesday, 05.19.09, called It's Frightening.
Can't wait!!

In other show news, the austinist posted about the upcoming paramount shows
check 'em here

Ahhh, and Weeds is about to start back up [reminder to get showtime]
And while it seems like this last season was way off.....I just need to know what's going to happen to Nancy's bebe!!!

Plus Silas aka Hunter Parish is sooo hot. He can [insert dirty things here]

Oh, yeah, but to my point, Alanis Morrisette is taking a role on the show this upcoming season.
Hrmmmm. She better not touch Silas. She's already had Ryan Reynolds dipping in her IRL, that's all the goodness one should get, girl!

And did anyone catch American Idol last night?!?!!
Or am I do only loser who watches that, who's over the age of 17 and under 43????

Well shit, let me just say, Kris Allen, my jasonmrazlike one, covered Kanye's Heartless..and it was sooooo much better than the original. I mean, granted, you guys know my hatred for that guy, but it was a good rendition.
Check it out

They took down all the live footage just listen and picture this hawt boy.

And along the lines of stupidest thing EVAR......someone believes it's a good idea that Palin...yes, that cunt, should write her memoirs.....all about unchristian teen pregnancy and birthing 'tards that has made her life so goddamn fullfilling. Along with the hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars spent on her slutty politican wardrobe as footnotes.


*sidenote, Im fully aware that I'm going to hell for the "tard" comment, but I'll see you there in line.

This is kinda how uncomfortable that news makes me feel

Ok, now that I let this blog slide down the hill of good news, I will leave you to drink heavily to forget that last part......I am sorry to say that the image above will never leave your brain.
And everytime you think of something horrifying....ala Palin news, you will see those strapping hairy chested men, in MESH CLOTHING.

i love jesus.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Smooth Sailing

It's Friday, lovers, and do you know what that means???

Pure unadulterated shenanigans are set to take place in the next couple nights.
Where it will take you, is completely up to you!

But for you, here is how my day started, so excuse the breezy entry

Kenny Loggins "This Is It"

I heard this on the way to work, and that has kept my steps in an upbeat line. Getting things done in a relaxing stride.

This is why I love me some Yacht rock.

Also, if you concur to my love of the sails, peep this

In the grand tradition of Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac and Christopher Cross, Austinist is proud to present a very special Indieroke, featuring local bands covering their favorite smooth tunes. We'll still be doing karaoke as usual, but the list will be an abbreviated version, comprised of only smooth music.

On Wednesday, May 27 at the Mohawk, we'll be there costumed and all, ready to serve you up with the finest the gentle have to offer, complete with prizes ($1 bin records, t-shirts, boat shoes), a photobooth to capture your amazing costumes, drink specials (Never Ending Story is MD 20/20 shot, Gold Dust Woman is a Goldschlager shot, Don't Stop Believin' = Red Bull & Vodka), and of course, some Yacht Rock on the projector. Mark your calendar: this one's going to be a doozy.
  • Are you in a band that's hankerin' to wow us with your version of "House at Pooh Corner"? Feel like the smooth movement should be represented by your rendition of "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)"?
  • Are you a karaoke addict who wants to make sure we'll have your song for you when you get there?
  • Do you have a suggestion for a really smooth drink special?
  • Have you won a previous Indieroke contest and want priority sign-in privileges?
  • None of your roommates will listen to you cover "Why Worry" anymore?


Bands: To be considered for a slot in the lineup, all you have to do is email us and tell us a little about yourselves, and what songs you'd be interested in playing. Each band can play up to three songs on a shared backline.

Yeah, it's not for a couple weeks, but this type of fabulousness deserves some planning. [aka get a captains hat!!]

Much love goes out to the Austinist crew, for keep karaoke indie and now breezy.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maybe it's just me

But am I the only one that wants to scream, "I GET IT, DON. YOU HELPED WITH THE MIXTAPE!!!!!!" whenever that sample [announcer-like "the cannon"] plays throughout the ENTIRE ALBUM???

Is it just me?

