Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Casual sax

What do you get when you put together some of my favorite music movements [Yacht rock and hip hop] beat samples along with the conversations that take place with my best gals and a copious amount of alcohol?????


The likes of Casual Sax.

Not sure if you paid attention to the video mob of my last post but you totally SHOULD HAVE!!!

I posted the music video for the first single, "Baby, I'm Black (From The Waist Down)" by Sven Barth and Induce aka Casual Sax & The Saxual Revolution

btw- lyrics NSFW

These fine crass gentleboys hail from the city of tanned booty, Miami.
Being from Miami, how can one go through out a day without talking about fucking a virgin???
IMPOSSIBLE!!! [well, maybe, if there are no virgins left in Miami, which would not surprise me.]

The Blow Sven Theory is the new album about to hit up your stores and itunes this fall.
And as silly as you want to take the lyrical context, take this one fact about the album and go from there.
None of the lyrics on the album were written down. Sven Barth's verses were freestyled all the way through in one take.
Sven, has been rolling the flows off of his tongue for nearly four years, aiming for what he felt lacked in the overproduced world of cars, money, and beef.
He decided to spit tales of women, parties, snack food, and some more women instead, without writing down one word. He portrays many different personalities on the album, including my favorite, Indio Picaro who is said to be a 3 ft tall Chilean with a natural high pitched voice that in one InterLEWD (Strictly For My Peeps) lured Sven into a peep show because he "loves to see boobies and butts".
Mutiple personalities that some may consider him the Sally Field version of Sybil without the heartbreak of crazy emotions.
Another favorite character would be Klaus. Who is part of a German foursome that are, [and i quote] "known to party till 11am to the sounds of house music."

And searching the interwebs, I came across this....

Casual Sax & The Saxual Revolution Feat. Klaus & Ulrich - "Klaus' Disco Train"

and here is a making of, doc of their experience with Klaus and co.

annnd the blooper reel and outtakes

So more than likely you aren't going to listen to the guys when you are looking for a deeper meaning of why you like a finger in the butt......[oh shit did i just say that??]
Actually you probably will.
BUT, you will be quick to realize that it is ok, and you are not alone.

Consider them the rapping sunny day real estate for the sexual beings of THE UNIVERSE!!!

Gotta love them for that.


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