Friday, June 26, 2009

end of the world?

Hardly, but we did just lose the person who single handedly changed music. And dance. RIP.

URB mag has some good remixes of some of his tracks. For those wanting something a little different with their "tribute" Check 'em out here.
BTW, does anyone remember that white label track that was Daft Punk's Around the World with PYT over it?
That was my favorite track EVER. Thanks to Ali for grabbing that and dropping it in his sets. :)

Now onto the future of music.
bobby ray, bobby ray, oh bobby ray

His new mixtape is out!!! Finally <3333
Cop it here, B.O.B. vs Bobby Ray

If you were smart enough to hang out at the KnuckleRumblers spot during SXSW, you would've witnessed this man, live, and kicking ass. Not to mention, his drummer, Alien, fucking ILLLLLL!!!!

Bon Iver has released his new side project details

The music Slut has the details here.

Hercules & Love Affair
Take a listen to a 20 minute sample of their new mixtape here.

Tour info:
SNOOP DOGG!!! and Stephen Marley
Stubbs July 28th

BOBBY RAY!!! with Kid Cudi and asher suckacock roth
Stubbs July 30th

Atmosphere with Eyedea and Abilities

Stubbs August 5th

La Zona October 7th
[don't hate, i know you cried in the corner of your room to In circles]
Let me test you now.....

Also, keep a look for a new album from the following


Kings of Convenience


and onto the videos!!

Cursive Live on KEXP

The Hood Internets
Usher vs Keyboard Cat

and I present to you, the jerk.

Supposedly this is the newest genre of rap music.
Um, Cali, you a bit late. The Midwest beat you to it.
[the cool kids]
Nevermind the music, pay attention to that footwork.
oooooooh eeeeeee, gurl. it's dope.

Best line though: "I stay geek'd up, never been a retard."

Ok, happy friday folks.
It's going to be a long weekend but a good one.


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The Peen Scene said...

The Usher Vs. Keyboard Cat was amazing!!!!!!