Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little Dragon | Emos | 11.30.09

Catching Little Dragon's set was probably the best way to send off November with a gracious smile and some happy feet.

So first off.

Yukimi Nagano
This woman is so talented, quirky, strong, and just all around an amazing performer.
And to find out she's done work with Jose Gonzalez, it all makes sense.

She leads this jazzy trip hop gathering of electronic grooves. And I loved every second of it. I tried to spy the drummer, but he was sitting low low and well, momma wasn't up front so she couldn't see him, until he walked off the stage. But that's why there's not really any pictures of him. Couldn't see him, man!! But each musician held it's own and presented Yukimi with delicate funk. Seriously, you need to jump on this train because it will be blowing up very soon.

And to Emos. Can we get rid of the GD red lighting so I can stop using a flash?
Or do you do it purposely so my pics will suck? hrm?
I love you too.

and now some video
Blinking Pigs

After The Rain


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