Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Monday, you are full of apologies

I'm going for my disclaimer right off the bat.

If I saw you/spoke to you/ whatever to you after the hours of 9pm on Friday night, I apologize right now.
I actually have no recollection of the events that took place.
Yes, I was there, but my head and goddamn sense of decency was not, at times.

[my friends are amazing btw]

Needless to say, after Friday- I spent the REST OF THE WEEKEND recovering in shame. I don't think I did anything too ridiculous, but in truth, I really have no clue.
BUT if I did offend you in any way, my sincere apologies. :)

I'm about to head out to lunch to digest the only sensible meal on this rainy cold day, pho with my little trac-face, but before I do that, I wanted to post this little diddy with Rusko.
Part 1

Part 2

per Mad Decent

Don't forget that you can catch Rusko in Austin again, the Saturday after thanksgiving at Massive Intent's MEGA BUZZ!



Brooke said...

i hate hate hate it when I can't remember the evening and i'm convinced i was an absolute tool to everyone I encountered -- rest assured my dear, you were nothing short of awesome in all of our interactions! I hope recovery was swift.

skrapnel said...

I'm just pissed bc I didn't go to the Art Attack. We were supposed to do an interview early Saturday morning, so I stayed home Friday night. The interview ended up getting rescheduled. FML.

Jonathan said...

Don't you dare use intoxication as an excuse for losing the DamceOff!! I've been practicing and I beat you fair/sqaure!

Sailor Legs said...

@brooke- thank you lady. <3

@skrapnel- you were definitely missed on Friday

@Jonathan aka el capitan- I have no memory of a dance off, so good sir, the victory is yours!