Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last one for today

To do this weekend.

First off, tonight.
This is a duh, you better be there, event

But if you are lucky enough, and a hip hop head, head to Mohawks where B Real will be throwing down. And opening will be our lovely local MCs, Zeale and Phranchyze with their token hip hop white boy, Markus with a K on the decks

and St Vincent on Friday

Well, shit, you know there's tons going on but here are two things that are a definite MUST.

And they both happen on Sunday!

Take your Father/Husband/BABY DADDY/ 'tevs to Birds!

Birds Barbershop & Lone Star Celebrate Longest Day of Summer, Father's Day with Free Tallboys

Barbershop and Lone Star have teamed-up to offer free tall boys on the
longest day of summer. Since the Summer Solstice lands on Father's Day
this year, Dads will be getting extra tall honors at all four Birds
Barbershop locations throughout central Austin. For more details, visit

And then after they get their new 'do get ready for shit to blow the fuck up, at Barcelona

Get to following Mad Classy on twitter for your chance at a guest spot for this show.
Because there will be a cover for this greatness.
BUT TOTALLY WORTH THE COVER, so even if you don't win the spots, everyone and their mother will see you there. y/y???




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