Dearest Don,

I am aware you had a hand in this mixtape due to the fact is that YOUR NAME is on the album cover. I get it. I do.

But is it really necessary that you put that sample in EVERY TRACK???
You're not that insecure, right? Your credit resume is big enough that that whole thing is just not needed. And in truth, I loathe saying this, but I am left with no other ruins this mixtape. It does.

I can't even listen to it at this point, because if I hear this word =

[see, i can't even SAY that word anymore]

again I'll fucking go around throat chopping everyone that chooses to talk to me.

And truthfully, it's not their fault that someone felt the need to stroke your cock with this sample [pls excuse my crassness].

I guess, I'm just upset at the faith I placed towards hearing this and being sorely disappointed by ONE WORD.


And with Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish....shits dope, but I expected it to bump harder than it does. *le sigh*

VERY sincerely,


Now I feel I'm into music for a reason.
And I feel like I do have good taste in music.

But to be honest, I never could've gotten here alone.
I have to thank my sister for pushing me into the world beyond media pushed music.

So, I seriously think that with our heads combined, we could take over the world.

The Gonzales sisters!!! WATCH OUT!!!

But I do have a point to all of this.

Miss Kitten.

She introduced me to Miss Kitten back in the day.
Specifically this album,
Miss Kitten and The Hacker First Album [2001]

And if you knew about it, then you LOVED Frank Sinatra.....he's dead.

Then, there was Miss Kitten with Felix da Housecat and I was obsessed with this track. Mixing her electroclash style with his house style. HAWT!

Well this shit was back in the early 2000s, so it's been a while since we heard a new purr come from Miss Kitten and The Hacker together [as she has put out numerous solo albums in the past years], but lucky for you, they are back together again!!

Miss Kitten and The Hacker- Electronic City

And I know, with Cinco De Mayo being today and us celebrating our victory over the french, maybe posting about a french artist will soften their blow?

Regardless, this is something you need to jump on anyway.
Because, when it's this good.....holidays are irrelevant!

But heres some mexican love anyway

haha. loves it!!!


Monday, May 4, 2009

cinco de MEEEE yo!

Oh Monday.

You've actually just came in time.
As I was about to fully recover, you show up, and refuse to allow me to indulge in late night snacks again.
The late night snacks that some people call alcohol.

Thank goodness you were there for me!!!

The weekend was good and insane but I'm looking forward to this upcoming weekend.

BUT I'm mexican, so first things first.


Let's do this. But responsibly, kthx.
As momma still has to work Wednesday morning.

There's some stuff going on this week,
Lady Gaga on Wednesday- put she makes me want to puke on her poke-her face.
The Toadies on Friday at Stubbs- bleh
three six mafia at AMH Saturday
And of course, your local weeklies. [sounds fun!: weight: irresponsible voltron]

But this crazy girl might be out Tuesday for Cinco De Mayo, then softball Wednesday, and that's it!
Until Friday night. :)

First stop will be

Because i heart me some Astronautalis

then I will be catching this show at Emos

Haha. This will probably be my 3rd time seeing Lucero, just this year alone. But they are awesome! :heart:

Speaking of good looking men, lead vocals, Ben, is a part of this new MTV show called $5 cover.

Basically, they are just following Memphis's local artist through life, music, and love. He's so adorable.
While the show is a little slow, I appreciate them using real musicans/bands.

and speaking of local bands, The Austinist did a review on the Diagonals new album here

Looks like I'll definitely need to pick this one up. Nice one, gentlemen.

Also, word on the street is about Burial and Four Tet's collab, Moth/ Wolf Cub.

I've been a fan of burial for a bit now, so I'm all about this. But check it out for yourself.

and according to Ultra8201
The Cool Kids new one is out and ready for your download love.

I love me some Mikey and Chuck, so go get that hotness.
Get it at the link.

Now back to events for this weekend

Saturday, look to go to this

This will be a good time. I kid you not.
Unfortunately for me, i have a bachlorette party I must attend, so I will be MIA

then Sunday. call your mother, fool!!
then hit up Mad Classy!!