Thursday, June 18, 2009

Austin went hard

First off- Emos show 06.14.09
The Boxing Lesson, The Subjects, and White Rabbits

The Boxing Lesson started the night off strong, coming out in full force with mostly new material.
It made the audience, most of whom already know what the boxing lesson can do, want more.
And their Manager shocked the entire crowd with his drumming skills.
Who would've known, Ryan!!!

I only caught a small part of White Rabbit's touring companions, The Subjects. I can say that the two bands sounds are similar and match energies.

Now onto the men who captured my attention 3 years ago at fucking blind pig.
[it was during sxsw, jerks. i don't go there for a good time]
I was a little buzzed, am short, and was posted in the back, so excuse the video parts.

I noticed their usual bass player was missing, but haven't read anything on Adam leaving the band. If he did, I might cry. BUT could also use the truth in why he is lacking from the tour.

They played songs mostly from the new album, It's Frightening, and included my favorite one, Midnight and I.

Then brought out some oldies but goodies.

I left there to run home for sleep but feel asleep shortly once home in complete satisfaction.

And now, Santigold.
Oh man, early shows suck, btw [fuck you noise ordinance]
I got in just in time to see Amanda Blanks last song
[btw her album is dropping July 14th, bitches!! Shits going to be ILL!]

I confirmed that she didn't do Bump, due to no spank rock [who, lucky shits, made an appearance at the NYC show with her. she needs spank in her pocket, man]

Then Trouble Andrew came out.

Then Santigold- that amazing woman!!

And I just want to say this right now. Her backup dancers were fucking DOOOOOOOPE. Like doper than your momma, dope!

I want to be them when I grow up

She had a hype set. The entire crowd was drenched in sweat [thank you texas heat and humidity] and no one gave a uck!

And thanks to my Knucklerumbler following Miss Blanks twitter, it was with the quickness that she was headed back on the stage for the moment I've been LIVING FOR!

Again, drinking, being short, and so fucking stoked about this taking place in front of me, vid is hella moving. So, if you get dizzy, close your eyes baby.

Then the ladies hit up Beauty Bar for the after show, and guess who's there....MY FUCKING HERO!

Miss Amanda Blank herself.
*excuse my cheesy smile and sweated face. i almost punched a guy right before this picture*

And guess what my amazingly drunk ass said to her.....
"just so you know, I rock like kelly bundy and keep that shit nasty too!"

Haha. She was awesomely surprised that i knew that line and told her how my group of ladies "Bumped" that shit like crazy.

it was awesome.
Got horrific pictures that could put people away for a looooong time.
Kidding, but seriously, the group of amazing 'ladies' i was with made it the best time EVER!

Hands down, best show/concert of the year, better than cut copy.

I love my ladies, and i fucking love this town.


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