Tuesday, June 9, 2009

jigga what?

jigga who?

HOVA- that's who!!

Thank goodness he's reaching out and saving his kanye produced album
And here his is, with Death Of Autotune (D.O.A.)

Onto another video.
I've been a fan of The Stills ever since I heard Gender Bombs, off of Logic Will Break Your Heart. I overlooked Without Feathers after I heard their latest album, Oceans Will Rise.
Here is their latest video, I'm with You

That song is ok. There's better on the album, for sure.
Like this one.
The Stills - Don't Talk Down

and of course, their first single from the album.

Ok, enough of the stills.

In some rather shocking news, christina aguilera is heading to the studio with le tigre
From the Daily Swarm


In good music news, Miike Snow's Animal is released today.
Grab that shit. It's beeeeauuutiful.
and if you aren't aware of Miike Snow, more than likely you've heard one of themany remix's of Animal, so head to his RCRD LBL page for more.

And I finally saw Star Trek. Oh em gee, it was FANTABULOUS!!
And I'm not even a Trekkie!!

ULTRA8201 has your shows for this week.
This tomorrow

Peaches bitches!! at Emos Thursday.

Sunday is the White Rabbits show with our lovely local The Boxing Lesson

and Monday.....it's the dance party maker, Santigold and Amanda "i'd like you better if we slept together" Blanks!!

Santigold - I'm a lady (Diplo remix feat Amanda Blank)

Who's going?
Lets's get our dance on!


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